Saturday, February 20, 2010


Sorry I wasn't on these past couple of days, they were kind of busy.

But, anyway..let's see. On Thursday Kody's appointment went really well. We need to put him on Clonopine at night so he can sleep and get some relief from the eye tics. What that is, is a blood pressure medication BUT, he is not or ever will be, taking the recommended dose for blood pressure. It does relax him enough so that he can get a good nights sleep. Since the tics started again his sleep has been so disturbed it's as if he isn't getting any sleep at all.
These past two nights he's been sleeping very soundly. :0)

We need to have some labs done this week because of the strep virus that he carries. That basically means he is a carrier although he is symptom free. It also means he that the strep infection could cause in infection in any part of him, not just the throat like normally you would associate strep with.

Also, it is a possibility that stress can cause his tics to come back and since his schooling is intense {his grades are the best the have ever been} and since his girlfriends break up heartbreaks have been coming in at a steady two weeks, I would have to say he is stressed out a little. I wish he wouldn't take things so to heart like he does, but he does. That's boys for you.
Girls break up and you can sit down with a half gallon of ice cream, a quick shopping trip and all is good in the world again.
Boys...not so much. They want to be left alone, they want to beat up their punching bags, they want to listen to music all day and wish the world away.
Gimmie girls any day for that very reason. LOL!

We take him back in six weeks if we feel the Clonopine isn't helping. If however he is doing good on it, then the plan is six months.

Yesterday was my MRI and X-rays day. I have got to give Kody and all the other MRI peeps props, staying still that long is not easy.
Listening the Lionel Richie croon out mushy gushy sappy lovey wedding songs for 40 minutes was even tougher.
Kody did tell me to bring my own music, why oh why didn't I listen.
In my dreams last night I could still hear....
"Your once, twice, three times a lady", OMG...make it stop!! hehe...
And can somebody tell me why as soon as you know you cannot move at all, your nose starts to itch bad?

Anyways, today we're just a chillin' at the home front.
I plan on spending much of my afternoon making gigantic amounts of homemade sauce and a bunch of meatballs to go with our ziti.
We have some celebrating to do today, but I'll let you all in on that later on. :0)

Before I go, here's the only photo I have available, simply because I really haven't been taking any lately.

airhockey 002 copy 2

That was taken about two weeks ago {I think?} the day we put up the kids new air hockey table in the garage.
Please look past the cluttery mess on both sides, that is still a work in progress and yes, we do need a backyard shed for sure.
They do love that table though and spend hours out there banging that puck around.
BTW...I have to tell you all about the deal we got on that.
OK, let it be known that I only brag when I find a bargain...cuz I am such a cheapo and all and have a hard time spending full price on anything {it would cut into my shoe shopping and we are not having that}.
About 3 or 4 weeks ago we were doing our every few weeks Sams Club shopping when we saw that cool air hockey table but the price tag was $300.00 which make me twitch a little.
Well, after a lot of thinking about it and visioning how much fun we could all have with it, we put some $$ away...about half, with the intention of saving up the other half by this month.
Well, we went back to Sams and can you believe it...they dropped the price on that table in half!!
WOO-HOO...that table came home with us that very day. :0)

Don't you just love it when the planets align and good things come together like that? :0)

Well, I better get going. Everyone is up and everyone is starving again.

Have a beautiful day everyone!!



GirlyMomma said...

You know what bugs me, Kim? That sometimes you 'explain' your purchases because some asshat on here will end up criticizing you for spending on something like that. Meanwhile, asshat probably bought something that very week that they didn't necessarily 'need.'
I think when you find something that will give you tons of family time, it's always worth the price tag. That's how I justified buying the wii, even though I think it's rediculously priced. Could I have put the money towards my kids college fund instead? Sure...but we would have missed out on many, many fun Family Friday Wii nights. It was worth EVERY penny!
Wow, sorry for that rant. I know you love to brag on your bargains (and you can find 'em, sister), but I know part of it has to be because of certain butt holes in your personal life or web life.
I rarely comment, but when I do, it's always long! lol!
Enjoy that hocky table!

Shiela in NY said...

SOOOO glad to hear Kody's already sleeping better! Will keep my fingers crossed he can wait for six MONTHS to go back to the dr again!

Keeping my fingers crossed for you, too, Kim and that your MRI results come back okay. I've never had one, but my luck will be like yours, and I'll have a nose twitch too probably! :) I had to LOL about the mushy songs. Now, I can't imagine you taking your own songs with you. Wouldn't you feel like moving around just a wee bit to rock music??!

WHAT A DEAL ON THAT AIR HOCKEY TABLE! Makes me wanna visit our local Sam's to see if they have the same bargain!! My 'big find' at Sam's recently was the dog food storage container I've been searching all over for. Big difference from an air hockey table! :(

Have a great weekend! Luv ya, and can't wait to hear about the big news!!

Kim said...

ROCK ON GIRL!! Yes, yesterday we went back to Sam's on our way home from this huge flea market that we had sooooo much fun at. I feel like maybe I should provide a copy of my receipt showing...
One huge pack of hamburger
One huge pack of chicken
One Dozen fresh kaiser rolls you girly!!

Sheila....get them babies {including the big one you married, hehe} an air hockey table. :0)

GirlyMomma said... I kinda want an air hockey table too!


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