Saturday, February 27, 2010

#6, Mr. Thee Battleharden

Crazy Kid.
Class Clown.
Hyper Thing that he is...

Not much else to say, anyone who's got a "baby" in the family knows the last one's are usually almost always the funniest, and funnest. :0)


Over it already, lol....


Have a great day everyone!

It's going to be a rainy, damp and chilly one here today, but I'll take the rain over that northern snow any day. Dang, good luck with that...I hope it melts away on you guys fast. Meanwhile, we will be watching you on the news. :0(


Friday, February 26, 2010


It's been a while since Ive talked about #4, so today I'll let her have her 15 minutes of blog fame. :0)

I am happy to day that after a lot of soul searching and pondering Kaysha has decided against the Navy {for now} and is throwing herself 200% into....


Yes...her nursing career!!

We are soooo proud of her and absolutely think she made the right decision.

Kaysha has, for the longest time, been interested in working not only in the medical field, but working with children who have had brain injuries of all kinds.
I like to think Kody has inspired her, I'm pretty sure he did. :0)

Anyway, everyday she completely surrounds herself with her studies and practicing on all of us. It can be a riot because this family just cannot take anything serious sometimes.
For example, last night she had to practice getting an elderly person mobile.
She picked Kolin for this job who right away named himself "Mr. Thee Battleharden".
Well, after walking around the house a couple times, "Mr Thee Battleharden" realized he forget to put on his belt and three steps before sitting down into a chair, "Mr. Thee Battleharden" lost his blue jeans and was standing there, skinny legs/knobby knees and all in his boxers.
Mr. T-B laughed his butt off and Kaysha, well let's just say she just had to walk away wondering if this nursing thing is all it's cracked up to be.
Lord help us all, this is going to be a blast. LOL!!

Have a great day everybody!!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kody's Fedora

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE these hats? LOL!!


As soon as I get Karlio one, the whole family will be a rockin' them. :0)

Today I want to thank you all for the wonderful comments I got on the previous post.
I never, ever would have imagined that one looooong novel of a post {which I now think I should have titled "One year, is the time it will take you to read through this"} would have made such an impact.
One behalf of Karl and myself, we thank you all and hope that if sharing a part of our crazy, insane life in that way, has inspired or encouraged just one person to realize their addiction and seek help, then we believe it was totally worth coming forward.
Happy endings do exist, not "perfect" endings...but happy ones, yes for sure. :0)

Well, because the last was so long, today's will be so short. Plus, I have phone calls to make and laundry stacking up at a mile a minute rate. I can't wait for summer when the boys wear shorts and pretty much nothing else.
Laundry says were simple then. :0)

Have a beautiful day everyone!!


Monday, February 22, 2010

One Year...

I know I haven't posted a lot this past year on things that are very, very personal.
This past year has been a doozer baby, ups, downs, inclines, complete crashes, big ups, stumbles and falls.

Last winter Karlio and I went through what would be probably the worst time of our married life.

One day in particular will always stand out in both our minds, and that would be the day I threw my weddings rings hard in his face, screamed that "it was f'in over", and proceeded to have divorce papers drawn up the next day.

That day was last February, February 19th to be exact.

Know how I know?
Well, it was that day I told him I would rather be alone for the rest of my life then to live with an alcoholic. I then kicked him out of our home.
No, I didn't help him pack, I didn't care where he went, as long as he was not near me and our kids.
I was pissed, heartbroken, confused, hurt and so angry that a stinkin' bottle of beer was far more important to him then his family.

He did leave that day. He cried and surprisingly enough, I cried even harder. To this day I don't know why...maybe because I realized that this was the day that was officially the death of our marraige.

I never told anybody about this, although a few people figured it out when I set my Facebook relationship status as "It's Complicated".

As far as all others, life was still a bowl of cherries.

That same night, after pleading with him for weeks, and hinting constantly that our marraige was in trouble, I asked him again to go find an AA meeting.
I never thought he would, but surprisingly enough, when you get to the very bottom of your life and there is honestly no place to go but maybe to an early grave, he went.
He went, crying like a baby, and found a man named Jim. I have never met him, but I will one day. I would love to thank him personally for saving Karlio, and saving our family.
Jim took Karl under his wing like they were best buds their whole life.

Now, I'd like to say all things went super great after that, but fairy tale endings don't exist here, not yet anyway.

Eventually I let him move back in since money was so tight. The kids missed him terribly, I still didn't.
I couldn't bring my self to admit that I still loved this man with all my heart. I believed that he went to AA to please me, to tide me over until he could mess up again.
I believed he did it to shut me up basically.

WOW...was I ever wrong!

Not only did he stick with it and go everyday, but he read from his book everyday. He prayed...yea, he PRAYED everyday, several times a day, can you believe it?
He made amends with the people who he had hurt the most, his children and me. The kids were easy, I was till being a super bitch hard ass. Yes..I'll admit it.
He would tell me all about "the promises".
The what? OK, yeah..promises, promises that we would be so very blessed if he continued to stay sober. As if I believed that, right?
LOL...wrong again, that was my bad.

Everyday I saw changes, small ones. A lot of time though I saw a man who was now sober and had no clue how to be. I hear it's part of the process.
He became clingy and controlling, not in a mean way but more like a stalker who swore if I ran down the the store for milk, that I was off cheating on him.
That drove me insane. I remember one day getting into a screaming match with him about that, after being accused for like the hundredth time and telling him to "just go freakin' have another beer".
I have to admit, and even he doesn't know this, that part of me wanted him to start drinking again so that I could leave him, without any regrets, that way I could keep my heart from getting broken all over again.
But, he stood his ground and said to me "I am the only one that can make me stop drinking again, not you, not anybody and I WON'T DO IT".

Right then I had a very good feeling I had finally met my match.

OK, I told him....prove to me that you can change and I will hold up on the divorce.
This was at the end of February and I gave him the beginning of April as a deadline, my decision as to whether I wanted a divorce or not. Either way, whether he stayed sober or was my decision.
We shook hands on it. There was no kissy stuff going on back!

I remember going to work everyday, I hated my job. It would have been OK if my boss wasn't such a sleaze, but I figured, it's getting us by I have to do what I have to do.
I hardly ever saw the kids. Coming home was so stressful, the kids would go to bed and I would retreat to my bedroom...only to be followed like a puppy by Karl, who would not let up on forgiving him.
I would boot him out and have him sleep on the couch.
He wrote me letters, he bought me flowers, he played my love songs, he did everything right...but I just could not budge, like I said, the heartbreak was bad and I felt if I kept ignoring him it would eventually go away.

One day, at the end of March I was sitting at my desk at work, trying so hard to concentrate on what I was supposed to be doing when I got an IM from him on my Facebook. He had "real important news and wanted to share it with me over the phone, could I talk?"
Yea I said...I guess so.

The good news was that he was just hired moments ago by a huge local construction company. He would have his own office, his own shop and he would alone oversee a ton of Mack dump trucks and a few semi's, and had overtime every week. Even better, his salary was to more then double!!

Yeah, you could say I was pretty shocked.
These promises he kept talking about, maybe they are real?

Anyway, he went to work everyday and man he LOVED it!! He was like a little kid playing in the sandbox only now his trucks were life size. He was so proud and even now, his boss and all his drivers love him. things started to roll along and about a week later I was sitting at my desk in tears cuz of something that had happened at work that day and when I left for lunch, I never did go back. I knew I could find something else, but Karl..well, he had other plans. He wanted Mama back with her babies while they were still in school. He wanted to put our marraige back together, he wanted to prove that he meant business.

It was around this time that we started going to the beach a lot. It was our way of "getting away".
I have to admit, it was awkward at first because in all our years together, he has never once wanted to go to a beach or do anything as a family, Lord only knows it would have taken him away from football/NASCAR Sunday, and of course the fridge full of beer.
At first we would pretty much ignore each other, each taking walks alone, barely speaking.
Then one day we walked together, one day we actually held hands, one day we jumped off the dock leading out to the ocean, into some woods and made out like two 17 year olds.

We learned how to have fun again and we learned to love again...that is what all those spring and summer beach trips did for us.

Soon after even better things started happening.
Our kids were so happy, more happy then they had ever been, they were finally not afraid to talk to their Dad. They saw their parents laughing instead of fighting. It was great. :0)

On April 11th 2009, Karl's birthday, we all went out to dinner...our favorite Chinese buffet place and we really had a great time.
I caught myself taking about maybe one day renewing our vows. Of course, you know he loved that idea.

April 19th, 2009...our 29th wedding anniversary.
He played our wedding song set to a whole bunch of cute clip arts and I have to say, that did it for me..I couldn't take it anymore, I really did love this crazy man.
He begged me to go out to dinner with him and we did. When we came home I told him to go outside and start a small fire, not to question...just trust me.
He did and I went outside, holding his "gift". It was our divorce papers, I told him to go ahead and toss them in the fire, we wouldn't be needing them after all.
I think he was a little surprised, but I told him "If God can trust you to do the right thing and give you this awesome job, then who am I not to trust you as well?"
And just like that, the papers went up in flames while we both watched silently, holding hands and knowing without a doubt, this was a new start.

Now, I be lying if I said everything has been awesome, there have been some crazy days but 95% of them have been wonderful.

Those "promises" I mentioned?
They do exist.

We have a new home, a new car, we can finally live life without worrying everyday about the next dollar.
I have been spoiled tremendously this past year. *wink*
He is well liked and respected at his job and community.
Material things are not all we have, we have the gift of a brand spanking new marraige, a new spiritual devotion towards each other.
We have fun where we once had boredom.
Laughter now lives where the tears used to.
We are family once again.

This February 20th {he had to work late on the 19th} we celebrated, as a family, Karl's one year sober anniversary. The three kids and I went with him to his AA meeting and watched as he told his story and got up to receive his "one year gold coin".
I couldn't but laugh a little when I saw him giving advice to others.
"Don't Drink. Go To Meetings".

When we came home we had that big ole Italian feast I told you I was making {homemade sauce, meatballs, ziti}. And for dessert, a little something made by Kaysha, a carrot cake {his fave} with cream cheese frosting.
The extreme amounts of sprinkles were my idea cuz I thought it would look awesome as a photo. LOL!

OneYearDad 002 copy

Congratulations Daddy-O, you did it like you said you would and we are all very proud of you.

OneYearDad 008 copy

PS. Thanks for hanging the rest of those pictures in the kitchen today. :0)

Kim and the Mini K's


Saturday, February 20, 2010


Sorry I wasn't on these past couple of days, they were kind of busy.

But, anyway..let's see. On Thursday Kody's appointment went really well. We need to put him on Clonopine at night so he can sleep and get some relief from the eye tics. What that is, is a blood pressure medication BUT, he is not or ever will be, taking the recommended dose for blood pressure. It does relax him enough so that he can get a good nights sleep. Since the tics started again his sleep has been so disturbed it's as if he isn't getting any sleep at all.
These past two nights he's been sleeping very soundly. :0)

We need to have some labs done this week because of the strep virus that he carries. That basically means he is a carrier although he is symptom free. It also means he that the strep infection could cause in infection in any part of him, not just the throat like normally you would associate strep with.

Also, it is a possibility that stress can cause his tics to come back and since his schooling is intense {his grades are the best the have ever been} and since his girlfriends break up heartbreaks have been coming in at a steady two weeks, I would have to say he is stressed out a little. I wish he wouldn't take things so to heart like he does, but he does. That's boys for you.
Girls break up and you can sit down with a half gallon of ice cream, a quick shopping trip and all is good in the world again.
Boys...not so much. They want to be left alone, they want to beat up their punching bags, they want to listen to music all day and wish the world away.
Gimmie girls any day for that very reason. LOL!

We take him back in six weeks if we feel the Clonopine isn't helping. If however he is doing good on it, then the plan is six months.

Yesterday was my MRI and X-rays day. I have got to give Kody and all the other MRI peeps props, staying still that long is not easy.
Listening the Lionel Richie croon out mushy gushy sappy lovey wedding songs for 40 minutes was even tougher.
Kody did tell me to bring my own music, why oh why didn't I listen.
In my dreams last night I could still hear....
"Your once, twice, three times a lady", OMG...make it stop!! hehe...
And can somebody tell me why as soon as you know you cannot move at all, your nose starts to itch bad?

Anyways, today we're just a chillin' at the home front.
I plan on spending much of my afternoon making gigantic amounts of homemade sauce and a bunch of meatballs to go with our ziti.
We have some celebrating to do today, but I'll let you all in on that later on. :0)

Before I go, here's the only photo I have available, simply because I really haven't been taking any lately.

airhockey 002 copy 2

That was taken about two weeks ago {I think?} the day we put up the kids new air hockey table in the garage.
Please look past the cluttery mess on both sides, that is still a work in progress and yes, we do need a backyard shed for sure.
They do love that table though and spend hours out there banging that puck around.
BTW...I have to tell you all about the deal we got on that.
OK, let it be known that I only brag when I find a bargain...cuz I am such a cheapo and all and have a hard time spending full price on anything {it would cut into my shoe shopping and we are not having that}.
About 3 or 4 weeks ago we were doing our every few weeks Sams Club shopping when we saw that cool air hockey table but the price tag was $300.00 which make me twitch a little.
Well, after a lot of thinking about it and visioning how much fun we could all have with it, we put some $$ away...about half, with the intention of saving up the other half by this month.
Well, we went back to Sams and can you believe it...they dropped the price on that table in half!!
WOO-HOO...that table came home with us that very day. :0)

Don't you just love it when the planets align and good things come together like that? :0)

Well, I better get going. Everyone is up and everyone is starving again.

Have a beautiful day everyone!!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kody's New Glasses

We got through a couple of years where his vision was fantastic...but, that's about come to an end again.
It's no biggie though, right now he can't see anything close up, so while he does his reading/school/computer thing, he looks like this....

KodysGlasses 006 copy

Still really handsome to me. :0)

His right eye that I had noticed lately is turning in, really is. So, we need to find him another Dr. that can help us out with that and be able to surgically align his eye back into it's proper place.
Years ago he had already had his left eye operated on and it's been good as new without a problem ever.
Till that happens though, I either make him say no to football or wear a helmet, cuz I swear lately he has done nothing but catch that ball with his face.
The Dr. tells us, "ummm...yes that's because he doesn't see straight".
Who knew? :0/

Tomorrow morning is Kody's appointment with his neurologist, in Orlando.
His eyes are ticcing like crazy lately, giving him headaches and making doing pretty much anything a PITA for him.
Hopefully, we can increase his Stratera for that, but I don't know since he is already, I think, on it's max dosage.

Well, that's about all that new around here.

Hope everyone has a great day today!!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Many Moods Of Me

Today am am...


I can be all this in 0.6 seconds, and I can do it all in stilettos, if I want to.

blahTuesday 003 copy 2

I have a mildly gothic purple & black bedroom with touches of girlie stuff everywhere.
I am a clean freak.
I hate dirt.
I do 70% of our families housework.
I now have to have my three kidlets pick up the other 30%.
I don't insist Karlio does "housework", fixing things & driving us places...yes, cleaning things, never.
I don't feel at all guilty about the last two things.
Some days it hurts too much to even blink.
Some days I crank up the music and challenge Kaysha to "dance offs".
I usually regret that the next day. Hehe...
My whole family is aware that...
"If I die before I wake, my red stilettos I will take"
I am late for everything.
I am late in leaving to pick up the boys as I type this. Darn.

Gotta run!!

Take care everyone and have a great day!!


Monday, February 15, 2010


A little post V-Day sweetness from me to you...


Hope your V-Day was great.

Ours was...definitely on the very good side. :0)

Let's see, we did some house shopping {curtains, pictures, kitchen deco, a way cool digital coffee machine}, I got Karlio a bucket of all his favorite chocolate candies and he got me, of my favorite things {besides the Blackberry Curve I sooooo tried to subtlety hint for, hehe}...spending $$! :0)
So what did I buy?
Well...some groceries {once a Mama always a Mama I guess}, some make-up, purple converse, and a little something very personal for his eyes only. *wink*

Afterwords we all showed up together for a big ole' family dinner of Louisiana style seafood gumbo that I put together.
And then, of course those there cupcakes, which was a team effort on Kaysha and my part.

I would have loved to have sent you all one, but since I couldn't, I did the next best thing I could think of.

FYI...they were YUM!! LOL!!

Have a good one everyone!!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Anyone who watches Jeff Dunham like we do, will totally get this...


Gotta run, pain killers are making...



Loopy!! LOL!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sparkly Is My Homegirl

Riding around in leathery luxury is definitely putting a new spark in driving.

Please feel free to ignore the mud sploshes. We did wash it yesterday. It's raining today. Go figure. :0(


I am thinking about getting some nice big hater blockers, I think that would be pretty cool. lol!

Anywhos...this is just an FYI to my friends and family.

Due to some medical issues {not Kody, mine} the blog and photo updates will, for the most part, be kind of sporadic for a while.
Some things need fixing and I have got to tend to that for a bit.
I apologize, in advance, especially to my douche nozzle brother-law in NY who I know for a fact lives to read my updates everyday.,
Sorry Dude, but you know I'll be back soon, try not to miss me too much, K?

To everyone else...I love you all!!

Take care and have a great day. :0)


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winterfest 2010

Every year we make it a point to attend Fruitland Park's "Winterfest", sponsored by the Methodist Church. Yesterday we got to go was AWESOME!!

Food, fun and a carnival setting...

winterfest2010 015 copy 2

Which included Skee Ball...

winterfest2010 034 copy

The chili cook off contest rocked!! I can't remember the name of the girl we voted for {she was next to the Marines} but anyone who puts out shredded cheese and sour cream with their chili gets my vote for sure.
My second place vote {but Kolin and Kody's first} was the US {with extra Texas Pete hot sauce}, not mild. :0)
The FPFD was the BOMB as well. it really was difficult to decide, we loved them all.

Probably the highlight of my boys day was, as every year, the rock climbing wall.
They will stand on line all day just to climb and re-climb this thing. LOL!

winterfest2010 038 copy

winterfest2010 026 copy

Kolin scaled that wall fast..I mean seriously, blink your eyes and that boy was at the top ringing that buzzer...

winterfest2010 046 copy

Kody, being Kody used his upper body strength to get him up. Kaysha and I both were pretty floored when we watched him get up that wall using only his arms.
That kid is a bull, I swear it.

winterfest2010 041 copy

It was really a fun day, however, coming back home with two boys that were on soda pop, fried dough and cotton candy sugar highs...

Not so much. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Modem Problems

We finally just got Comcast to replace our broken modem, we've been only waiting like...4 or maybe is it 5 days now. :0(

Anyway, I didn't want to worry you all but without that modem working we haven't had internet or phone this whole time.

I'll update real soon, promise. :0)


Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello Sparkly!!

Lots of leg room for Bear.
Lots of storage space for beach stuff.
Dark gray {almost black} metallic paint.
Tinted windows.
Rockin' stereo system.
Superb gas mileage.
Black leather interior.

And she's all mine.

World, meet "Sparkly"....


No more Mommymoblie for this Chickaroo.

I can't wait to accessorize...WOO-HOO!!!!! :0)

Have a great day all!!

PS. This photo does no justice, you really have got to see her sparkle when the sun hits her {there was no sun out at all yesterday}.
Purty Girl!!



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