Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Very Important Reminder

Desperate Housewives Season Opener is on TONIGHT!!!!!!!

Pass me a frappachino, lock my bedroom door and don'cha dare call me because I will be blissfully watching my favorite show in the whole wide world.
And, I'll be making hats...lots and lots of funky, cool, sweet, delicious hats. :0)

Oh yes...we're home, safe, sound and exhausted!!

Pictures coming soon...soon as I can get my lazy behind in gear and take those pictures off the camera.

See ya'all tomorrow!

Love, Kim

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hi From Camp Boggy Creek!!

Day One:

Kolin woke up way before the sun came up. I put his happy butt back to bed.
Kolin gets up again and starts opening all the curtains.
I start jonesing for coffee.
I get the boys up and adam, make them look semi-presentable, brush their teeth and send their happy butts off with their camp "pal" Lynh, who is very cool and seems to have endless energy. Good thing...he's gonna need it.

I get my own self ready and wake up Kaysha, again and again until finally she mumbles something I think in another language as she heads towards the bathroom.

I, on the other hand need coffee really bad so I head out looking for some, remembering.."Darn, I left my hazelnut creamer at home."
OK, so I like get my coffee and blissfully sit all by myself for about 10 minutes till my very wet, just fresh out of a canoe riding boys find me,

We get ourselves in the dining hall for breakfast and Kaysha comes shining through the door..Go Kaysha!!

Not long after breakfast, I heard it, the song, the song that makes me want to get up and P*A*R*T*Y!!
None other then the good old "YMCA", man that song never gets old, does it?

So...Kody and I start to "YMCA" and Kolin joins in and what do you know, Kody LEAPS up onto the stage and starts bustin' a move that has everyone going crazy...silly kid of mine, not a shy bone in that party boys body. :0)

So then morning aerobics starts which is equally if not even more funny when Kody, Kolin and two counselors are up there on that stage doing, the lawnmower, the fishing, the roller coaster and about 50 other busta moves, moves, leading over 100 people and making them laugh their happy aerobic moving butts right off.

It was great,,I was snapping pictures away and then I heard it, loud and clear..couldn't miss it if I tried, no way.
Those kids of mine, all 3 of them, got together and made sure it was announced that today is my b-day and not only did the whole entire place sing but they also put me in a big ole' colorful chair on wheels, slapped a "Happy birthday" hat on my head and threw a boa around my neck. Yep...then they wheeled me around, it was great, it was funny, and lil' mini me, made sure he worked my camera and snapped his happy butt away.
Remind me to thank him when we get home. LOL!!

So...OK..happy 29th b-day to me again.

A few other things that happened. Yesterday Kaysha and I saw a herd of about 12 deer run right in front of us. Beautiful as it was, my non-nature lovin', high maitenance daughter freaked out. So, now we and everyone else around here calls her "Paris".

On the drive here it rained a little. No problems though...but the rainbow that came out and stayed out the entire drive well into being here was incredible. It arched right over Boggy Creek and we were able to see the whole thing, start to finish. Amazing, it really was. Tempted as I was to pull over and snap a pic., I didn't. Sorry.

Anywhos...let me get back to having some fun.
The theme of the weekend is Hawaii/Aloha and everybody is getting laid.
LOL...alright, get your lil' dirty minds out of the gutter.

Till tomorrow, or later, or whenever I can break away for a few minutes..have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. ya Baby! Miss you like mad!! Please feed the cats. :0)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Just A Friendly Reminder

The kids and I are taking off for a fun filled, action packed mini vacation at Camp Boggy Creek {Kody's cancer camp} this evening.
We'll be back Sunday afternoon.
I'll move mountains and limp over and around every dirt trail and wooden bridge within my means at that camp to find a computer...but, no promises so please don't miss me too much if I can't get to one. :0)

Have yourselves a BEAUTIFUL weekend!!

Love, Kim

PS. I wonder what's the chances of scoring a golf cart this weekend? Hmmmm.....

Rest In Peace Sweet David

This post is going to be intense. It's about a 12 year old child and his death this week.

If it's too much, please don't read on...I understand completely.

David was a friend to Kody and Kolin. He was a member of our karate school, which makes him family.
He was a great kid, a straight A student, David had a smile that lit up a room and a contagious laugh to go right along with it.
He was silly, he was friendly, he was extremely handsome.
He was Kody's age but Kolin's size...a little small for a 12 year old but he was strong, graceful and beautiful.
His name is David.
Now we call him "Angel David".
David passed away suddenly this week.
His death was unnecessary and tragic.

There are two sides to David's death, I don't know which is correct...but does it matter? I don't think so.

The first is that there is a "game" going on amongst school aged children, high school, middle school and yes, even elementary school.
This game is called "Hangman" and I imagine it is equivalent to the so called game that 20 somethings were playing at one time as to where you choke yourself to the point of passing out and then a friend brings you back before any harm is done {any harm? what are they thinking?}.
Apparently David tried this by himself, in his bedroom with a belt and a ceiling fan.

The second is what I heard from a local elementary school teacher who told me that all Lake Cty. teachers were made aware this past Monday in preparation for when the news did come out to the general public, school children especially.
David, apparently depressed or maybe mad at his own self...took his own life. It wasn't a game, it was for real.

Maybe he only wanted to cry out for attention. But, he is from a wonderful, loving family.
Maybe he just made a horrible, impulsive, decision without thinking through the consequences. Maybe he thought, as kids do, that he is invisible.
Maybe he was being bullied? Teased? Laughed at?

I don't know.
I do know that I wish my boys could have spent more time with him, more then a quick karate class and hanging out afterwards waiting for Dad or Mom to pick them up.
Maybe David would have confided in my boys who in turn would have confided in me who in turn could have placed just one phone call to his Mom. Mom to Mom.

It's too late for any of that now.
Tonight David's family will say a final good-bye before his casket is sealed forever.

Please, if you are prayers, no matter what religion you believe in, please pass on a prayer to Angel David, his Mom, Dad, sisters, family and friends.
David is at peace...his family will never be.

Thank you.

Love, Kim

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Kody Bear

Now available and named after my favorite 12 year old in the world. :0)

Follow this link for details..Thanks!!

From My Heart To Your Head

Love, Kim

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Taking Action On Cancer Awareness

I have so many unbelievably, incredibly, wonderful friends I've come to really love like family. A couple of my real best friends live right in the next town. Just about every one after that lives all around the world, out here in cyber space.

One woman, in particular is named Jodi Freeman. Jodi is a gem..she really is. Not only has she been a great friend and inspiration to me...but she is one of Kody's most biggest fans.

Jodi wrote me a few days ago with an idea she had. An idea that is so awesome....she just had to share it with the world. She's even given me the thumbs up to share it with all of you.

You'll have to run on over to her blog to see it...but I'll give you some background.
Ya'all photoshop lovers are going to love this. And, for those of you who don't photoshop...your going to want to run right out to your local software store..and get yourself a me. :0)

Photoshop, as most of you know is the main ingredient in all those beautiful photos you see on almost every photographers website. There are just some things you cannot capture right out out of the camera, photoshop can.

Photoshop runs a little something called "actions". Actions simplify the process of adding that extra punch to photos. Like the "Ahhhhh" factor, you know?
Actions can also be very, very costly...especially for really professional actions.

There is a sad side to this.
Jodi's father-in-law, Mr. Bernie was recently diagnosed with a very horrible form of cancer and is currently waiting a bone marrow transplant.
In an effort to do something for her FIL, Mrs. Jodi has created the most beautiful set of photoshop actions I have ever seen...and believe me, I am super, mega picky about actions.
This set turns your photo black and white and then adds 14 different color overlays each representing different color "Cancer Awareness Ribbons".
They are, in one word, beautiful, gorgeous, OK..that was two.

Jodi's cost for these actions?
To please say a prayer for her FIL and all the familes everywhere whom life cancer has touched.

See, I told you Mrs. Jodi is a gem!! :0)

In addition to giving away her incredible talent...look to see who she choose for her first blogger poster child...none other then our Bear himself.

Go on and stop by and remember if you don't sure are missing out on a whole brand new world out there.

Taking Action On Cancer Awareness

Till tomorrow..have a great night!

Love, Kim

When Pets Attack!!

LOL...OK, sorry..I didn't mean to be giving you all heart failure this morning!

Truth be told...

No Wild Man Kids Were Harmed In The Making Of This Photo!!

As you can see by these next couple...this was all Kolin's plan to reinact some crazy Sci-Fi channel movie he's made me watch three times already, "Mega Snake".

See....Kolin's BFFL, Houdini, would never hurt a single hair on his head.

There's going to be a couple of new blog posts today, so stay tuned!!

Love, Kim

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kyle James and Megan..A Love Story

Megan came into Kyle's life at a time when he was definitely NOT looking for a g-friend. Oh...most def. no.
Kyle had just gotten home from his lil' vacation in Lake Cty. when he was pounding the pavement looking for a job, he didn't care where but he did care that it was at a restaurant...because Kyle is a chef, he is a terrific chef. He gets that from me, ya know.
OK..he doesn't..I lied. He gets it from his Dad.

It took several long weeks of being rejected {on account of that Lake Cty. thing and all} when he finally did get hired in a local seafood restaurant.
It was an OK place to be, not exactly his comfort zone seeing as he is the buffalo wing King, but didn't know a whole lot about appetizers named "frogs legs". But..he learned and he learned quick.

I remember him coming home and telling me about this "cute waitress" who kept talking to him, showing up on her day off just because she was "in the area" and my most favorite..
When Kyle James asked me what did I think this meant..
"Mom", he said..."She keeps putting her time card right behind mine even through there are plenty of open spots"
"Your a girl Mom, so what does that mean?"

Soooo.....mustering everything I could not to giggle..I told him..
"Awwwwwww my Baby, she likes you".

It was right then when he told me how...
1. She dresses like him
2. They like the same music
3. She has tattoo's
4. And the most coolest piercings.
5. She doesn't drink or do drugs.
6. She drives a beat up old pick up truck.

It was about then that I started hearing that classic song "Simple Man" playing in my brain and I was kind of torn between blurting out,
"You know that no girl will ever be good enough for my baby!" or "Well, what are you waiting for, ask her on a date!"

I choose the second one because Lord only knows...Karl facial parts starts cringing and his eyes roll back every time I baby my sons.

Anywhos...long story short.
He did ask her on a date, and they met at a local bowling alley. I dropped him off, she brought him home by 11.

It took a couple of weeks before she'd even come close to any of us...shy girl that she is, or was it us? Hmmm...I've often wondered?
Welp, turns out her family is even more dysfunctional then we are and we get along just great!

Kyle James went through his hell on Earth days. In all honestly..we almost lost him. Last winter were his and my darkest days, I was so sure that someone, possibly one of us would find him dead somewhere under a bridge, in a ditch, in an attic of the restaurant he used to work at.
Every time a police car drove by our home, I always had this sinking feeling they were coming to tell me that they had found him.

But, at his absolute most lowest point, Kyle sought help all on his own. He was in jail for a while. I made a point to visit him twice a week. We laughed, we cried, we made promises, every time I walked out of there a part of my heart died. Another part stayed right there with him, on the other side of that ugly, dirty glass wall.

Karl put his own freedom on the line when after writing to Kyle's Judge..he volunteered to do Kyle's time if only he would let Kyle James come home, under our care one more time.

Now..I don't know what Judge in his right mind would agree to that but it is pretty obvious that Karl was serious, that he seriously believed in his son and he seriously loved him with all a father's heart.

Kyle James came home in May, 2007.
Kyle James is happy, he is healthy, he is completely drug and alcohol free.
Best of all..Kyle James has found love...or did love find him?
Either way...he is happy and I couldn't be happier seeing him happy.

Sometimes even this Mom has to admit...
There is a girl in this world good enough for my baby.

So..OK, here they are..the happy Slipknot loving, Heavy Metal listening, tattoo wearing, reptile collecting, couple...

Kyle James and Megan..

Ahhhhh jeeeeeezz, get a room you two!!!!!!!!

Before I jump off...just to let you all know, Kyle James no longer works at that seafood place. He was recently hired at a local kickin' restaurant where he is doing more AWESOME then ever!!
I'm so proud of that lil' booger. :0)


Monday, September 24, 2007

No Knees and Leadfoot

Kyle James g-friend, Megan is a pretty cool chick. She's got tattoo's, she's got piercings, she's a vegetarian, she doesn't drink, she leads a drug free life, she loves my son and she keeps things in his life extremely drama free.
She's a perfect match for him.

Oh more thing..
Megan is an animal LOVER to the max!!

She's been known to bring small reptiles and other outdoor creatures to our home for the kids to enjoy looking at, then she turns them back free in the wild. {the creatures, not the kids}

Yesterday, while traveling in her old pick up truck, on a busy road, she spotted "Leadfoot" and not wanting this gorgeous creature to get smashed back a passing car, Megan drove off the road, ran into the street and lovingly tossed this sweet thang into the back of her truck.

Meet Leadfoot....

Leadfoot and I have alot in common.
We share the same face. No joke..this could be my self portrait.
Sometimes we just want to pull our heads into our shell and be left alone.
We both have wrinkles.
We're not young chicks anymore.
We have alot of attitude.
Best of all..we seem to really enjoy being held by these hunky arms...

Back off there Leadfoot..he was mine first.

Let's talk for a moment how Leadfoot got her name.

As I sat here yesterday, innocently, calmly, blissfully checking out everyone's else's blog's I heard some crazy commotion outside.
It didn't take long until I heard someone say "Look what Megan found today!!"
And then Karlio's boomin' voice saying "Kim, get your camera and get out here quick!"

Just a friendly reminder to Karlio and anyone else who is unaware..

I have torn up ligamented, useless knees..I don't travel "quick" anymore, not at any time, not for any reason.
However, I might just give it a final go for a Starbucks venti strawberries and cream frappachino, extra whipped cream, of course.

Hence..the name, "No Knees".

I thought, I really, seriously thought turtles were slow creatures.
I remember the "tortoise and the hare".
I love the Comcast turtle family.."The Slowski's"..."Ahhhhh, me time".

But Leadfoot...our precious Leadfoot...she has some "Ninja Turtle" qualities because that lil' shit ran her turtle butt all over the place and the only way I could possibly snap a picture was to have someone hold her, or wait till she trapped herself over by the fence.

Hence..the name, "Leadfoot".

Or maybe...just maybe...
Leadfoot's into Starbucks too. It's quite the possibility because I would take off for that in a heartbeat.

Leadfoot, yesterday you became, for a brief 15 minutes, my new BFFL.
We shared so much during those few minutes that you ran me ragged trying to snap your picture.
I missed you already as you ran your way into the safety of the swampy field behind our backyard that we placed you in.

If you ever feel the need to share a know where I am girl.

Later Leadfoot!

Love, Kim..your new BFFL

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Passion With Purple

I totally love the color purple. I can't think of any color palette more cooler then purple and black.
I guess maybe it brings out that "rebel wanna be bad ass" in me that's hiding in there somewhere.
It gives me that same tingly feeling I get when I look in my closet and see all my leather biker gear I used to wear a few years ago when I was something like 30 pounds skinner and had good knees.
I so badly wanna close my eyes and go back to those days of kick ass Harley boots with the extra chains/bling on them, the super tight vests, the fringy jacket and the beloved belly ring.

If I could, I would own and purple and black camera strap, camera bag and everything I own would have heartagrams on it, including the car, most major appliances and my shower curtain. I "heart" heartagrams that much.

This is what a heartagram looks like...

It's not evil or's just plain cool.

My Bear loves heartagrams too.
If he could, he would paint his entire bedroom black and plaster heartagrams all over everything.
Kolin loves them too..come to think of it, absolutely every one of my kiddo's is into them. Kyle James and Kayara even have them tattooed on them.
SIGH....I want a heartagram tattoo someday too.
That way...I could be one of the "I love you with all my heartagram" club members...because that is exactly what Kayara and Kyle James say to each other when they see/talk to each other.
How stinkin' butt sweet is that?

Anywhos..purple and black, purple and black...I guess that's why I fell in love with this almost forgotten about picture from a few days ago.

Yeppers...that Kody Bear of mine...he's looking mighty fine in that purple shirt. Now how many pre teen boys can pull off purple? Hmmmm...I haven't come across very many that was even willing to give it a try. LOL!!

I'm getting that picture enlarged, real big...
I love it that much. :0)

Welp, I'm off to do some more "yarning" {that's what Kolin calls it}. More hats and some with matching scarfs coming this weekend.
"Yarning", oh much for "rebel bad ass".

Have a great day everyone..thanks for stopping by.

Love, Kim

Friday, September 21, 2007

From My Heart To Your Head sometimes it seems I am MIA. I am, but with a pretty good reason.

Alot of you know how I totally blew out my knees in August.
That very dumb move on my part has caused me to not be as busy as I like to be.

However, in an attempt to rest all those torn ligaments I decided to fall back on another one of my favorite things to do besides photography, photoshopping and hanging out at Starbucks.


From My Heart To Your Head

My newest project, handmade crocheted super cute, extremely photogenic hats for babies, toddlers and children.

I'll post new hats as I make them. that even better.
Your all the first to know that "From My Heart To Your Head" will be featuring "Kim's Chemo Kaps" for children and teens/adults very soon.
These will be affordable, super soft, seamless hats made just for our chemo friends everywhere.

Thanks for checking this out!!

Love, Kim

Storm Central

WOW...that's all I want to say right now...WOW..DAMN!!
We actually had to, at about 10 PM last night, get the hell out of this rickety old mobile we live in.
There were three storm/tornado cells that formed and all three were headed right towards us.
So, at 10 o'clock, Karl said "get the kids shoes on now". I did {only Kody and Kolin were home} and I gotta tell ya'all..those poor boys of mine were soooo freakin' scared, they were literally shaking like leafs.
Poor Kody, he couldn't even talk...he just held my hand in the car. Kolin, Kody's complete opposite...wouldn't stop talking.

Kaysha was at work and Kyle James was too. The first thing we did was drive in this storm that not only had moonsune and wind, but sky to ground lightening everywhere, non-stop, to Kaysha's job where management locked them up for safety..customers and all. {She works in a seafood restaurant}. Kyle's restaurant was locked down too...actually all Lake County businesses that were open last night at that time were.

So...we knew those two kids were safe and we headed out to the Leesburg parking garage which is pretty new, solid concrete and believe me, isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

So..we waited it out, the radio kept blaring with sirens and warnings. Every town around us had a tornado sightings, fires were being started with the lightening and in the end good old Leesburg dodged yet another bullet. WHEW!

Eustis {a town not far from here and where those wedding pics were taken at} was hit...but thankfully, no lives were lost, sadly some homes were though.

Our home is OK, the yard is a mess {debris} and since the kitchen ceiling leaked like mad, we had a bunch of water damage to our year old kitchen cabinets. Dang. :0(

All in all, we did OK. We just got home real late from the fiasco and I was at that point of exhaustion by the time we got back, dried everyone out and got to bed.

Thanks for the good wishes..I had no idea any of you knew? LOL!!

You know, I forgot to mention the other day..Karl still has his long, loooong hair. But, only because he caught himself a lil' stomach virus the day of his haircut and we had to postpone it.
So...yeah, I get to drag him around by his ponytail enjoy his long, looooooong hair for a few more days.
Oh, and BTW, Karlio if your reading this {and I know you are, nosey!} this is just for you Babe..

"Burglar Man...Burglar Man, does whatever a Burglar Man does!!"

OK, lemme go dig around for some new pic's. Ummm...wait, lemme go actually take those new pic's off the camera.
Procrastinator, yes...that's me.

Have a great one all!!

Love, Kim

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Two Most Loudest, Hyper Things We Own

Kolin and Delilah.
Don't let those cute faces fool you...these two are CRAZY!!

Have an awesome day everyone!!

Love, Kim

I've been tagged!

By one of my most oldest {no...she's not old, we've just been cyber friends for a real long time}, Bethany from Bella Amadis Photography.

So, the rules go something like this, I tell you all 8 things about me and then I "tag" 8 more bloggers, they do the same thing.

Now...I know I've already told you alot this week but, yep, like "Jell-o", there's always room for more, right? Right! So..let's go...

1. My middle name is Ann and my maiden name is Manna and I used to be teased with this "cute" lil' nickname..
"Kimberley Anna Manna Banana". My **cough...hack...gag** darlin' young uns' still say that. Especially Kody, the brat!

2. Ever since my high school days I have been told by 100's, maybe even 1000's of people/strangers that I look like Barbara Streisand. Just last week at Wal-mart was the most current time.
Gawd..I wish I could sing like her, heck..I wish I could sing at all.

3. Speaking of singing..I honestly can't carry a tune in a bucket, I am 100% tone deaf. But...when there's music on and I know the words..I sing anyway.
You know how kids love the sound of their Mom's singing? Mine used to tell me to be quiet. Yeah, it's that bad.

4. My favorite colors in the whole wide world are purple and black. Now, I bet some of you are wondering why is this blogger all pink pastels/girlie colors?
I don't know...just a phase I guess.

5. I love, love, LOVE to do laundry. Warm clothes fresh out of the dryer...ahhhhhh, delicious!

6. I am very, VERY allergic to just about every perfume, cologne, smelly air freshener out there.
My home is 100% perfume free. One sniff causes a full blown, head splitting, migraine that lasts for a minimum of three days.

7. I haven't always been a stay-at-home Mom. Some jobs I've had..
Secretary for a Judge and lawyer, secretary for a company that owned two high end malls in Florida, grocery cashier, Burger King, house cleaner and waitress.
Waitressing was probably the most fun {welp, not on all days} but the most toughest...because of that perfume/cologne allergy thing.
Lordie...I remember smelling some people and thinking "Holy Cow, did you bathe in that crap!" and then running to the bathroom to...ummmm, never mind.

8. My most challenging, difficult, heartbreaking, rewarding, gray hair popping, sweetest job ever is being a Mom to the six most coolest kids in the world.
Time that by 10 with the grandbabies!! :0)

9. I've been married for 27 years to the first guy I ever truly loved. We met when I was 17 in high school, married three months later and badaa bing, badaa boom....stayed married. We almost always enjoy each others company and we definitely keep each other amused.
It's mega crazy some days but in the end,m when all the kids are gown and gone, we know our day is coming...when it's just us.
We plan on traveling and not leaving a forwarding address.
We've already told our 6 lil' heathens..."Don't call us, we'll call you". LOL!!

OK, that's like 9 things, sorry! Believe it or not, I could go on..LOL..but I won't bore ya'all that much.

So....these are my 8 taggies....


Elisabeth Anne



Lori Ann




Good Luck Girls!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pioneer Woman Props

Holy Cannoli!!!

Get yourselves off of here and get to Pioneer Woman's like...NOW!!
Name that Photo contest is today and the prize, your not going to want to miss a chance on this..

A SIX HUNDRED DOLLAR JC Penney gift card!! ROCK!!!!!

For those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about. Look to the right of this site, see "My Fave Bloggers"? Click on "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman".

Go and name that photo now...go, go, GO!!

BTW, I've been tagged. I'll have to work on that one later though.

Have a great one!!


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

And a One, And a Two, And a Three....


What was that I heard? Could it be...

Tingling uterus's!!
Looks like my job is done this morning. :0)

Love ya'all!!


Monday, September 17, 2007

When Skater Boys Turn Goth

I don't know what I love more...
His still a little boy chubby cheek charm or those black painted fingernails!! :0)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Welcome Everyone!!

Thank you so much for having the bravery to stop by and hook up with my blog.
This really looks like it'll be alot of fun. Kind of like a huge table of a bunch of close knit girlfriends all gabbin' and having fun.

Keep in mind, this isn't to replace Kody's site. Oh..I still plan on keeping that up and running, how could I not?
Truth be told, we have been a Caring Bridge family for so long..I just don't have the heart to end it.
So....Kody's site will be mostly about how he overcomes his disabilities that unfortunately came with that darn ole' brain tumor.
Yes, he fought the fight and definitely won, but he didn't win unscathed.
Kody's Story will take on a brand new meaning with Kody being the "Conqueror" of all new hurdles thrown at him, be it learning at school to growing up into a young man, it is "Kody's Story" and I won't ever take that away from him.
Besides, on days he is feeling down..what better place to be then with his thousands of guestbook entries from his beloved family, friends and fans.
He, in particular, LOVES the ones where gals tell him how hot he is. LOL!!

OK, so this blog is about me...
A wife, Mom, friend, a lover of Starbucks, Hershey, photography, summer days, dolphins, horses, tattoos, someone who has a little bit of a rebellious side, someone who loves to laugh, to talk, to write, to photoshop, to crochet.
I love movies but there is no way I can watch one without red twizzlers.
I have thing "thang" about old, chippy paint chairs. There has been many times when Karl will drive off the road to collect one out of someones trash for me to clean up and use as a "prop". He used to complain but doesn't's a non-winning fight.

Things I can't stand...
Controlling people, non-sense of humor people, driving on anything more complicated then a good old fashioned side, country road {'ll never find me driving to Orlando}, ringing telephones, paperwork, busy schedules, rap music, feeling overwhelmed and's the ADD in me.

I can't follow a map and can only follow directions if they have landmarks. Make a right at Starbucks makes much more sense then "go East on State Road whatever...".

Things I wish for...

The health and happiness of every member of my family and circle of friends.
A way to step in shit and have it come out roses.
My oldest daughter to move back to Florida.
A way to pack up everyone {including oldest daughter and grandkids} and move someplace super Utah or maybe Nevada.
To win the lottery big time.
To buy red and black Lamborgini's for me and Karl..with said winning lottery money, of course.
Another tattoo.
Financial stability.
A closer Starbucks.
A real honeymoon.
To renew our wedding vows on a mountain somewhere in Utah or Nevada.
To photograph and eat in New Orleans.

My family description...
The Osbournes meets The Brady Bunch pretty much somes it up.

OK...enough about me for now.

Thanks for visiting and please just be aware that this blog is a means for me to let me, my life, unscripted and raw. Some days are better then others. Some days are pure bliss. Some days really suck.
This is my journal, in which I choose to share. So, please, please don't think bad of me if I am just plain having a cruddy day...there's not that many, thank goodness!

Take care everyone!!

Love, Kim

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Malyssa and Andrew

Thank you so much Malyssa and Andrew for the honor of photographing your wedding day.
These are just some of the ones I loved the most. :0)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


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