Thursday, August 13, 2009

Crepe Myrtle's

This is a "Crepe Myrtle".


Pretty, isn't she?
Here in the Sunshine State we grow the the "Crepe Myrtle" tree everywhere and in all kinds of different colors.
This hot pink/reddish one is in my backyard.
I love it, I love it a whole lot.

Kolin's "Camp Carver" went excellent today and he already knows that P.E. will be on his top ten list of things he is going to love.
Not surprising to me, he has always been the P.E. kind of kid his whole school career life.

I went back today and got that ottoman, but I wimped out at the last second and got B&W polka dots, which is even more cooler then the original one I spotted.
Not only will it hold a good amount of yarn but it makes a darn cute prop as well. LOL!

Ummmmmm...let's see, not much else going on at the moment. Nope, I can't think of a single interesting thing.
Soooooo, I guess for now I will be signing out and trying to think of things to keep K&K amused and out of the heat.

Have an awesome day everyone...stay cool!


PS. Hey "A"...if shopping wisely at Big Lots makes me "white trash" so that I can save money to eventually get this beautiful baby, then call me trash. WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!


K said...

Does "A" stand for a$$hole?


Love your humor Kim.

Shiela said...

Glad Kolin enjoyed his intro to his new school. Funny - my daughter and her friend were just commenting the other day how "boys always pick PE as their favorite subject". :-)

Glad you got the ottoman, no matter where you bought it! :) How about a pic?

Have a great night! OH - Kim, I am sending you an email with an important request...

Shiela in NY

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Big Lots, so I appreciate you posting the link. It looks kind of like a Sam's Club, no? Anyway, my kind of store and I can shop online.

Amy said...

I must be white-trash too because I wa sjust there last evening to buy two rockers for the patio. They were 50% off so we got 2 for $32!! I'm also that lady you see going through all the clearance stuff in whatever store I'm in!
Love the flower's so purdy!

cheri said...

Kim....why spend so much on the lense? I have Nikon and went to Kits Camera and bought the 70-300 mm lense with the same things you mentioned, just not a Nikon brand, for 150.00.



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