Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Heaven In A Cardboard Box

The way I figure, when I walk outside and see this drawn on the driveway...


It's time to pick up the phone and wait for this to get to our front door...


Pineapple pizza...heck yeah!!


Cuz that's how we roll baby...for sure. :0)

Kolin's b-day was awesome. There is nothing like getting a new, dreamed about video game to make Wild Man really, really happy. Plus, the package he got from WWE was over the top. That boy is totally rockin' the Jeff Hardy today.

Other then that...the day rolls on.
The boys get out early today {it's a Wednesday thing in Florida, all kids get out an hour early} which is cool cuz it gives them an extra hour to run themselves ragged outside.

Welp....I have got some projects that definitely need finishing this morning. I'll have them posted later on...think super cute baby bundles. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!

PS. Dearest "A" a/k/a "K" and exactly what point do two middle agers finally ahhhh, you know..grow up? Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts though, it is always nice to know that even I can crack a laugh or two from the two most miserable peep's on earth.
I totally consider my job done. No need to really, I am not worthy.



Shiela said...

YUMMM...Pineapple Pizza!!! :o) Hmmm...three pizzas. Four people. I'm guessing Kody & Kolin wolf one down each, eh?!

Glad to hear Kolin had a great birthday! I'll bet he missed having his big sister, Kaysha, around this year but am hoping she's relaxing some while she's visiting HER big sister. :)

Have an awesome day.

Shiela in NY

Kim said...

LOL..Sheila, I am lucky if I get two out of those three boxes. :0)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim & K's...

We are so so sorry that we didnt comment for everyones b-day. Things in PA have been pretty hectic, so here we go... HAPPY BIRTHDAY KODY, KOLIN & ADRIANNA!! We hope you all had a GREAT day.

Love to all our "K"'s..

The Muller's
Steve, Patty, Elvis, Priscilla, Princess & Sophie xoxo


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