Sunday, August 28, 2011

Checking In.....

We're praying that all of our family and friends who have been effected by Hurricane Irene are doing OK.
If and when you can, would you please check in by just leaving a short note in the comments.
Thank you!!

The K's



Anonymous said...

So far, so good here in Fishkill. A lot of rain and the winds haven't been too bad up to this point.

Cheyenne said...

Lehigh Valley, 50 miles north of Philly, did better than expected. Lots of rain, very high winds, and flooding. We live to see another day once again. An earthquake last week, a hurricane this week. What next?

leese said...

4 miles in from the Atlantic at the Joisey Shore, we did really well!!! Lots of wind and rain, but no power loss at all. I know many others in Northern NJ aren't fairing as well with the storm surges, which is still going on.

Dot O said...

We survived Irene, albeit tornado warnings and everything. Hubby shop vacked about 30 gal of water in the basement on Sunday just in time for our electric to go out for about 6 hours.

We did an earthquake and a hurricane within a few days of each other. Hopefully, the locusts will spare us:)


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