Monday, August 29, 2011

Kolin's First Game Of The Season

We won...7-0!!!

Saturday was his first game of the year, they did great and Kolin...WOW..he's on defense this year, a nose something guard maybe, I don't know..I'm still learning. :)

I do know a great play when I see one and Kolin definitely raised the bar on that.
Here's what I saw....

A kid on the opposing team {Pine Hills} cathes the ball, breaks thru a whole bunch of kids and takes off like a bullet towards the touchdown area.
He's running all by himself, kids can't catch up with him, there is nobody around and he is pretty sure he's going to make that touchdown when out of nowhere....

My super long legged son breaks out of where ever he was and like a gazelle, makes a dash towrd that kid, gaining on him then Kolin leaps with his whole body, grabs him by the waist and BAM....opposing kid comes down with a crash and Kolin saved the game by avoiding that touchdown.

It was a proud moment I tell you. :)

Here's a few pictures from that day. I didn't bring my good camera so most were blurry. Mental note, lug out the good camera.

These were taken before the game. First one, right after practicing..


Chillin' with his friends...


Last one is when they walk out onto the's really cool to see...

LeesburgJackets21011-2 copy

Have a great day every...time to take the boys to practice and karate. :)


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Checking In.....

We're praying that all of our family and friends who have been effected by Hurricane Irene are doing OK.
If and when you can, would you please check in by just leaving a short note in the comments.
Thank you!!

The K's


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Kolin!!!

14 years old today...where does the time go??


We love you "Rambo"!!

Mom..Dad...and all the others who love you lots!!

PS. At 5' 11 1/2 ", Kolin is officially TALLER then Kody!! LOL...we make them tall around here.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ink For His Dad

Each one of us did special things with Vinny/Karl/Dad.
Kolin and he always watched the military and history channel, always talked about guns, weapons, etc.
The girls also had their "Dad" things, things that will always mean things to only them.
Kody had his too...he and his Dad would ALWAYS crank up the surround sound, put on videos on demand and rock out/head bang to all things heavy metal, Slipknot always being their favorite of all.
Back then they had the long hair and when Psychosocial came on, I'd walk in there, hair was flying every where, they would be having a great time and completely oblivious to anything or anyone around them.

So, for his 16th birthday, when Kody asked for his very first tattoo to honor his Dad's memory, and the memories they made together...there was no way I could tell him no.

After all Vin..."tattoos run in the family", right babe?

The night of his 16th birthday, I took him out to my tattooist, the ONLY guy who I will ever trust to permanently put his talent on any of us.

For his Dad, Kody choose the Slipknot "S", a tribal looking "S", but with my guy Ande's vision...which made a flat black "S" look like something in 3D, black and gray with the red on it that was so important to Kody.

Here we go....

KodysTattoo 013 copy

KodysTattoo 023 copy

I'll get some more close ups of it real soon.
And as anyone with tattoos knows, he's already saving his dimes and dollars to get another one day, although I've already told him he's gotta wait a year.
He was already thinking of the second one while he was getting the first one. :)

oh before I more thing about Kody.
Tomorrow he will be interviewing for "Flight Sergeant" for his HS ROTC.
He is sooooo nervous and so excited at the same time.
Dream Big Bear!!!

Have a beautiful day all!!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Month Eight....

I seriously HOPE month eight turns out better then month seven, that one found myself in a dark place going backwards....again. :(

Month eight kicks off the first day of school for Kody and Kolin.
Kolin's 14th birthday is this Thursday.
Football games will be starting this Saturday {weather permitting, looks like we may be in the path of Hurricane Irene}
The boys and I joined a gym in hopes that working out will help us get rid of some aggression and might even keep our minds off things for a bit. Hopefully in a couple months I'll be a lot leaner and stronger too. :)
As for the boys, they had to have an evaluation by a trainer before they could join.
They not only passed everything but surpassed the 1-10 chart, 10 being the best as far as psychical shape goes.
They really love it there, Kody is into the weight room. Kolin likes the cardio room and I tend to stick with the Zumba {LOVE!!}, Kick Boxing and Total Body Work Out classes. I tried spin class...yea that's not likely to happen again. LOL!!

Saturday was Adriana's 4th birthday. She had sooo much fun!!
Here's a couple pictures...

Adrianas4thBirthday 032 copy

Adrianas4thBirthday 028 copy

I got her that kitchen with a bunch of accessories {fake food, pots, pans, etc} and her Momma says she hasn't stopped playing with it yet. I LOVE toys that leave playing to the imagination. Sometimes I really believe too much electronics isn't necessarily a good thing.

Well, I better get going. Kody left for school an hour and a half ago and I got to get Kolin to his.

Have a beautiful day everyone!!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Firecracker!

Adriana is four years old today!!


Happy Birthday Adri...we love you!!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Bear!!

Sixteen years old today!!
We love you Kody Bear!!

Sid & Friends

Pictures and more by the weekend :)


Friday, August 12, 2011

Grilling Styles

We do have lawn furniture, we do have chairs. So why he pulls Kody's old wheelchair out of the shed to sit on is leaving me speechless, I have no idea.
The burgers were really good though, so I think I'll just leave it go.:)

SillyKolinGrillin 004 copy

SillyKolinGrillin 001 copy

SillyKolinGrillin 005 copy

I have no explanation for this one as well..leave it go Kim, walk away....

SillyKolinGrillin 006 copy

He also likes to drag it out to play basketball, race down hills, put Kody in and run as fast as he can, basically, scare the crap out of me daily.

So, I started taking Zumba classes yesterday. I also, like a dumb ass decided to take a total body workout class with weights and do four miles on a bike while I was there anyway and besides I was feeling pretty good and everybody told me to slow down cuz it was gonna hurt and it didn't and I felt great.

Hurt in places I didn't even no existed.
You know though, two Aleve and twenty minutes and I was much better.
So, this mornings plan is to go back for more. Yup, I'm going for it again. Yes I'm a fool, a fool who would love to have some before children started popping outta me abs one day.

Seriously though, Zumba is way fun and I recommend it to anyone. :)

Have a great day everyone!!



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