Wednesday, December 25, 2013

More of Aliya and Merry Christmas!!

From our huge family to yours...

It was a really great day a lot of you on FB already know, the kids and I put most of our money and time towards feeding and providing toys and toiletries for the homeless.
It's an effort made by the employees of Kyle's job...and their families and they do an excellent job.
It was for sure humbling and a tradition we want to do every year.
I have some pics of that, but they are on my phone...I'll get them up real soon.
Don't get me wrong...we had a wonderful Christmas...we're still very much missing Karl...and with his three year anniversary just passing on the 22nd, I have to's just not real easier yet.
I know it's coming...but when it does, it hits like bricks.
I miss that man more and more every day.

I am very lucky to have a husband who totally understands and lets me have my time. This year was rough, I'm not going to lie. But from 1000 miles away, he somehow managed to make me OK.
Gotta love him for that. :)
I'll have more wedding pics up this week...I forgot already what I've already put I'll take a look and get more on here. It was such a beautiful really was.

Anyway....ready to see more of my sweet lil newest "Glamdaughter"? she is, Miss Aliya Nicole...all of about ten days in these pics.

I thought I had more on Flicker...but it seems I don't. So, tomorrow I'll upload more real quick and get them up here on the blog.

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!




Sunday, December 1, 2013

Aliya Nicole

Well, to start off with...this post was supposed to go below the post, yes I did this all backwards, but it's all good, right? :)
Here's the second half on our big, crazy, changing families news.

On November 26, 2013 at 9:34 AM and 1 month early my beautiful "Glamdaughter" Aliya Nicole was born.

Aliya is Kaysha's very first baby and we are all so happy, so incredibly happy and blessed.


She is 6 lbs 4 oz and 19 inches long.
She has Kaysha's nose, long fingers and a full head of gorgeous long dark brown hair.
Best part? Although she was a month early, she was perfectly healthy and didn't need to spend any extra time in the hospital.

I'll have plenty of more pictures soon, hopefully this coming weekend she can get here to have her first official newborn pictures done.
I already have everything set up for her "Princess and the Pea" themed announcement. :)

And with that....the post below will let you all know what else is new here.





While I know this started as a family blog...mainly about Kody, and with his increasing health...which at times sometimes still fails and sends us spinning, it's slowly but surely gotten so very off course.
I don't have to always repeat myself, that started the day Karl left us. Left us with an emptiness so bad, it seemed nothing or anybody could possibly make it better.

Here we are almost three years later, many, many visits from him, so many messages and it's pretty safe to say he is GREAT!! Healthy, handsome as always, at peace, happy and with us.
Signs still come every day, dream visits, conversations, footsteps, numbers, and even a quick glimpse.
Yeah...he's awesome, that's for sure.

Our family has changed once again (actually twice) and although all my friends who followed me over to Facebook are aware, some of you whomstill (maybe?) get on here without a FB have no idea.
I wonder if it would be wrong to put it here but...well, I probably shouldn't keep the news from you all.

With that said, Michael asked me to marry him on Jan 1, 2013 on the Dr. Seuss merry go round ride at Universal Studios in Orlando.
And...without hesitation, I said yes.

It's taken lots of determination, planning, tears, high times, low times, stress and complete bliss and on October 27, 2013 we were married at Tiki Gardens Beach in Indian Rock Shores, FL. Close, to Clearwater Beach.
We had a small, intimate ceremony and it was beautiful.


11 copy

Apache Marraige Blessing


71 copy


I have tons more photos...does anyone want to see a few more? I don't want to overwhelm...I know I already shocked.

Michael...where do I begin, he has showed me that it is perfectly OK to live. He has patiently pulled me out of my own hell. He makes me laugh, he's gentle, kind and a hard worker.
I know we were together in a past life somehow. One day I hope to be able to get a past life regression session and find out how. It is possible to have more than once soulmate and there is one other thing I know for sure.
That my beloved and forever loved "Vinny" was there and he was happy too.

I have more BIG news...I'll post that here in a minute and because of the way the blog'll be reading that first, so yes...I did this backwards. :)

I hope I don't get slack from this news...I just want to be happy. I just want everyone to be happy. :)



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