Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sweet Child Of Mine

Why is it when I look at this photo I have to start singing to myself Guns and Roses, "Sweet Child Of Mine"?

Even Sweeter On Black...Click Here

**Changed She to He**

He's got a smile that it seems to me
Reminds me of childhood memories
Where everything
Was as fresh as the bright blue sky
Now and then when I see his face
He takes me away to that special place
And if I'd stare too long
I'd probably break down and cry

Sweet child o' mine
Sweet love of mine

Gosh I love that last little young un' of mine so much. :0)

Have a great night everyone!!

Love, Kim

Monday, January 26, 2009

It's That Time Again

Can you believe it, it's been one year since Kody and Kolin joined the prestige "Black Belt Club". if that couldn't get better, it is.
This Friday night at 6 o'clock Florida time, Kody and Kolin will be testing once again for their second degree black belts.

Their black belts books are done, complete and handed in. Their creative and weapons forms have been completely perfected. They are stoked and they are ready.

This year Kody's creative form {the form he had to create, and name in both English and Korean is called: The Sound Of The Fury.

Here's his black belt book book cover..

**Click To Enlarge** or View On Black

Kolin's is called "Psycho-Social" {what else would my Slipknot fan call it..LOL?!}
This is his book cover...

**Click To Enlarge** or View On Black

Once they test on Friday, they won't be eligible to test again for their third degree until they are 16 years old. But, that isn't going to stop them because this is the year that they will be training bigtime for their black belt in PWCST {the Spanish style combat/street/weapons class they also take, same school}. If all goes well, come December, we'll be seeing them test for BB in that too.

You know, I am so proud of those little hellraisers of mine. :0)

Have a great night everyone!!!

Love, Kim

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hats, They Are Not Just For Babies Anymore

Photo taken by my good friend, Tricia, who is also a pretty awesome photographer.

Mr. Dallas and his BFFL Miss Lexie in their "Mountain Hats and Ugg Style Boots"...

LOL, what can be cuter then a baby and his puppy?

Have a beautiful day everyone!!

Love, Kim

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This

Wouldn't it be cool if getting rid of all the annoying things in life were this easy?

First you strangle them...

Then you swallow them whole...

Then you let out a big yawn, sleep for two whole days and hiss at anyone that comes next to you. :0)

LOL, I know this is gross...but my boys just love it and wanted to share Corey Taylor the snakes morning with the world.

Sorry I hadn't been around this week. There is lots going on, and I'm just not ready to talk about it yet. Changes and me, we don't usually get along real good but sometimes changes are a second chance and sometimes second chances are a good thing.
Please know though, that the kids are doing good and Kody is doing awesome. He's psyched and geared up to get his voice back on track, so that's our #1 priority these days.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!!

Love, Kim

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Isn't it amazing how different people, in different states, miles away from each other, can look up into the sky at the exact same time and see the exact same awesome wonder.
Makes you really believe that there is a God, doesn't it?

For an even better view, click the link below.

View On Black

Thank you so much to everyone who has signed in, giving us alot more hope for Kody then we thought we already had.
I Google searched alot yesterday and pulled up a ton of "You Tubes" and I know I am convinced that this is what he has.
As soon as Kody is officially diagnosed, I will be contacting the person who left that really awesome message yesterday {the one from the Spasmodic Dysphonia Society}.
Thank you again everyone..ya'all made our weekend a whole lot brighter. :0)

Have an awesome day everyone!!!

Love, Kim

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Celebrating Seven Years

As promised, a few snaps from Thursday night. :0)

Have a beautiful night everyone. :0)

Love, Kim

PS. Break out the camera's everyone...have you seen that full moon tonight? Too cool!!

Spasmodic Dysphonia

It appears that we are one step closer to having a name for Kody's voice issues, "Spasmodic Dysphonia"
Currently Kody's voice sounds like a cell phone that keeps breaking up. :0(

We saw Dr. Barr {Kody's Neurologist} on Thursday and true to his word he had done some pretty intense research for us. Although, Kody still has to be brought to the hospital {Arnold Palmer in Orlando} and officially diagnosed, the Google search I did on this disease explains absolutely everything, down the the eye tics that Bear has been going through.
Here's a great write up about it, it explains so much more then I ever could.

Spasmodic Dysphonia

Needless to say, we are pretty bummed as there is no cure for Spasmodic Dysphonia, however, there are temporary fixes that he would have to keep going back every three or so months for.
That "fix" would be to inject Botox through his neck and into his larynx.
If that doesn't work, the second "fix" would be surgery to cut one of the nerves in his larynx.
Hmmmmmmmm...I hate that idea, alot.
However, I'm thinking if there was any leftover Botox, maybe they could spare a few drops for my own pretty darn tired eyes. *wink*

In all seriousness though, if Kody does, in fact, have this disease, ultimately he could lose completely the ability to talk.
I talked to Mrs. Jones {our favorite teacher in the whole world} and told her everything. She will be helping us find sign language classes, not only for Kody, but for all of the event he may someday need it.

My mind is just going everywhere, there is so much to think and worry about. Right now, we are thinking positive and we have "Hope". It's all we can do besides, live for the day and not dwell on the future {not too much anyway}.
In the meantime, with every ounce of strength and love we have for that boy...we are committed to guarding him, watching over him and protecting him for the rest of our lives.

I'll post some pictures a little later on today. I still have to take the pic's of Kody's cake off the camera. Better late then never, I guess. :0)

Have a beautiful day everyone!!!!!

Love, Kim

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lucky Seven!!

Kickin' Cancer's A$S for Seven Years, Baby!!!!

Seven years ago this morning is when we received the news that our then, 6 1/2 old son, would not likely live to see his 8th birthday.
Seven years ago, hundreds of prayer chains all over the world were started which brought Kody his {and ours} miracle.
Seven years ago we discovered new Dr's, new hositals, new medical terms to learn, new friends, and new fears.
One thing, in these past seven years, we never lost is "HOPE". And because of our good friend, Juliana Banana's Dad, Mr. Terry, "Without Hope There Is No Hope" has become my most favorite quote in the entire universe.

Just think, in another 7 years our Bear will be 20 years old!!
WOW, that sure gives us something to think about, huh?

Have a great day everyone...we are off to get Kody to his Neurology appt. and then we'll be stopping off for his celebration cake.
Anyone wants to celebrate with us, you know where to find us, and if you can' is a perfect day to eat lots of chocolate cake. :0)

Love, Kim a/k/a the most proudest Mom in the world of one of the worlds most bravest brain cancer SURVIVORS!!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tomorrow's News Today

I won't be able to get back on here until tomorrow or until I ask Hallie how to postdate an entry..whichever comes first.
So...I'll just let you all know that we are taking Bear back to Neurology tomorrow afternoon in Orlando for a seizure/tics maintenance check.
Also, tomorrow is a really big day for Kody, can anyone guess what it is?

Have a great night everyone!!

Love, Kim

Don't ask me why..but this clip just never gets old. LOL!!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wild Krazy Color and Kody

A bunch more from today and believe it or not, there is alot more. :0)

See ya'all tomorrow!!

Love, Kim

One On One Time With The Bear

So, it dawned on me today that in the madness of the holidays and having some time off from work, that I really didn't spend much one-on-one time with the boys. Bear and I escaped for an hour and had a long talk, a bunch of laughs and a mini photo shoot to boot. What is better then that?

Here's just one for now...

*click on photo to see bigger*

It was taken at the oldest school in Leesburg {I've posted other shots of this building}. We found this wall at the bottom of a was a small spot to squish up in, but Bear was up to the challenge and I think he pulled it off just fine.

I'll have more later on. :0)

Back to work and back to school on Monday, Christmas/New Years vacation is almost officially over. :0(

Have a great day everyone!!!!

Love, Kim

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!!

We hope your New Years is a very happy and healthy one...a year that brings you and your families everything good.
Since *9* has always been my lucky number, I have a feeling 2009 will be a pretty darn good one. :0)

Here in Florida, where it is still shorts weather during the day...New Years dinner went a little something like this...

Fresh veggies...

Fresh fruit..

Heavy on the cherries...

Italian bread with olive oil dip...

And a few pretty happy kiddo's...

The only thing I didn't get a chance to snap a quick picture of was the turkey that was smoked all day long and it was dang good! Can I hear an Amen? AMEN!!!!

Have a great day everyone, till tomorrow..

Later Gators!!!

Love, Kim


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