Friday, February 26, 2010


It's been a while since Ive talked about #4, so today I'll let her have her 15 minutes of blog fame. :0)

I am happy to day that after a lot of soul searching and pondering Kaysha has decided against the Navy {for now} and is throwing herself 200% into....


Yes...her nursing career!!

We are soooo proud of her and absolutely think she made the right decision.

Kaysha has, for the longest time, been interested in working not only in the medical field, but working with children who have had brain injuries of all kinds.
I like to think Kody has inspired her, I'm pretty sure he did. :0)

Anyway, everyday she completely surrounds herself with her studies and practicing on all of us. It can be a riot because this family just cannot take anything serious sometimes.
For example, last night she had to practice getting an elderly person mobile.
She picked Kolin for this job who right away named himself "Mr. Thee Battleharden".
Well, after walking around the house a couple times, "Mr Thee Battleharden" realized he forget to put on his belt and three steps before sitting down into a chair, "Mr. Thee Battleharden" lost his blue jeans and was standing there, skinny legs/knobby knees and all in his boxers.
Mr. T-B laughed his butt off and Kaysha, well let's just say she just had to walk away wondering if this nursing thing is all it's cracked up to be.
Lord help us all, this is going to be a blast. LOL!!

Have a great day everybody!!



Anonymous said...


You have every right to be proud plus with baby boomers aging the medical field is the right place to be for job security in the future. Tell Kayasha that even though Kolin was being funny, there is a man at my mother's nursing home, she has Alzheimer's, that often tries to walk out of his room with no pants on AND no underwear either! I'm sure she's going to have lots of stories to tell all of you when she's doing her clinicals. Good luck to her.


Random said...

Congratulations, Kaysha! Kim, I know your daughter is one of the most kind, compassionate girls out there (I still haven't forgotten your stories of her considerate actions in high school), and I know she will be a wonderful nurse with a very special personal touch. I can't wait to see her progress!

Anonymous said...

So glad you updated on Kaysha - miss hearing about her and seeing her pretty face :)
Way to go Kaysha on your doing what you have always wanted to do. I am sure you will be a great nurse when you are done with your schooling!
Who's going to be the guinea pig when it's time to practice her shots??
Hugs from Missouri,

Amy said...

Good for you Kaysha!!
Hey Kim, how 'bout some updated pictures of those grandbabies that we haven't seen in quite awhile?? I'm sure they've grown like weeds.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Shiela in NY said...

Hey, Kaysha, that's GREAT! As soon as I saw the pic of you in your nursing uniform I remembered (a few years ago?) when your mom told all of us that you wanted to be a pediatric nurse. Way back then I thought how nice that was, and how great you'd be at it! Congrats on your decision and work real hard and you'll be successful!!

As for Kolin.....that was hysterical to envision!! All he needed was no teeth and hair and he would have been just like an old man.....skinny legs with knobby knees!! :D

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Dot O said...

Go Kaysha!! Colleen will also be pursuing nursing and at this point is trying to decide which college she will go to. We think her decision is narrowed down to two.

Kim, you must be bustin' with pride. So cool and there will always be a need for health care and there are so many areas within nursing to choose from that our girls will be equipped for.

Congrats Kaysha!!!

Ness said...

Proud of you Kaysha! It's the most rewarding thing I ever did.


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