Monday, August 10, 2009

Kody's Update And Some Me

So, like the whole day went by and I am just now getting 5 minutes to update.
The reason why? Ohhhhh....first I had some Zen time this morning which got me in a really good mood.
Second, Kody's appointment with neurology in Orlando took up quite a few hours.
And now on to that...

His EEG he had last month is still abnormal. Nothing horrible but he still is having seizure activity on the left side of his brain {it has always been the right side till now} which appears only to be happening in his sleep. This is not surprising as all Kody's seizures have been during sleep.

However, his seizures {called partial complex} are still being comfortably controlled by his medication that he will continue to take two times a day.
He goes back in 6 months for another check. We had the option of 3 months or 6 but because he has been doing so good...we choose 6 months with a promise to call is we think something isn't right.

Other then that, the day has been for the most part..blissfully boring. Nothing wrong with that. LOL!

I think I am going to head out the door and get me some walking time. I have put that on the back burner but you know, I have quite a few hat orders to get started on and I think before I sit down for the night and get them done..I am going to give this middle aged bod a small workin' out.

And of course, because and update isn't quite and update without a little photo here and there, here is me, being a goof goober in my bathroom mirror yesterday afternoon while Karlio was outside, in the extreme heat, on the Deere, mowing the lawn.


Sorry Dude, I know I should have been out there helping you. :0)

Have a great night all!!


PS. Hey "A" a/k/a "K"..I blog cuz I dang well can and besides it keep weirdos like you entertained seein' as ya keep showin' up dang near everyday.
And besides, I can cuz I am da Princess of dis here blog, cuz I say so, so there.
Anyway, ya'all keep showing up and I will promise to keep trying my best to do stupid things that piss you off and gross you out.
If you gots a problem with that, come on down to Florida..we'll have some cappachinos and *ahem...cough...wheeze* chat.
Have a hellofa great day.
With warmest wishes..
*The Princess*


Shiela said...

Hey, now, I keep coming back dang near every day too!!! Be careful!!! :) The BIG difference is that I care about what's going on. Take Kody's appointment. Glad it went well and that he can wait 6 months before going back. Was the dr. happy with his voice progress?

Love the pic, and hey, I'm sure Karl was more than happy driving around on his tractor. :)


Shiela in NY

Lynn said...

HA HA!! LOVE the PS girl!! I don't get to visit regular enough to have run into this character!! I had to read several posts at once today and so I'll bullet my comments!
1. YEA for Kody holding steady! I saw the recent pictures and my oh my.. my memory went back to that sweet LITTLE boy I met online years ago! God is SO GOOD! He's growing up Kim!!! He's becoming a young man!
2. Congratulations to my buddy Karl!!! That job promotion is well deserved! Karl is a hardworking man and he deserves the commendation and reward! GO KARL!
3. DON'T get rid of the photo props! Lord have mercy! You have a great eye for 'framing' up the most interesting scenes to photograph! Hold on to your props -4. And congratulations to the WHOLE FAMILY for getting a house! So happy for you all! You've waited so long and I hope you have lots of happy years and memories in your new home!

Well, I got to run... lots to do and my girls started back to school this week so I have a few hours to myself, but they sure do FLY right by! Gotta get going!
Ya'll take care! I might not comment often these days but I still keep up with my friends!

Love and hugs!


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