Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tomaters Of The Cherry Variety

Vinny, my man, my main man, my hunka burnin' luv, grower of all things eatable.
He grew this and many more just like them...


Me, Isabella Sophia, Vinny's Woman, Killer of all things plantable.
I am not allowed in any way shape of form to touch these. Photograph them under his supervision, yes, but mess with them and he'll mess with me.

Vinny don't like nobody messin' with his stuff.

"This is the life I have chosen....This is the life I have chosen....This is the life I have chosen."

~*~Mafia Wives Chant~*~


Have a great day everyone.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

War Heads Pops

Here's the scenario...

Dad a/k/a Karlio a/k/a {what I call him} Vinny "The Body" Provolone goes out to the store to pick up some coffee creamer.
Because he and I share the same fondness for practical jokes on our beloved kidlets, he comes home with, hazelnut creamer, Capt. Crunch cereal, green olives, passion fruit shampoo and conditioner, Irish Spring man soap and oh yea...
War Heads Extremely Sour Ice Pops.

When the kidlets came home from a long day at school, studying, learning and playing outside in the extremely humid Florida sunshine, we sat them down outside and handed out some ice pops.
What a great Dad, huh?

This is what happens when you give one unsuspecting son Kolin, a/k/a Victor "The Sandman" Provolone a very sour treat, when he was expecting a very sweet treat...



Have a great day everyone!!

PS. More on the Provolone family coming soon, well an explanation anyway. :0)


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

RIP Slipknot #2

Sad day for Slipknot Maggots everywhere, including these two...


*taken this morning before we left for school*

Rest in Peace Paul Gray...Maggots 4-Life :0(



Saturday, May 22, 2010

Football Camp

This morning we all woke up fairly early, got ready and were out the door quick.
It's Saturday? Why? Why? Why?

Well, because Kolin has decided he wants to play football this year and he wants to play bad. He has been eating, living and breathing it for quite some time now, so when the boys decided they needed a break from 4 1/2 years of constant martial arts training, I told them it would be OK...but....they weren't going to become couch taters.

No worries, Kolin loves football and Kody is all about weight lifting/body building.

Anyway, there we were on the field before 10 AM and already it was HOT {90 degrees or more} out in that direct sun.

We made it though and Kolin, of course, rocked it. :0)

The coaches were very impressed by his speed, stamina and respectfulness. They can't wait to have him on a team.

Here's a few snaps from today.






Come August, Kolin will be on a Pop Warner traveling football team and out lives will once again get busy...busy..BUSY.
But, hey...we wouldn't ever want it any other way. To us it means things are running great and the kids are healthy. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!


Friday, May 21, 2010

R.E.A.C.H Times Two

Here we go, can you stand it?

Another REACH {Remarkable Effort, Achievement and Commitment To New Heights} Award in our family, this time it's all on Kolin...


Basically this means we have two students of the year in our house, one in 8th grade and one in 6th!!


Can I hear a "WOOT-WOOT" for the awesome brothers? WOOT-WOOT!!!!! :0)

Also, another fyi...this is the first time two siblings have gotten the same prestigous award in the same year.

Another FYI...

Kaysha passed her state test with flying colors, totally freakin' rocked it!!!!!


Gawd, I love those hell raisers of mine.

Have a great day everyone. TGIF!!!!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

6 Kids And Quitting

I've been asked quite a few times recently "Hey, what about the other kids? What's going on with the rest of your crazy family?"

Well, cuz I love you all and cuz you all hung out with me during the whole Kim/Karlio/marraige/AA update recently, today I am going to give you the mother of all updates from the mother of all the peeps who need updating on.

Go pee, grab a drink, sit back and enjoy...but please remember it's all about keeping it real here, so don't be offended by anything I say.
We love you's, you's loves us. We're all family. We're just not your typical average blend in with the Jones' type family.
We have issues and we're cool with that.
We're also insanely lovable and we're cool with that too.

This is me, I'm Kim or as I'm known around here, "Isabella" or "Izzy" and on most days "Dizzy" or "Dizzy Izzy". This picture reflects me needing to touch up those roots...BAD!


This is my pyscho husband, Karl, or as you all know him, "Karlio" or as I call him, "Vinny". {hey, we are married and it's all about the role playing you know}. You can't see much of him, I don't get to see much of him either, Vinny works a lot.


Vinny doesn't like to be messed with. You mess with Vinny, you swim with the fishes. {role playing is so much fun, hehe}

Together we have six crazy, insane, over the top but fun to be around kids.

First we have Karyelle, or as we have always called her, "KK".
KK lives in NY, has a great career, is completely independent and vacations three times a year. We get to see her two out of those three.
She loves Kody the most. It's OK, the others have their faves too.

Second is Kayara.
Kayara married Travis and had Alona who will be 8 in June.
Then they got divorced and she met Arthur. They had Adriana who will be 3 in August and now they all live happily in South Florida.
I MISS MY GRAND BABIES!!!! Just sayin'....
FYI, Kolin is her fave.

Third we have Kyle James a/k/a Vinny Jr. God only knows this kid will need a blog entry all to himself but to make it short and sweet and in keeping it all real, let's just say this...

A few years ago Kyle got off drugs by landing himself in jail. When he got out he met Meghan. Meghan and Kyle had themselves a big Gothic wedding and not long after that he violated his probation and ultimately went left us for a five year vacation in prison leaving behind a pregnant wife. Just when things couldn't get any more worse, Damian James was born listing Kyle as the baby's Daddy. DNA tested proved Damian is not his son. Till this day Damian's birth certificate still lists him as the father. V Man and I have POA for Kyle and are getting that fiasco straightened out.
During this time, Kyle rekindled an old friendship with Beverly whom I consider my daughter and together they fell in love and she is perfectly happy to wait till 2013 for him. He btw is divorcing Meghan.
Since this is the short and sweet version, I'll give Kyle his claim to fame when on another day soon I'll give him the blog for the day.
I love that boy with all my heart, I just don't love what he's done with his life thus far. I know he will grow up one day, sadly he had to do most of his growing up behind razor wire.
But that's life and nobody has ever said life is fair.

Our fourth as you all know is Kaysha a/k/a Catalina.


Contrary to stupid idiotic rumors claiming she wears scrubs Halloween costumes, she really is practicing for her CNA license and tomorrow morning at 9 AM will be taking her State test. After that she is on to get her MA license. Who knows what the world will bring for her, but I do know after a rough start, only good things await that girl. Her sassiness gets her pretty much anything she wants and works for.

Our fifth kidlet, Kody a/k/a Vito.

KodyMyBear 023 copy

As you know he is awesome, beautiful and a survivor. He loves school, his teachers, his friends and is now interested in pursuing community service to help, if he can, change the life of others less fortunate.
There will be more coming on that soon, I promise. :0)

Lastly we have Kolin a/k/a Victor.


Adorable, devious, funny and smart. You know how everyone says you save the best for last? In our case, I really believe I did. That boy just knows how to make me laugh, not just laugh but really from the gut laugh.
I have some awesome news about Kolin to share, but much like Kody yesterday...Kolin get's his time tomorrow.

I hope that's answered a few questions and tidied up some loose ends.

Have a beautiful day everyone and thanks for hanging with me through the craziness, the realness, the everything...YOU ROCK!!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Kody's Most Perfect Day

OMG...he did it again, he ROCKED the award ceremony!!

I can't even begin to tell you all how proud he has made us again. That kid...he is going to great places. :0)

Anyway, at this morning award ceremony Kody got the award for highest reading average for the year in his reading class.


He got the "R.E.A.C.H" award again!!

A lot of you may remember he got this exact award in the 6th grade.
What REACH stands for is:

"Remarkable Effort, Achievement and Commitment to New Heights"

REACH {not bragging or anything, oh the hell with it..I am bragging!} is the best award given to one student for being the best all year. Basically it would be just like student of the year.

I got to tell you, not only is he loved by all his peers but his teachers love him too. They have told me again and again that they are not ready to let him go off to High School.
I totally can see their point. LOL

So, here he is receiving his R.E.A.C.H plaque...


And here he is holding it...


Sorry about the blurry pic's, when they called his name I pretty much jumped and darn near fell out of my seat.
No lie.
Oh, and yes...this picture makes me want to reach right out and run a comb through that mop top of his.

That boy does not know the word quit, I swear present him with a challenge and he will persevere every single time.
Gotta love him.

Have a great night everyone!!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Pastor's Ass

I got this in an e-mail today. LMAO..too funny and a GREAT moral for someone {not so} special who likes to think it's his personal job on earth to report to me everything I already know about myself, or at least he thinks he knows I know or something like that.
Dang, I just confused myself.

On to "The Pastor's Ass"

The Pastor's Ass

The pastor entered his donkey in a race and
it won.

The pastor was so pleased with the donkey
that he entered it in the Race
again, and it won again.

The local paper read:


The Bishop was so upset with this kind of
publicity that he ordered the
Pastor not to enter the donkey in another race.

The next day, the local paper headline

This was too much for the bishop, so he
ordered the pastor to get rid of the donkey.

The pastor decided to give it to a nun in a
nearby convent.

The local paper, hearing of the news, posted
the following headline the next day:


The bishop fainted.
He informed the nun that she would have to
get rid of the donkey, so she
sold it to a farmer for $10.

The next day the paper read:


This was too much for the bishop, so he
ordered the nun to buy back the
donkey and lead it to the plains where it could run wild.

The next day the headlines read:


The bishop was buried the next day.

The moral of the story is .. . Being
concerned about public opinion can
bring you much grief and misery & even shorten your

So be yourself and enjoy life.

Stop worrying about everyone else's ass and
you'll be a lot happier and live longer!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Did You Miss Me? I Missed You!

I am so, so sorry I hadn't been doing any update at all.

UGH...crazy week. My eye's have been going completely weird on me. Horrible vision like something is just plain wrong. Then, between Slimfast and stressing out about absolutely nothing, I managed to drop seven quick pounds. Which, I not a bad thing at all. LOL!

Anyway, Kody's HS orientation went great. He is real excited to start a new chapter in his life. I on the other hand, am pretty freaked about the whole thing. Leesburg HS campus is a half mile long. I mean, seriously it is huge.
I gotta get over that...OK, I will. I'll try. I promise. :0)
About Bear. He seems really interested in ROTC drill team. So, I hope he get's to be a part of it although his long locks will have to be cut off. I'm not loving that much. :0(

Everyone else is doing great and not much to report on. School is down to it's final few weeks.
Oh..Kody is up for an award this Monday morning. I don't remember if I had already mentioned it. {CRS kickin' in, sucks getting old}
We have no idea what he got but we'll find out Monday.
His 8th grade graduation is June 9th. Camp starts in July for him this year.

Kolin will be joining Pop Warner football this year. Football camp for him will be next Saturday morning. OK..I got to make a confession. I honestly thought it was today, so I got everyone up early, showered, fed, dressed and on that football field by 9:50 only to find it empty.
I left the coach's number on the land-line caller ID so I had to run back home to get it, call, find out it's next Saturday, store it in my cell and then rush back to pick up Kolin and Kaysha who I left at the field, just in case someone showed up.
What a day, the kidlets are not pleased with my forgetfulness these days. LOL!

Mom's Day was fantastic and I hope yours was too. :0)
I woke up to coffee {oh yea!} and then later on this delicious breakfast, which I could eat everyday for the rest of my life if only it didn't have 17 million calories in it...


God, I LOVE a man that can cook. :0)

The kidlet's and my man gave me a gift certificate for a pedi which I promptly and lovingly used the next day.
They also gave me a new tripod {mine broke months ago} and a new cell phone clip. Sweet!!
They also gave me lots of down time and spoiled me rotten. I love those peep's of mine. :0)

Well, my day is looking busy again, phones are ringing and Kolin has decided to get on the PS3 MW2. Right at this very moment it sounds like there is a war in my living room. LOL!

Love you all...have a great day!!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Momma's Day!

From all of us to all of you we wish you a very Happy Mom's Day!!

And, while anyone can leave pretty flowers as a gift...we're so not the norm. We're leaving you all a perfectly beautiful....

Pepper!! LOL!!


Happy Mom's Day to my Mom too!!

Enjoy your day everyone. {{HUG}}

Love, Kim and the K's


Saturday, May 8, 2010

I *heart* Roma's

Beautiful Roma's, I knew you when you were a seed.


I think I love you.
Now, please hurry and turn red so we can use you in a delicious sauce. :0)

**All credit for all thriving veggies I give to Karlio. FYI I only photograph them, I am in no way allowed to touch them. After all, we want them to live**

Have a beautiful Saturday everyone!!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Flowers

"Where flowers bloom so does hope."
~*~Lady Bird Johnson~*~


That flower was taken from a hedge in my front yard. One day it had nothing but green branches and the next day, hundreds of tiny flowers. Does anybody know the name of them? I'd really love to know. :0)

Sorry it's taken some time to get back on here, we've been real busy trying to get the pool set up. It's like 93 degrees everyday steady but feels more like 100 or yea, it's been pretty much sweltering.

It's kind of hard to believe this is the boys last whole month of school, then they have a week and a half in June {when we first moved here they would get out the second week of May}. This year flew by, I mean seriously flew by.
Next Tuesday night is high School orientation for the Bear. I am still finding it difficult to face the fact that my chubby cheeked kid is now going to be a HS freshman. Dang...

Not much else going on around here, everyday just rolls by quickly.

Now, before I leave I want to give you all a little warning about tomorrow's post.

If you break out in hives, scream and run in circles upon viewing snake photos, especially if those snake photos happen to be "feeding time" photos that show a large rat getting may want to just not get on the blog at all tomorrow.
However, if your all into that, life will still be good and keeping your breakfast down should still be no problem, come on over anyway. We'd loves to have ya baby!! :0)

Have a great day everyone!!



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