Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Morning Summery Ramblings

Week one of the new school year is over and all things considered it wasn't all too bad.
One little pet peeve of mine is the pick up line is crazy and having to sit in it for one full hour before the bell rings just to get a spot is insane, but at least I can work on my that's cool.

Kolin is fitting into a new school with no problems at all. He has kept all his old friends, has made new friends and still continues to be one of the most popular kids in the 6th grade. He has always been that this doesn't surprise me at all. :0)
He totally thinks his math teacher, Mrs. H is the best. Everyday he tells me how funny and animated she is and how he is doing great in her class. That's like music to my ears because math has always been his least favorite subject. Thankfully his very awesome 5th grade teacher taught him well and last year was his year to shine in the math department.
I thought changing classes might be a small problem for him...but he has got a great sense of direction and picked it up on the first day. Same with lockers and combo locks.
But, then again..this is a kid we dubbed "Houdini" before he was a year old.
That boy could escape his car seat at 10 months and there wasn't a stroller available that could hold him in.
When he was old enough for a pretty pricey 5 point harness Dale Earnhardt car/booster seat I thought to myself..."yeah, this is the one..he's not getting out of this, no way".
Before we made it the 5 minute trip home he was out.
Needless to say, I pulled over the side of the road alot. LOL!

Kody's year is off to a good start as well but holy crow, that boy has got girls on the brain something bad!
This week he asked me if he could please go out on a "real" date.
My first reaction was to blurt out "No way"
Then he begged.
I said "No"
He pleaded.
I said "Ohhhh, I will think about it"
He said "You can go"
I said "Well, maybe"
He said "with a few rules"
I said "Alright, whats the scoop"
He said...

"You can go BUT, you are not to acknowledge that you know me in any way and please Mom, PLEASE, if you see me coming out of the restroom don't yell out "did you wash your hands real good Bear Bear?""

With that I gave in cuz I couldn't help but kind of laugh and said "Oh, can go and I promise to try to stay 6 feet away at all times".

And just like that he took out a notebook full of cell phone numbers, carefully narrowed them down to a handful and then hit me up for some cash.
I love that kid. :0)

This week, I am sure, will bring homework and textbooks. Quizzes and pop tests. Cranky and not too happy boys.
This makes me miss our summer days a whole lot.

Chalk drawings all over the driveway which meant cleaning up and always ultimately ended up in a water fight.

chalkandumbrella 017

For some reason or another, this kid here always got the last laugh and a few times I just narrowly missed getting soaked myself. Thank goodness for that camera as he knows I will clobber him if he even thinks about getting that bad boy wet. LOL!

chalkandumbrella 018

I miss tiki huts and lazy days on the beach.

CanaveralBeach 004

Watching the place fill up with thousands of people, cameras in hand, waiting for the space shuttle to launch.

CanaveralBeach 006

Five short minutes after the shuttle was gone {this day in particular is was a photographic dud do to the clouds}, all those peeps left and the beach was all ours. Miles and miles of sun, shells, surf and sand all belonging to us.

CanaveralBeach 055

To have fun, act silly, play and not care all all because there was literally nobody there to watch us.

Take me back to my summertime paradise, please. :0)


Have a great day all!!



Shiela said...

I like those mile marker signs. 0 to Paradise. What a thought!!! :)

Glad to hear K&K had a great week at school. I doubt you've reminded them that quizzes are coming soon. Why burst that bubble, right?! :o)

I had to LOL about Kody begging for a "real date" and how he brought out his LIST of cell numbers! What a difference a decade makes. Our house phone rarely rings, like I expected it would when I had babies that would someday be teens......

Have an awesome weekend!

Shiela in NY

Amy said...

I've been a lurker of your Caringbridge and now your blog for a long time. I finally had to write to tell you I just love reading about your awesome family. I envy your warm weather worthy of water in America's Dairyland it's cloudy and only about 62 degrees today...way too cold for any kind of water....heck it was cold just mowing the lawn today! :-)
Many blessings...thanks for sharing with us "lurkers"!

Anonymous said...

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