Thursday, September 20, 2007

I've been tagged!

By one of my most oldest {no...she's not old, we've just been cyber friends for a real long time}, Bethany from Bella Amadis Photography.

So, the rules go something like this, I tell you all 8 things about me and then I "tag" 8 more bloggers, they do the same thing.

Now...I know I've already told you alot this week but, yep, like "Jell-o", there's always room for more, right? Right! So..let's go...

1. My middle name is Ann and my maiden name is Manna and I used to be teased with this "cute" lil' nickname..
"Kimberley Anna Manna Banana". My **cough...hack...gag** darlin' young uns' still say that. Especially Kody, the brat!

2. Ever since my high school days I have been told by 100's, maybe even 1000's of people/strangers that I look like Barbara Streisand. Just last week at Wal-mart was the most current time.
Gawd..I wish I could sing like her, heck..I wish I could sing at all.

3. Speaking of singing..I honestly can't carry a tune in a bucket, I am 100% tone deaf. But...when there's music on and I know the words..I sing anyway.
You know how kids love the sound of their Mom's singing? Mine used to tell me to be quiet. Yeah, it's that bad.

4. My favorite colors in the whole wide world are purple and black. Now, I bet some of you are wondering why is this blogger all pink pastels/girlie colors?
I don't know...just a phase I guess.

5. I love, love, LOVE to do laundry. Warm clothes fresh out of the dryer...ahhhhhh, delicious!

6. I am very, VERY allergic to just about every perfume, cologne, smelly air freshener out there.
My home is 100% perfume free. One sniff causes a full blown, head splitting, migraine that lasts for a minimum of three days.

7. I haven't always been a stay-at-home Mom. Some jobs I've had..
Secretary for a Judge and lawyer, secretary for a company that owned two high end malls in Florida, grocery cashier, Burger King, house cleaner and waitress.
Waitressing was probably the most fun {welp, not on all days} but the most toughest...because of that perfume/cologne allergy thing.
Lordie...I remember smelling some people and thinking "Holy Cow, did you bathe in that crap!" and then running to the bathroom to...ummmm, never mind.

8. My most challenging, difficult, heartbreaking, rewarding, gray hair popping, sweetest job ever is being a Mom to the six most coolest kids in the world.
Time that by 10 with the grandbabies!! :0)

9. I've been married for 27 years to the first guy I ever truly loved. We met when I was 17 in high school, married three months later and badaa bing, badaa boom....stayed married. We almost always enjoy each others company and we definitely keep each other amused.
It's mega crazy some days but in the end,m when all the kids are gown and gone, we know our day is coming...when it's just us.
We plan on traveling and not leaving a forwarding address.
We've already told our 6 lil' heathens..."Don't call us, we'll call you". LOL!!

OK, that's like 9 things, sorry! Believe it or not, I could go on..LOL..but I won't bore ya'all that much.

So....these are my 8 taggies....


Elisabeth Anne



Lori Ann




Good Luck Girls!!!!


katy said...

Cool, I have been tagged! I think of things all the time that I could tell people that they don't know about me but of course when I started thinking about this one my mind went blank, which is how it spends a good part of its day anyway. I am working on it though.

Leeann said...

Hey! Thanks for tagging me! I am going to go do my list right about now! And yep, having watched your kids grow up online for the past two years now, I have to say they are pretty darn tootin cute kids...with way cool parents!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for tagging me! I love being tagged although I couldn't tag anyone back though so I just said if someone read my blog then they can do it as well. Your facts were interesting- thanks for sharing them!!!

Elizabeth Anne said...

Oh Kim, I'm slow on the uptake!! I'll get it done this weekend for sure!

Bethany said...

YAY! Somehow I totally missed this! And thanks for clarifying that I'm not old. LOL Although Reagan has learned the new term, "Old Fart" and loves to toss that around mom and dad. Gotta love it. :o) Lots of love girl!


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