Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wild Krazy Color and Kody

A bunch more from today and believe it or not, there is alot more. :0)

See ya'all tomorrow!!

Love, Kim


Dot O said...

How do you get your boys to cooperate when you wave your Nikon in front of their faces? I really needs some ideas because it's tough some days with my boy.

Kody looks wonderful, Kim. Happy New Year!

Silvia said...

Love them all! Kody's a cutie ;)

Kim said...

You should see all the outtakes. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME, as always!! :) You know, Kody looks sooo grown up, and then (don't tell him this!) when he flashes one of those devilish grins he looks boyish and so doggone cute (vs. handsome in the serious ones!)

Hope you had a nice Sunday. Today I took TWO HOURS to attack our daughter's bedroom (how pathetic, right?!) but I said, "It's a New Year and we've got some new rules!" From now on, every morning I inspect her room and whatever is out of sorts gets put on her bed. She can't go to sleep that night with it on the bed, so she'll get tired of me putting it there and put it away. RIGHT? (I sure hope so!!) :)

Have a great night. Oh -- sometime you need to fill me in on DH. Last weekend I watched an episode, and then there was another right after it but it didn't seem to flow so I'm guessing they were different seasons. Talk about confusing a newbie!! :) any recommendations on Guitar Hero? The grandparents gave our family a Wii for Christmas so I'm price/comparison shopping and getting corn-fused!! :)

Shiela in NY

Anonymous said...

Kody K you are so darn handsome boy!!!

Love, Marci


I love all the places you find to take pics! Kody looks so so good! I'm so glad he's doing great! It makes my day!

Anonymous said...

Haven't left a comment in forever but stop by daily to check in on my favorite Florida family :)
Kody looks great as always!!!! He's growing up to be a very handsome young man. Great pics Kim, thanks for sharing

Hugs from Missouri,


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