Saturday, May 28, 2011

What We've Been Up To

Sorry my last post was such a downer, I'll make this one better. :)

We're down to our last eight days till school is out and as any parent knows, the last two weeks are crazy busy.

A couple weeks ago the boys and I went out blueberry picking. I thought we'd never use the 8 pounds we picked but sure enough, Kolin found a way to do it.

blueberryfields 006 copy

We've been spending lots of time with the Firecracker. Running around with a 3 1/2 year old is TIRING! IDK how I did it with six, oh yea I was a lot younger then lol!!

May242011 009

031 copy

Last weekend my oldest daughter, KK and I took the kids to a reptile show called "Repticon" out at the Orlando Fairgrounds.

Kody is now the proud owner of a python named "Sid" {no pictures yet} and Adriana is the proud owner of a stuffed snaked she named "Romeo" :)

035 copy

Last week at Leesburg High, there was a memorial service for a fallen solider, a former student who was killed in the war last August. He was only 28 yeas old. Because Kody is in the Jr. ROTC, he was, of course, required to be there to pay his respects at the service.

He's in the second row from the left, third one in...

May242011 020 copy

Right behind the girl with her back turned...

May242011 025 copy

May242011 064 copy

Center of the picture...

May242011 074 copy

Second in from the left...

May242011 082 copy

Here he is with his really, really, really proud Momma. :)

May242011 093 copy

Tomorrow we're off to a Memorial Day/Family Day at my Mom's and Monday...we're thinking maybe a beach day.

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Will Post Soon...

Some days are just better then others. It's crazy that after 5 months you would think I'd finally be getting a grip on all this.
Some days, for no reason at all it is dark, sad and very lonely.
Some days I just get by.
Some days I laugh, I don't know why...maybe because I don't want frown lines? LOL...yea its vain I know.

So many people tell me how strong I am.
Don't let the outside fool you...inside I am still broken, dying and missing a man I would have gladly given my own life for.
Some days I wish it was me instead. Looking at the broken souls of my children is torture, it really is.

12 more days of school and summer vacation is here. This will be our summer to try and heal a little, spending time together.
This fall though when they go back, this Momma plans on getting back to school too. I'm just not positive what to do, wow...I never had a back up plan, who knew?

Anyway, I'll be back, I gotta run Kolin to school. :)



Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sea World

First things first though...
I followed the advice I got {thank you again} and the tranny fluid looked pretty good. I haven't felt those slips again so I am hoping maybe it was just my imagination.
I really, REALLY wished I had paid better attention to all those times Karl tried explaining important things like that.
But, more on that later.

Kody is doing MUCH better. Turns out he was dehydrated. It has been hot her, I mean HOT...96 degrees and the humidity is crazy.
So, I pumped him like mad with Gatorade and water and after another two days he was back to normal again.

Last weekend I took the kids to Sea World.
Being a Florida resident has lots of advantages as far as things to do. Plus as residents we get pretty cool discounts. The Sea World "Fun Card" is one of them. You pay for one day and go the rest of the year for free.
Sea World has got some really cool roller coasters so it makes it totally worth it.

Here's some snaps from that day...

That is Sea Worlds newest coaster, The Manta, behind them and in the pic below. OMG it is AWESOME!

SEAWOARLD2 140 copy

SEAWOARLD2 193 copy

SEAWOARLD2 143 copy

SEAWOARLD2 160 copy

SEAWOARLD2 191 copy

SEAWOARLD2 142 copy

seaworld 018 copy

SEAWOARLD2 196 copy

SEAWOARLD2 186 copy

SEAWOARLD2 176 copy

Tomorrow maybe some blueberry picking at a local farm, before it gets too hot out. :)

Have a beautiful day!!!!!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Kody's had a going on three day headache, I have to figure out how to get him to Orlando, probably to his hospital, Arnold Palmer.
That's bad enough cuz I haven't figured out Orlando yet, but now something in my jeep is slipping.
I have no idea how to check the transmission fluid.
Is there anyone who can talk me thru checking it?
It's a 2002 Grand Cherokee Jeep Laredo.

Thank you!!!!!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Not For The Reptile Haters.....


If snakes make you freaky and scared and whiny, you may just want to skip today's blog post update thing.
Just sayin'......

Then again if you love the lil' turds, I've got a cute one for you.

My oldest daughter, KK, wanted a small pet.
She thought about a dog and I said "That's crazy you work all oday".
She thought about a cat and I said "Cats smell bad".
She thought about a fish and I said "Loves it!"
So she went out to her local pet store and came home with....



Memphis is a red tailed boa and honestly the sweetest snake I've ever met.
They was here all Mom's Day weekend and I don't think he spent more then thirty minutes in his tank during the day. Someone was always holding the lil' booger, mostly Kody.

When I get bored I do things like, put snakes in giant tea cups...


Hang them off kids forts and get up real close and personal...


I'm sure he's thinking "Who is this human idiot with the black box thing in front of her face anyway? Why doesn't she fear me? Am I not intimidating? I'll show her a$$, someone get me a frog, Oh the hell with it, get me a damn rat I'm starving".

I also put them in pretty flower gardens, mainly for the whole color pop effect.


And that's what I do when there's not much else to do on a sweet Mom's Day Sunday when I'm not ewwwwing and ahhhing over the cute purple stilettos, Ed Hardy hair dryer, faux snakeskin stilettos, and zebra print hand bag my kidlets gifted me with this year.
They did not however get me the Shop Vac requested. Looks like I'm on my own for that one. lol.

Hope your Mom's Day was just as exciting as mine!!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mom's Day

Happy Mom's Day!!!

This is from last years Mom's Day. I'll treasure it always. :)


Have a beautiful day everyone.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Not Only Did I Go....

But I actually (can't believe I am gonna say this)...

Had fun!!

Guess there still is some life left in this grieving ole' girl. :)


So, as we were about to leave, we were literally walking out the door the DJ went from playing bootie shaking Latin music to "Unchained Melody" by The Righteous Brothers {old school I tell you}. I couldn't believe it, just couldn't.
Karl and I spent many a night dancing to that very song in our living room. The roof could have fell on our heads and we would have never known.
Just like the Sweetheart his Dad was, Kody asked me if I would "honor" him by dancing with him.
I told him, "Bear I am the one that is honored"

And yes, we danced, Mom and son to that song. It was sooooo hard to hold back the tears, I swear.

Oh and btw, nobody there requested it. It was club style dancing music to that.
Crazy huh?

Life is beautiful. :)



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