Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lucky Seven!!

Kickin' Cancer's A$S for Seven Years, Baby!!!!

Seven years ago this morning is when we received the news that our then, 6 1/2 old son, would not likely live to see his 8th birthday.
Seven years ago, hundreds of prayer chains all over the world were started which brought Kody his {and ours} miracle.
Seven years ago we discovered new Dr's, new hositals, new medical terms to learn, new friends, and new fears.
One thing, in these past seven years, we never lost is "HOPE". And because of our good friend, Juliana Banana's Dad, Mr. Terry, "Without Hope There Is No Hope" has become my most favorite quote in the entire universe.

Just think, in another 7 years our Bear will be 20 years old!!
WOW, that sure gives us something to think about, huh?

Have a great day everyone...we are off to get Kody to his Neurology appt. and then we'll be stopping off for his celebration cake.
Anyone wants to celebrate with us, you know where to find us, and if you can' is a perfect day to eat lots of chocolate cake. :0)

Love, Kim a/k/a the most proudest Mom in the world of one of the worlds most bravest brain cancer SURVIVORS!!!!


Jenner said...

Way to go Kody! I'm going to go buy a big Hershey's chocolate bar to celebrate today with you. Keeping you in my prayers,

Jen from WI

Michelle said...

"God is good...all the time"
and "All the time...God is good"

Anonymous said...

Oh, Gosh. I was way off! (What kind of friend am I??!!) I will gladly blame it on MAJOR lack of sleep last night. Two oldest kept me up for half the night, between vomit, testing blood sugar an hour later (diabetic), nightmare, killer-aching knees (growth spurt, I presume), feelings of vomit. You get the picture. Started at 3:00 AM (YAWN!). The nice thing? Their little brother slept the whole night through!! :)

CONGRATULATIONS, KODY, ON KICKING CANCER'S BUTT FOR 7 WHOLE YEARS! Hard to believe I've been keepin' track of ya for almost that whole time!

Kim, if I'd read your post sooner today I would have baked a chocolate cake. Way too late now, but I'll be thinking about all of you - and celebrating in my own way. Maybe tomorrow I'll bake ours?! :)

Have a good night!


P.S. Am I dreaming or did Kaysha's picture originally not include the brow piercing? I thought it was so pretty the first time I stopped by again and shook my head (getting the cobwebs outta there!) cuz I sure don't remember it the first time around!!! [If it was there, I have no darned excuse cuz the night before last I had an awesome night of sleep. HA!]

Anonymous said...

Way to go Kody K - you are one awesome kid. Eat some cake for me. My family and I will be in Orlando in February got any appointments around the middle of February in Orlando??? Keep up kicking cancers A$$!!!

Hugs from Missouri,


Silvia said...

Aww, I wish I wasn't SO FAR away! Way to go, Kody! Yay!

Dot O said...

Kim, that is awesome news!!!

I think I now know of two miracles! Kody's and Danny's!

He was diagnosed in third grade - and is now a junior in high school! God is good!

Donna said...

How utterly AWESOME! The fight in this kid and this family is inspiring. I can't imagine what an amazing sensei he will be when he explains what HE went through to his students.

Keep on rockin' Kody. And be sure to take Kolin along for the ride.

Robin said...

Just saw this now. Fantabulous!! It's amazing how far Kody has come. I've been following him now for around 5 years, and it's great so see the beautiful young man he's developed into. All the best.


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