Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Call me crazy, but Halloween is my favorite day of the year. :0)

Here's some snaps from tonight...

First our graveyard, put together as a surprise for me when I came home today by Karlio and the boys...

Next, something I've been wanting to do since I saw it last year, the "puking pumpkin" {gross I know, but that's what Halloween's all about}
Thanks to Karlio for making that pumpkin in my dreams a reality today. :0)
When I told him about it a few days ago he thought I'd totally lost my mind, but he made it anyway...pretty cool, huh?

Here's Atreyu eating the, ahhhh....gunk.

Some pumpkins I found while walking around Main Street on my lunch break...

And lastly, the cutest pumpkin in the patch...

Tonight we went to the boys karate school's Halloween blast and yeppers, they had a blast. Lots of food, fun, candy, music and for Adri and Kody, lots of dancing. Oh wow..I wish ya'all could have seen her shaking her bootie to "Apple Bottom Jeans", it was just too cute, she literally had the whole place belly laughing.

It's late so I'm gonna to get, I'll update better tomorrow. Have a great night and a very Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

She Drives Me Crazy...

***and I can't take it no more***

Sorry if ya'all got that song stuck in your head now. :0)

She's short.
She has flaming red hair.
She has a huge smile.
She likes to squeeze the cats.
She loves to pull off her shoes and hide them.
She gives hugs that would melt a snowman's heart.
She points at everyone and says "Stop It!"
She's thinks it's funny to dance with our Halloween decoration skeleton.
She will not stay still for a picture for anyone or anything.
She is her own mini diva with her own ideas.
It's her way or the highway.
She's a tomboy and can hold her own with the toughest of them.
She has a belly laugh that you can hear round the world.
She's Adriana Destiny....the silliest "K" family member we've got.

And while Adri tickles the silly bones, this "K" kid is about the funniest, wildest, craziest, animated sound effects guy we'll ever have....

Love ya Kolin Ross!!

And this guy here, who, no doubt, is our #1 heartbreaker...

Another day came and went and I have to use some time right now to play "catch-up" with some hats.
Have a great night everyone!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hey Mother Nature, What's Up?

Hey Mother Nature..
What's going on?
Just a quick note to let you know that I've been having some serious tech issues with you these past couple of days and though I tried to overlook some of these seasonal problems since yesterday, I simply cannot tolerate today's totally unexpected....


This, I am sure is bound to cause unwanted virus's in all of our wimpy, thin blooded operating systems.
Please reboot and try again because to be quite frank here, this drop in temp is not supposed to happen until mid-January, maybe even February and definitely should never last more then a week or two.

This weather related outburst of yours is also causing extreme havoc on my so called "normal" daily routine. No longer am I able to flounder my way out of bed at first call. This crazy chill pill you've sent us is causing my rebellious, middle aged, brain to ignore all wake up calls to get out of bed. No amount of high octane coffee can tempt me to escape the quadruple pile blankets I now call my new BFFL's.
I've now graduated to a new grade of "It's too damn cold to be alive" cranky assness. My kids, sadly, feel the same way.

I do appreciate the fact that although we are freezing our Floridian buns off in the early hours of the morning, today we could throw our beloved flip-flops, shorts and t-shirts by 1 o'clock. That was a nice change from yesterday when you let that wind rip through our 18 layers of winter clothing, which BTW, is not real easy to purchase in Florida...what with bikini's and pool supplies still being sold on our Wal-Mart shelves.

Anywhos..if you could kindly bring back our 70 degree mornings and our 85 degree afternoons, I would really appreciate it, and so would everyone around me who is feeling the pinch of my hating to be cold, middle aged, rebel wannabe, cranky butt, soooooo much.

I do have to give you props and credit where credit is due, that sure was the most beautiful blue sky you sent here today. Keep up the good work girlfriend!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sk8er Boy

I found this cool t-shirt for Kolin at target over the weekend, so before I let him wear it out to school tomorrow, we had to get some pic' know, before pizza sauce, cherry jello and chocolate milk gets in it. :0)

So, it appears I have totally jinxed myself by posting those water balloon photos because it is now FREEZING here!!!
No joke, when I woke up at 7 this morning it was only something like 46 degrees out and I don't think it got over 60 all day.
Tomorrow is supposed to be worse, I won't survive.
Thank goodness there is a small coffee shop called "The Urban Tea Room" right around the corner from my job, I'll be spending some time there, for sure, they sell Starbucks. ;0)

Hallie..guess what? We are running the heat!! Sorry, I sooo did not mean to brag, but you only have something like 4 more days of sufferin', right?

OK all, it's time to hunker down for the night. Hope ya'all had the best of days today. :0)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Three Little Punkins

Just trying to get into the Halloween spirit. :0)
Tomorrow, if everything goes OK...we'll be looking for a bigger one {or more!!} to carve up.

I'm not staying on long I'll wish ya'all a wonderful night and we'll be catching up tomorrow.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

After DH Update

Like, WOW!
Desperate Housewives sure did explain alot tonight, huh? Loved it!! :0)

I thought I'd jump on tonight to say "HEY" before it turned too late, because quite honestly, if midnight gets here and I'm still up, I am gonna hatin' myself in the morning.

So, Alona came for a visit today. Since she moved away and is in the first grade and has all these soooooo important after school activities and girl play date things going on, she doesn't have much in the way of time for me. :0(
LOL...ahhh, actually she plans on making more of an appearance every Sunday or so, so hopefully next Sunday she'll pose in her new Halloween tutu that she and I put together today but never had time to wear {her, not me!!}.

I did happen to snap this quick photo and then she was off again, climbing on Kody's fort and busting water balloons with Kolin...

Did I mention water balloons? LOL,'s still warm enough during the afternoon. {{sorry}}

But...word has it we are supposed to start cooling down this week. :0)

Have a beautiful night everyone!!

After Midnight...

I said I'd post more pic's tomorrow and I figure, it's after midnight so it is tomorrow somewhere. :0)

Somemore Pre-Halloween pic's from tonight, Sting and Michael Myers...

OK, seriously...I'm off to get some sleep. :0)

Later Gators!!!


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween In The Park

Lake Griffin State Park had a huge Halloween "Spook-a-Rama" tonight, so the boys and I decided to check it out.
They had a blast and Kolin, LOL, well..he rocked his Michael Myers costume. He played the part so well that the people there thought he was part of the show, it was pretty awesome!

Here's a couple of pics, there will be more but two is all I have for tonight. Enjoy!!

I'll have some up tomorrow too, but it's a quick preview of mine and Kolin's favorite holiday..Halloween!! :0)

Have a great night everyone!!!!

PS. Please excuse the craziness of the blog. I've been trying to fix the HTML's to get bigger pic's but keep everything else normal looking. I'm not exactly having luck. :0(

Friday, October 24, 2008

KK's Fine And Other Random Things!!

I just heard back from our oldest daughter and she's doing OK.
Her truck is a total loss and she's having someone go back and take photos but she herself, is much better {just gun shy of ever going back on that road}.
One thing through, in all the commotion of her call {she was still in major shock and not making sense} two mornings ago I got something wrong. She actually wasn't on the river side of the road, she was on the other side....or something like that because although Karl tells me I've been on that road 100 times, I ummmmm, suffer from aging brain and I just don't remember anything past last week. Duh. :0/

I'll update from home tonight, my new photoshop was installed yesterday and now I've just got to come up with some photo victims. :0)
I am jonesin' something bad to get on PS and play, create actions, play mre and edit my way into PS heaven.

Have a great day everyone...and thanks for the votes, how cool is that?


PS. Thank you to whom ever nominated me....please, please,please get ahold me please so I can thank you personally. :0)

Here's the voting clicker once again...


Thursday, October 23, 2008

We've Been Nominated!!

Well look at this awesome surprise I found tonight....

Looking Through The Glass has been nominated for a spiffy, cool, award...and we want it bad baby. :0)
Take a minute if you could, and go on over and give us a vote. Voting ends November 30th.

Thanks everyone!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Today I Swear I Will Go Crazy

Our oldest daughter got into a bad wreck late last night.
We got the call this morning. She says she's OK, but maternal instincts tell me not to believe it, not 100% anyway.
She was traveling back home from Albany, where she was working yesterday and there was a huge tree laying across a southbound lane on a road on a mountain. The road wasn't lit, she didn't see it and hit it caused all 4 tires to blow out and her SUV to roll 1000 feet down a mountain.

This is the mountain..

There is a road about 1/4 of the way up {you can see it on the left}, that's where her SUV rolled, and rolled and rolled.
A passerby with Florida tags happened to find her.

Anyway, I'll update again tonight but please pray if you would.

Than you!!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Tuesday!, I didn't drop off the planet...yet anyway. :0)

Yesterday the kids were off from school {teachers work day}. Forgetting that the kids had the day off and I didn't, well..let's just say the day started off in a late way and pretty much stayed that way till nighttime.

The magazine Kody will be featured in hasn't come out yet. I've been busy trying to get some photos ready so that they can be used in it. Excited? Heck yeah!
Anywhos..that being that, I think I've finally got everything submitted and wrapped that up tonight.

The hat biz is starting to look alot like Christmas. It's so cool, loves it!! :0)

What else? Hmmmmmmm....

Oh yes, Kody's MRI is scheduled for November 24th at 8 AM. He see's his surgeon afterwards for the results and to get his shunt reprogrammed back to his comfy setting of 1.0.
Kody's doing pretty good. He's still getting used to the whole new shunt and though he looks awesome from the outside, the inside needs another whole month to heal

Looks like both boys are officially eligible for black belt testing this January!! Can you believe it, two second degree black belts in our family...and they're just kids. Unbelievable.
Now, I've got to seriously get through a few things so I can work myself to the bone in order to fund it. Anyone who has kids in martial arts knows it can be a tad costly...but ohhhh, sooooo worth it. :0)

The training I've been going through since last week will finally be put into effect tomorrow, I fly solo as the newest "Sales Assistant".
I know peep's have it going on everyday but it's too stinkin' cool having a personal phone with my name on the screen, my own biz e-mail, voice mail, my own customers, things like that just make me giddy all over.
I seriously hope I don't mess up...I'm talking seriously, cuz we all know I am severe ADD and if there is a chance to mess up, I will. :0/

Other then that, things are OK. Everything still seems upside down, busy, crazy, insane around here everyday, but that's our life and if it suddenly got quiet and boring, things would be sooo wrong. We'll keep the insane, it keeps us on our toes.

This Friday, {hopefully}, I'll be taking the boys to the mall for their Halloween costumes. I can't tell you what they will be, I'm sworn to secrecy once again. LOL!!

OK my friends, it's about 11 PM and I'm going to cut this short so I can try to get to sleep before midnight tonight.

Have a beautiful night all!!!!!

BTW, pictures soon. I'm working on a computer that doesn't have photoshop on it yet. It will Thursday though. I'm trying to get it in tip-top shape for the wedding I'm shooting in a few weeks.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Little Bit Of Kolin

These were taken weeks ago, but I just got to downsizing them for the web.
LOL...yep, typical procrastinator me.

FYI, if you like the hat, it'll be put up for sale this week.
Kolin likes to wear hats one time and then he's over it. :0/

Have a great night all, I'm off to get some ZZZZZZ"s while I can.

Yard Reptile

When doing mundane yard work on a beautiful sunny day, this just might be the last thing you want to find when your tearing down weeds..

Needless to say, the weeds on that part of the fence never did get pulled out.
But it was all good because he was so cool to stay still and pose, so we just let him be. :0)

Sorry Hee-Bee Jee-Bees. :0(

Have a great night everyone!!

Just A Friendly Reminder

That my hat site has just been updated.
Hat Packs for children's photographers are ready to roll!! :0)

Have a GREAT Sunday everyone!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Take One

It was sooo dang hot and soooooo dang humid and I had one "Coppertop" kid who was not liking it one bit.
So, today was the practice run..more Pumpkin Patch to come. :0)

I'm off to treat the boys to a night out on the town. we're just doing dinner, thankfully they don't know there's more out there then just seafood dinners. :0)

Have a great night all!!

Three Lessons Learned

1. Never edit photos on a laptop.
2. Never edit photos on a laptop in the way too early hours of the morning.
3. Never edit photos when your already incredibly sleep deprived.

That's all folks. :0)

These are better. LOL!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Kody's "It's Still Light Out Can You Believe It" Update sooo crack me up woman!!
Yes, I can surely relate about the floors..definitely!!
Ironing though, Oh come on girlfriend..Downy Wrinkle Reducer, try's my new BFFL. :0)

OK, now on to Kody's post-op appointment today.
While he is still getting a few headaches, he didn't have to have his shunt valve adjusted at all. It may just some more getting used to so we just have to give it a little more time for his brain to adjust to actually having a normal amount of fluid running through it.
His Dr. was totally impressed about how quickly his cut healed. I've been relentless at keeping it clean as I can and you may be able to tell by his faded hair color around the surgical site that I kind of, may have used just a tad too much peroxide on it a few times. :0/

His next appt. is this coming Wednesday at Neurology.

And, his next MRI will be next month at Arnold Palmer Hospital. No date yet as I still have to make it and get it to correspond with his neurosurgeons schedule so that 1, we can get his shunt readjusted right after his MRI {that has to be done in the Dr's office, the magnetic field from the MRI machine will mess up his shunt settings} and 2, we can get the MRI results right there instead of waiting.

Other then that, things are rockin' and rollin' around here.

Kolin came home from school today with a nasty ole' stomach bug that he tells me is spreading around his school like wildfire.
I'm hoping that he'll be good as new by tomorrow so we can get out to the Pumpkin Patch while I have the time.
Adri's still our biggest and loudest firecracker and Kaysha has made a big decision to be homeschooled for the rest of the year. Long story but no doubt she will still be able to either start college in 2009 or go into the Navy when she turns 18. She's still going back and fourth as to what to do.

OK my friends, I've got to scoot out and get Kody to martial arts. Although, he is still on a "no contact to the head" restriction for at least another month, he can still participate and do everything else.
No stopping that Bear.

Here's a few pic's, I have no idea how they will look because they were edited on a laptop sometime around 12:30 this morning. :0(

Have a great night everyone!!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hey Sheila!!

If I get on here for anyone tonight, it's for you Babe!!

Now, mind you...I'm fixin' to work on some photos, I really have to because I think I may have passed the magazine deadline which is irking me to the max, mainly because I have no time to even think about no time anymore.
The crazy thing is I do have back up here for most things which leads me to a thought I had today.
Actually it's more like a "Props/Shout Out" to all the single Mom's and Dad's out there who do everything and then some with no help at all..

You are ALL my new hero!!

Anywhos...where was I?

OK, yes..Sheila I almost didn't update tonight but when I saw your message, oh heck, how could I stay away, even if I just type away about absolutely nothing just to take up space.

Which sort of leads me to say...Ummm, I have nothing much to day. I know, pretty unbelievable, huh?

Works is going OK and I'm still in intense training, but honestly...I am on the information overload highway, and I need to find a quick exit and rest stop cuz I'm about to crash.
Tomorrow I have off because we need to have Bear in Orlando for his post-op appointment with his neurosurgeon.
He's been getting a few headaches this week and he's been a bit on the clumsy side, so we'll see of maybe he just needs another adjustment in that new shunt.
Plus, I believe that November makes the six month mark for his MRI's, so we'll find out about having those done soon too.
In case ya'all had forgotten, he had two suspicious spots on his last MRI that need close watching.

Adriana and her Mom {Alona is with her Dad} are still living here and since Kayara has been putting in double shifts just about everyday to save money, we've been taking on the baby care responsibilities.
Which...can be very tiring when your not used to having a toddler around but very rewarding too. There is nobody else that can care for that lil' firecracker then family.
I know they want they're own place again eventually...but when life throws you a curve ball, you just have to do what you have to do and I know she knows this.
We know it too, that's why we are here. :0)

On the flip side, I've always said, when life throws you lemons..break out the tequila and salt! LOL..never mind I didn't say that. :0/

OK my friends, and especially Sheila..I'm going to have to say good night for now. I'll be back tomorrow with a proper update with photos and all that silly stuff. :0)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Six More Hours

If I figured it right, I need about 6 more hours in the day to complete everything that needs doing.
Starting with the blog, I really need to get back to my daily's...sorry. :0(

I've got a ton of pic's that need some downsizing before I can get them on here and I'm way behind in my blog check in's, we haven't been getting to bed till after 11 {sometimes 1 AM for me} every night, I kind of feeling like I'm ready to crash and burn soon but I have to just keep going, or "just keep swimming" like Bear tells me.

This Friday is his post-op appointment and other then a few headaches here and there he's doing OK. He took a fall off the back step last night that I know had to hurt. I don't know what happened except he said he just plain lost his balance. That lead to a scraped up knee and hurt wrist. Poor kiddo. :0(
He's doing his best to get in early to school everyday so he can catch up on the work he missed...gotta love him, he does not know the meaning of the word failure, that's for sure.

I have to admit though, with my leaving in the AM and not getting back till night and everybody wanting my attention at once, I kind of feel like I'm failing him and Kolin too. Is that just sensitive me or is that the way of the working Mom? Somebody tell me I'm not crazy here or is that overwhelming feeling of wanting to lock myself in a room normal? LOL!!

Anywho's..let me get going.

Miss Diane...FOR SURE I will be sending you those 6 new photos for the magazine by tonight. I had them almost ready last night when my computer decided it was a good time to freeze up and I lost them all.
Second times a charm I hope.

Have a great day everyone!!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ride 4 Kids Photos

Just a few for tonight. :0)

K and K with their lemonade stand and camp "Pal", Sarah...

Having their TV interview....

The bikes just starting to roll in, that's Billy Lane waving...

With Vinnie...

With Cody...

With Billy....

On stage...

I'll have more up soon. :0)

Holy Freakin' Crap!!

Sorry, I just go so excited there for a minute!!

Today was the 14th annual ride 4 kids at Camp Boggy Creek and it was sponsored by Daytona Harley Davidson. OMG, there were well over 1000 bikes rumbling in, it was incredible!
We were one of 4 families chosen to participate...unbelievable. :0)
Kody and Kolin were both interviewed for TV and went on stage to pass out certificate of appreciation plaques.
We got VIP passes and schmoozed with, to name a few, Billy Lane, Vinnie and Cody from Orange Cty Choppers {who now have their own gig called V-Force) and lots of others.
The whole day was just great and the bikers raised, they estimate, about 4 million dollars for Camp Boggy Creek!!!!

I've got tons of photos to upload so just sa soon as I can I'll share some with ya'all.

I better run and get ready for a night on Wisteria Lane and bed semi early tonight because tomorrow starts a whole new work week, and I am soooooo not prepared. :0/

Have a great night everyone..I'll get those photos on soon.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Urban Bear

I love this one...

Those have got to be one of the coolest steps in Leesburg, and the kids not too bad too. :0)

Bear came home yesterday with some redness and pain on his new shunt site. But...I really think it was just the cut nerves healing and possibly him scratching it because when it heals, it itches like mad.
Same thing today be has no fever and otherwise feels great...he'll be fine.

Welp, I wish I could go on and on with the novels I've been known to write but, there is this little "Coppertop" girl here and she is way full of energy in a home full of peep's that like to ease their way slowly into a Saturday morning.
This could take a little getting used to. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Sorry I didn't get a minute to update today.
This day brought changes and we now have a new little person living with us full time.

She's kinda short.
She's awfully cute.
She has red hair and eight teeth.
She's got the silliest laugh and the brightest blue eyes.
She's loved bigtime by every one of us here. :0)

Oh yes, and she's kept us busy today so updates will be back to normal tomorrow.

On a brighter note...I have an adorable new hat victim model.

Have a great night everyone!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Awesome Magazine News!!

I got an e-mail yesterday and Kody's magazine isn't out yet but, it will be soon because...



I am sooo oooooo excited to tell you......

They are asking to have 6-7 more photos of him by ME!!!!

ACKKKKKKK....I am happy dancing everywhere, Hallie ya gotta join me cuz I know your a "dancer" and all!!!

I took these yesterday, I'm hoping at least one makes it in. :0)

I love this next one, I mean...look at that smile. :0)
His Daddy was sitting in the car right behind me and making him laugh.
Gotta love the Daddy's of the world. :0)

His hair is growing in like crazy. I've never met a person who's hair grows as fast as bear's does.

I've got more, slowly but surely I'll show them all.

Have a beautiful day everyone...I've got to get some hat orders complete and get on over to the gas station to fill up. Rumor has it that gas prices were dropped by 30 cents this morning...YAY!!!!!


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