Friday, August 21, 2009

Will Pose For Ice Cream

Gotta love a kid that will work for next to nothing...


Three more days till school starts.
The boys had orientation night last night and it went OK.
I always think it is funny how all the little girls are all smiley and giggling, running around hugging everyone...friends, friends Mom's, teachers, Kody.
Kody? Yes...they were huggin' on him too.
The boys though...can we say "Zombie Death March". LOL..I swear you'd think we were sending them off to death row.
And when they see their friends you can only hear "Hey, whats up man?" and a quick sideways high five looking thing and it's over. That's it.

Anyway, they got their schedules, they got their supply lists, they met all their teachers and oh..two more things Kolin got.

1. Chorus...which he does NOT want. He is the P.E. kid. If he {and Kody} could do P.E. all year round they would be very, very happy.

2. Another damn ear & sinus infection!!

Three days before school starts and he gets sick on me. Our ped's office closes at noon today and doesn't usually see patients on Friday's anyway.
Urgent care is probably my only option at this point and I dread, seriously dread those places although they are slightly better then the mandatory 6-8 hour ER wait.

At this pace, if Kolin keeps at his once a month or so ear infection, I can see another set of ear tubes {his third} by Christmas, maybe sooner.
He's in middle school now so missing a day or two of school...OMG, that is out of the question. He might as well miss a week that he'll never be able to make up. I am talking these kids are bombarded for 7 hours then come home to another three hours of homework.
My kiddo's are the after school sports type. They want to come home, go outside, run, jump, skate, bike, go wild, go to karate, join soccer, football, whatever.
Who knows if there will be time for that at all anymore. :0(

Ah step at a time right?

It's Friday and Friday around here means another busy day. Errands to run, bills to pay, food to buy. Am the only one who feels like I do nothing more then feed and restock food? Gotta love the boys...they are not shy about scarfin' anything they can find that isn't bolted down. LOL!

Have a great day everyone!!



Shiela in NY said...

Mornin', Kim! You made me LOL with your description of the boys and girls at orientation. HOW TRUE!! I can't believe you don't get a supply list sooner than orientation! In younger grades we get ours at the end of the school year (so we can shop over the summer) and all grades are on the school website. Sooo helpful! Sorry to hear Kolin isn't too happy about chorus. But don't they have them do PE year round?? I sure hope so!

Good luck with the Friday Madness. Isn't it fun to stock the cupboard and have them bare again in just a few days...?!

Hope everything else is going okay down your way! :o)


Anonymous said...


The Saunders Family said...

Gotta say...the food thing scares me around here. We've got 4 boys under 8 and all I feel like I do now is shop for food, cook food, prepare meals and all the cleaning up that goes along with that. Are yous aying it gets worse as they grow?

Kim said...

Yes, it gets worse. Be afraid, be very afraid. LOL!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Keep us posted on the choir thing. I sure hope you can get him out of it!

Chris in AZ

Kim said...

I love my kid dearly but I have to be honest here..the boy cannot carry a tune in a bucket. SCREEEEECH! LOL!!


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