Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It is Tuesday, right? Only Tuesday? How many more days till the weekend? LOL!

I can't believe only two weeks and school starts here. It feels lately more then ever, this month feels like summer. Hot, humid, sticky butt summer. Like all you want to do is float around the pool and do not much of anything else summer.
But..here in the Sunshine State, instead of floating around the pool, we are in full school supply shopping mode.
Pens, Highlighters, Wide Ruled Notebook Paper, Calculators, Combination Locks, PE Clothes, the list can go on and on.
Just about the only thing we won't have to get is uniforms. Our middle school is still non-uniform, and I am pretty sure, OK 100% sure my boys are happy about that since they are sooooo not the polo shirt and khaki pants type.

Here's a quick snap of yesterdays dinner on the grill.
We love our dinner on the grill nights as much as we love our dessert nights around here. LOL!
The squash was phenomenal and I definitely recommend it. Just cover with EVOO {extra virgin olive oil} and grill away. Not too much, you still want it to "crunch".

dinneronthegrill 002

Yellow squash, asparagus, burgers, all just sitting there so pretty waiting to be photographed.
OK so truth be told..I am running out of willing subjects...food will have to do.

This weekend though, that could all change. :0

Have a great night everyone!



Shiela said...

Oh, my...does that squash look yummy! Kim, I pulled your chef skills tonight. Ordered me a Veggie Delight sub from Subway!! Didn't even have to add the condiments!!! :-D

We have warm, sticky, days too right now. YUCK! Of course, not all of us have a/c and not all of us have pools because they cost a fortune for, oh...2.5 months of use each year! :(

Have a good night!

Your daily stalker half sister,

Amy said...

Looks yummy!! We got a new grill and I've been cooking on it a lot. We had some awesome New York Strips one day and London Broil another. I'm getting really hungry now!!LOL


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