Monday, February 15, 2010


A little post V-Day sweetness from me to you...


Hope your V-Day was great.

Ours was...definitely on the very good side. :0)

Let's see, we did some house shopping {curtains, pictures, kitchen deco, a way cool digital coffee machine}, I got Karlio a bucket of all his favorite chocolate candies and he got me, of my favorite things {besides the Blackberry Curve I sooooo tried to subtlety hint for, hehe}...spending $$! :0)
So what did I buy?
Well...some groceries {once a Mama always a Mama I guess}, some make-up, purple converse, and a little something very personal for his eyes only. *wink*

Afterwords we all showed up together for a big ole' family dinner of Louisiana style seafood gumbo that I put together.
And then, of course those there cupcakes, which was a team effort on Kaysha and my part.

I would have loved to have sent you all one, but since I couldn't, I did the next best thing I could think of.

FYI...they were YUM!! LOL!!

Have a good one everyone!!



Shiela in NY said...

Yummy looking cupcakes! What were those heart candies on top? I don't recognize them.

I'll bet you guys are getting anxious for the winter season to be done so you can get 'real' weather again. I can't believe all of the storms that keep hitting SOUTH of us! :( At this point I'm starting to itch for spring since there isn't snow to speak of!

Amy said...

Sounds like great family time, and yummy food! Kim, I hope you're feeling better, and getting lots of help so you're able to rest.
Take care...

Kim said...

Thank you Amy. :0)

Sheila...yes, 5 weeks of cold weather is enough already! LOL!
Those were sprinkles on that cupcake, I picked up from Wal-Mart. :0)


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