Monday, August 31, 2009

Heading On Out Today

After the boys are safely dropped off at school this morning, my two besties {bffl's} and I are getting together for a good old fashioned hen-fest. Something we haven't been able to do in over a year. is going to feel great to hit Starbucks and play catch up.

Hardyboyz 025

Have a great day everyone!!


PS. Not sure if he was hugging him or choking him in that picture but the evening lighting was awesome! LOL!!!


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Morning Summery Ramblings

Week one of the new school year is over and all things considered it wasn't all too bad.
One little pet peeve of mine is the pick up line is crazy and having to sit in it for one full hour before the bell rings just to get a spot is insane, but at least I can work on my that's cool.

Kolin is fitting into a new school with no problems at all. He has kept all his old friends, has made new friends and still continues to be one of the most popular kids in the 6th grade. He has always been that this doesn't surprise me at all. :0)
He totally thinks his math teacher, Mrs. H is the best. Everyday he tells me how funny and animated she is and how he is doing great in her class. That's like music to my ears because math has always been his least favorite subject. Thankfully his very awesome 5th grade teacher taught him well and last year was his year to shine in the math department.
I thought changing classes might be a small problem for him...but he has got a great sense of direction and picked it up on the first day. Same with lockers and combo locks.
But, then again..this is a kid we dubbed "Houdini" before he was a year old.
That boy could escape his car seat at 10 months and there wasn't a stroller available that could hold him in.
When he was old enough for a pretty pricey 5 point harness Dale Earnhardt car/booster seat I thought to myself..."yeah, this is the one..he's not getting out of this, no way".
Before we made it the 5 minute trip home he was out.
Needless to say, I pulled over the side of the road alot. LOL!

Kody's year is off to a good start as well but holy crow, that boy has got girls on the brain something bad!
This week he asked me if he could please go out on a "real" date.
My first reaction was to blurt out "No way"
Then he begged.
I said "No"
He pleaded.
I said "Ohhhh, I will think about it"
He said "You can go"
I said "Well, maybe"
He said "with a few rules"
I said "Alright, whats the scoop"
He said...

"You can go BUT, you are not to acknowledge that you know me in any way and please Mom, PLEASE, if you see me coming out of the restroom don't yell out "did you wash your hands real good Bear Bear?""

With that I gave in cuz I couldn't help but kind of laugh and said "Oh, can go and I promise to try to stay 6 feet away at all times".

And just like that he took out a notebook full of cell phone numbers, carefully narrowed them down to a handful and then hit me up for some cash.
I love that kid. :0)

This week, I am sure, will bring homework and textbooks. Quizzes and pop tests. Cranky and not too happy boys.
This makes me miss our summer days a whole lot.

Chalk drawings all over the driveway which meant cleaning up and always ultimately ended up in a water fight.

chalkandumbrella 017

For some reason or another, this kid here always got the last laugh and a few times I just narrowly missed getting soaked myself. Thank goodness for that camera as he knows I will clobber him if he even thinks about getting that bad boy wet. LOL!

chalkandumbrella 018

I miss tiki huts and lazy days on the beach.

CanaveralBeach 004

Watching the place fill up with thousands of people, cameras in hand, waiting for the space shuttle to launch.

CanaveralBeach 006

Five short minutes after the shuttle was gone {this day in particular is was a photographic dud do to the clouds}, all those peeps left and the beach was all ours. Miles and miles of sun, shells, surf and sand all belonging to us.

CanaveralBeach 055

To have fun, act silly, play and not care all all because there was literally nobody there to watch us.

Take me back to my summertime paradise, please. :0)


Have a great day all!!


Friday, August 28, 2009

Kody's Update

Turns out I never had to call and bother Kody's Dr.
I made one call to his school, talked to Mrs. D in guidance and told her what had happened.
Within 20 seconds Kody had a elevator pass for anytime he needs it for the whole school year.
No questions, no problems, no worries.

I love our middle school and I love this here kid alot too. :0)

FirstDayOfSchool2009 010

Have a great night everyone!!



Of all the bugs in the world, the dragonfly has got to be my all time favorite.


Course, you couldn't convince me of that as a kid. I swore that needle on it's backside was going to impale me for sure. LOL!

This photo, although pretty darn good...could have been made phenomenal if only I had a *sniff* macro lens of my own,
But....Karlio says "No..we have to pay the living room off first"
So I asked him, "If you like furniture so much can we get a new bedroom set?" and he said...
" to pay the living room off first".
Guess that makes me the dreamer and him the doer.
Dang that darn doer.

School went not too great yesterday. Kolin bit into his rib-a-cue sandwich at lunch and lost that temporary filling which left his nerve exposed again.
Tuesday morning he gets some dental surgery as he will be having his nerve treatment done. Then in a couple weeks, the tooth finally rebuilt.

Kody took a fall down a flight of stairs and cut up his, I am off here in a second to call his Dr. to see if he will fax over a note allowing him to take the school elevator instead. Remember, Kody has no downward vision at all so maneuvering steps especially in a new situation, unassisted, can be difficult.

I totally miss those sweet, lazy summer days. *sigh*

Anyway, I better get to making some phone calls.

Hope everyone out there has a really great day today. :0)


Thursday, August 27, 2009

While Sitting In The School Pick Up Line

I whipped this up...

nbstripedhat 001

Details on From My Heart To Your Head. :0)


Baby Bundles

Baby bundles are beginning to hatch.

baby bundles 013

Stop on over to From My Heart To Your Head for more info. :0)


Chocolate Madness

Too bad this little gem didn't last longer then two was sooooo, soooooooo good. :0)

kolinsbday 011

Yep, we are a bunch of chocolate peep's round here.

School is going really good for the boys.
There is just one little bleep in Kolin's schedule that he went in early to try and fix this morning.
Chorus is not going well. He thinks it's just too "babyish". Truth be told, the boy is no singer and the song choices are well, let's go with "gentle". LOL!

So...two days ago the chorus teacher asks him to sing a solo. His choice, any song will do.
Now while the other kids were know, kid songs my kid busts out with "Pyschosocial" by Slipknot.
LOL..yeah, Slipknot, his favorite band ever.
Many of you might not know who they let me let you on on it.

Click......>>>>> HERE PLEASE.

If you've gotten through the first 6 seconds, your awesome.
This I live with, everyday and if you can believe it, I know all the words to every Slipknot song cuz well, like I said..I live this everyday. When you hear a song fifty thousand times, you sing it in your sleep.

Anyway, needless to say it didn't go over real well with teacher and he was told to sit down rather quickly. Hehe....

So, this morning he went in to see if he could switch to "band". LOL....I have been trying to explain to him that band probably won't be much better, but he insists. We'll see. :0)

OK, I am off to Publix to pick up some tea. Yeah...tea. I have to have some today for some crazy reason. Crazy, I am not a tea drinker at all but gots to have me some today.

Have a great one everyone!!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Heaven In A Cardboard Box

The way I figure, when I walk outside and see this drawn on the driveway...


It's time to pick up the phone and wait for this to get to our front door...


Pineapple pizza...heck yeah!!


Cuz that's how we roll baby...for sure. :0)

Kolin's b-day was awesome. There is nothing like getting a new, dreamed about video game to make Wild Man really, really happy. Plus, the package he got from WWE was over the top. That boy is totally rockin' the Jeff Hardy today.

Other then that...the day rolls on.
The boys get out early today {it's a Wednesday thing in Florida, all kids get out an hour early} which is cool cuz it gives them an extra hour to run themselves ragged outside.

Welp....I have got some projects that definitely need finishing this morning. I'll have them posted later on...think super cute baby bundles. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!

PS. Dearest "A" a/k/a "K" and exactly what point do two middle agers finally ahhhh, you know..grow up? Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts though, it is always nice to know that even I can crack a laugh or two from the two most miserable peep's on earth.
I totally consider my job done. No need to really, I am not worthy.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Kolin

Happy Birthday to our favorite 12 year old!


We love you...hope your day is as awesome as you are!! :0)

Corey Taylor


Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day Of School 2009

And they're off!!

FirstDayOfSchool2009 004

One brand new 8th grader and one brand new 6th grader off to take on the world...or scope out girls & collect phone numbers, from what I heard at the breakfast table this morning. :0)

They left and got their first day of school started without a hitch. It was probably, in all honesty, worse for me. Those two Goobers sort of grew on me over the summer.
Seems a little strange and awfully quiet not hearing them around here today.
Just when I got used to hearing "We are professionals, do not try this at home" coming out of the mini video clips they have been making of themselves this past week. has been crazy. They have also reenacted parts of the "Halloween" movie...and are all excited that the new Rob Zombie Halloween will be out this weekend.
Truth be told, Michael Myers rocks and I can't wait to see it as well. Kolin and I are total horror flick junkies...always have been. LOL!

Anyway, after dropping them off at school Karlio and I headed over to Wally World to pick up a birthday cake so that we can celebrate Kolin's 12th birthday, which is tomorrow, today, while he has the day off.
One thing lead to another and a half a buggy of Wally goods later, we walked out wondering why the heck we can just never stick to the list.
That little episode called for Cappuccinos...STAT!

So, we got ourselves over to our local Racetrack and picked these up...

FirstDayOfSchool2009 021

Which gave Karlio all the energy he needed to mow the lawn and me all the energy I needed to start making more of these...

FirstDayOfSchool2009 024

Which, from what I hear..makes my photographer friends' tiniest client's noggins, very, very happy.
Which, makes me happy too. :0)

Two and a half more hours and my lil' Hell Raisers will be back home.
Wanna know something?
I can't wait!

Have a great day everyone!!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

He Ain't Heavy....

He's My Brother. :0)


The boys and I got a little bored for a few minutes yesterday afternoon so we decided to try this optical illusion tip that I found on another blog a few days ago.

Today is the last day of summer vacation and the mini "K's" are taking it to the extreme.
Extreme sleeping in. LOL!

As of last night, we finally finished up all school shopping.
Cool clothes...check.
Lunch Stuff...Nope. These two are school lunch kids. They love school lunch. I got to admit, the few times I have been lunches are darn good.
Remember years ago when we called lunch "mystery meat'? LOL..not anymore. Now it's like going to a buffet bar restaurant and getting whatever you happen to like that day.
In our middle school ,they do the same for breakfast and K&K have already told us they want to be in school early for that too.
Guess Fruit Loops aren't good enough. Hehe...

Well...I got to get myself moving this morning. Lots to do and I am not getting anything done here. Well, I am..but somehow I don't think Karlio see's it that way.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and to all those kiddo's out there starting school tomorrow...HAVE FUN!!!!


Saturday, August 22, 2009


Got newborns? Need hats?

NB Hat Pack 003

Head on over to From My Heart To Your Head for another one of a kind hat pack. :0)




Orange is certainly getting to be one of my favorite colors here lately.


Although, purple will always be my #1. :0)

Going up a little later, hopefully early this afternoon, will be another hat pack for newborns.
Keep checking. :0)

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Will Pose For Ice Cream

Gotta love a kid that will work for next to nothing...


Three more days till school starts.
The boys had orientation night last night and it went OK.
I always think it is funny how all the little girls are all smiley and giggling, running around hugging everyone...friends, friends Mom's, teachers, Kody.
Kody? Yes...they were huggin' on him too.
The boys though...can we say "Zombie Death March". LOL..I swear you'd think we were sending them off to death row.
And when they see their friends you can only hear "Hey, whats up man?" and a quick sideways high five looking thing and it's over. That's it.

Anyway, they got their schedules, they got their supply lists, they met all their teachers and oh..two more things Kolin got.

1. Chorus...which he does NOT want. He is the P.E. kid. If he {and Kody} could do P.E. all year round they would be very, very happy.

2. Another damn ear & sinus infection!!

Three days before school starts and he gets sick on me. Our ped's office closes at noon today and doesn't usually see patients on Friday's anyway.
Urgent care is probably my only option at this point and I dread, seriously dread those places although they are slightly better then the mandatory 6-8 hour ER wait.

At this pace, if Kolin keeps at his once a month or so ear infection, I can see another set of ear tubes {his third} by Christmas, maybe sooner.
He's in middle school now so missing a day or two of school...OMG, that is out of the question. He might as well miss a week that he'll never be able to make up. I am talking these kids are bombarded for 7 hours then come home to another three hours of homework.
My kiddo's are the after school sports type. They want to come home, go outside, run, jump, skate, bike, go wild, go to karate, join soccer, football, whatever.
Who knows if there will be time for that at all anymore. :0(

Ah step at a time right?

It's Friday and Friday around here means another busy day. Errands to run, bills to pay, food to buy. Am the only one who feels like I do nothing more then feed and restock food? Gotta love the boys...they are not shy about scarfin' anything they can find that isn't bolted down. LOL!

Have a great day everyone!!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Firecracker!

Happy birthday to our favorite 2 year old....Adriana Destiny!!


Rock on girl!!

We love you sooooo much,

Aunt KK
Uncle Kyle
Aunt Kaysha
Uncle Kody
Uncle "Crazy Train" Kolin
Corey Taylor the snake
Houdini the snake
Scarlett and her kittens {Adri's Pet's}


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Little Bit Of Firecracker Cuteness

With the firecracker personality that she is pretty easy to see why she has gotten dubbed with that nickname. :0)

Ready for some cuteness? Here goes...

Adriana in her "bug"


Rockin' the hater blockers...


Today the best Uncle in the world award goes to...



The kids triple birthday month birthday cake...


And because we all need to laugh from time to time...imagine my laugh when I walked out and saw this...


Which, was funny enough but when I heard him singing Weird Al's "Ridin' Dirty" while riding around in circles, I just about had to run back inside to...well, you probably know what I mean. LOL!
That kid just kills me sometimes, I swear he never stops making me laugh.

Hope all of you have a really fun laughing day too. :0)


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Bear

Happy birthday to our favorite 14 year old!!


Love you Kody!!!



Monday, August 17, 2009

Go Fish

What started out as an innocent and fun card game a couple days ago...


ended up like this...


Some things in life are truly of the unexplainable variety. LOL!

All went well yesterday. We had a great time out in Cape Coral. I couldn't get enough of Adriana. We celebrated all three kids birthdays with lots of cake and ice cream and Watergate Salad.
Have you ever had "Watergate Salad"..OMG, stop by your local Super Target and pick up some. If you like marshmallows, pineapple, mandarin oranges and pistachio pudding you'll go ga-ga over it.
Or, you an find the recipe....>>>> HERE

So, if you can imagine this, while we were all sitting around eating dinner, a tornado touched down about six miles away.
I didn't get any pictures of it cuz I didn't know there was one {the TV was blurting out warnings though, go figure}. However, I believe Kayara got some photos off the web last night and was sending them to me. When I see them I'll add them here.

We got home after midnight and pretty much went right straight to Zzzzzz land.

Today is fixin' to be busy. Monday's and Friday's always are for some reason.

Guess that's my cue to get off and get going.

Have a great day everyone!!



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