Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fruitland Park Elementary's Science Fair

First, thank you so much for the Adriana compliments. In answer to an eyeball question...I don't need to enhance her eyes at all, they really are that blue and that beautiful. :0)
I have blue eyes too and believe me, they are nothing compared to the blue's on that girl. :0)
What I did do though, was to position her so that she was sitting under a tree in the shade and I had her facing the sunlight that was overhead but not in her face.
It wasn't eye squinting sunlight, it was just nature's beautiful light that makes those peepers sparkle.
When I take her photo I lock my camera focus on her eye and snap away.
You can try this at home. Just find some shade, turn your kiddo in a 360 {full circle}, stop when you see those eyes sparkle.
That's my simple recipe for gorgeous, show stopping, sparkly eyes.

On with the science fair update...

This weekend at Kolin's school, he has his annual "Science Fair" which is open to 4th and 5th grade only.
Since he's a 4th grader this year...he finally gets to join in.
He can pick any experiment he wants, get it approved by his teacher, conduct that experiment at home and then he makes a presentation board to submit to the actual fair, which is this Saturday.
Kolin loves science, so he thought this would be so cool. Kolin also loves the "Mythbusters" so he was totally stoked to do the one messy experiment he and Kody had been wanting to do for a long time now.

Soda and Mentos. LOL!!

Alot of you have probably seen the "Diet Coke and Mentos" Mythbusters experiment where you drop a couple of Mentos candies into a two liter bottle of diet coke and the soda just explodes out the top in a cool looking stright line that I swear reminds me of an umbiblical cord.

Kolin's experiment was to see how high he could get that soda using five different brands of soda. we go, he picked out...

Diet Coke
Mountain Dew
Sam's Diet Cola {Wal-Mart brand}
Diet Pepsi
Diet Dr. Pepper

Surprisingly the Diet Coke didn't explode as high as he figured it would...

The Mountain Dew was definetly a dud...

The Sam's Diet Coke was wayyyy better....

The Diet Pepsi rocked too!

But, it was my personal carbonated beverage favorite, Diet Dr. Pepper that beat them all..

Can you tell he was just a little excited? LOL!!

He had a lot of fun, and Kody, Kaysha, & Karl had alot of fun watching too. I had alot of fun watching his never ending expressions...which crack my butt up, I', telling ya.

I'll snap some more at ther fair this weekend, hopefully he'll win something.

BTW..if you want to try this at home, it's really not that messy. I figured he'd be soaked with soda...he wasn't.

Kody Bear is home this morning with a headache that started last night during class. It's still rocking his noggin away so we medicated him and let him try to sleep it off.
In a couple of weeks we were able to score an appt. at The Nemours Clinic in Orlando. Right about now, we're focusing on a new set of eyes loking at him with a new set of opinions.
So far nobody has given us a reason as to why he is slowly but surely losing his ability to speak. His voice is getting worse, slurry and barely audible.
His balance isn't great.
His short term memory is getting worse again, this after it had stayed the same for years.
I keep seeing his left eye turning up again.

This appt. we have will be to see the Ped's ENT {Ear, Nose, Throat Specialist} and in June we have an appt. set up at the same Clinic to see Ped's Neurology.

I'm not saying that we are, for sure, leaving Shands...we just want another opinion. And, if it works out that we like Nemours better..then so be it.
Answers and whatever is best for Bear, that's all we want.

Welp, I better get going for this morning. As I type this the washing machine is doing it's "Please help me" dance across the room, the blue jays are arguing with the squirrels to see who'll get fed first this morning and there is a brand neew cherry pie in the fridge calling my name. ;0)

Have a beautiful day everyone!!!!!!

Love, Kim


CJ Partridge said...

Hey sweetie. So glad you are getting your appointments at Nemours. Hopefully they may seem something others haven't. We love you. Love CJ and Ashley

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm..."I wonder" who made that cherry pie?!!! :)

Sorry to hear Kody is home with a headache. I won't call ya...I want him to rest...

Sure hope the new doc's have some answers for all of you. Loved the pics of Kolin and his test. His expressions definitely added to it!

And...thanks for the photographer hints. Dang, if I had blue eyes like Adri!! :)

Have a good day, and I sure hope Kody's feeling better soon.



Love the experiment! Does it worry you at all Kim what the Dr. Pepper is doing to your insides if you too ate a mentos and drank some? LOL

Jaime from CT :) said...

So sorry to hear that Kody's been having some problems with his speech. I pray that the doctors have answers and a solution real soon!

Love the experiment too! I may or may not have tried the same experiment myself... :) (Yes, I am an adult, so what?). If you have time, try this: take an extra soda bottle cap from a bottle you've already used. Drill a small hole (about 1/4") in the center of the cap. Next, drill a hole through the center or 3 mentos. I used a big sewing needle to do so, be careful; it’s hard to get through the shell without cracking the mento (or stabbing your thumb!). Straighten out two big paper clips or use some other sort of wire. String the three mentos on one of the paper clips, and bend the bottom of wire so they don't fall off. String the straight side of the wire through the hole of the bottle cap, so that the mentos are hanging down from the cap. Make a loop on the straight side of the wire that is small enough to fit through the hole on the cap and secure the wire in place by threading the second wire through the hole of the first wire. You should now have the cap with the three mentos hanging below it, make sure they are as close to the cap as possible so they don’t hang down too low. Unscrew the cap of a new soda (I used diet coke) and quickly screw on the cap with the three mentos. Remove the straight wire holding the mentos in place, and back up!! The force of the soda through the small hole in the cap causes it to go really high! I think we got it up to 20 feet once! LOL, that was fun. I wish I got to do fun stuff like that when I was in school. :)

Amy said...

DDP rocks!!! My daughter calls it The Pepper!!

Anonymous said...

Dear K. Family,
Wow Kolin, that sounds like an awesome experiment! I wonder how high orange soda would go? Or how about root beer or birch beer? may have started something here, lol! I hope Kody feels better soon and that some answers are found. Mrs. K., I am so jealous that you have a cherry pie in the fridge :) How much bribery would it take for you to have a piece in my honor lol? I'll have to settle for the home-made strawberry cobbler my friend and I are making this weekend while we work on a class project/paper together. Have a great day!
Love, blessings, and tons of hugs,
Tanya Nicole Servis

ClarkFamily said...

Kim - I LOVE all those science experiment photos ... I predict exploding soda to happen all over the country this weekend! I know my daughter would LOVE it ... I am glad to hear Karlio is doing better but really bummed out about Kody - I hope you have a great weekend!

Rebekah and Jaden!


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