Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Passion With Purple

I totally love the color purple. I can't think of any color palette more cooler then purple and black.
I guess maybe it brings out that "rebel wanna be bad ass" in me that's hiding in there somewhere.
It gives me that same tingly feeling I get when I look in my closet and see all my leather biker gear I used to wear a few years ago when I was something like 30 pounds skinner and had good knees.
I so badly wanna close my eyes and go back to those days of kick ass Harley boots with the extra chains/bling on them, the super tight vests, the fringy jacket and the beloved belly ring.

If I could, I would own and purple and black camera strap, camera bag and everything I own would have heartagrams on it, including the car, most major appliances and my shower curtain. I "heart" heartagrams that much.

This is what a heartagram looks like...

It's not evil or's just plain cool.

My Bear loves heartagrams too.
If he could, he would paint his entire bedroom black and plaster heartagrams all over everything.
Kolin loves them too..come to think of it, absolutely every one of my kiddo's is into them. Kyle James and Kayara even have them tattooed on them.
SIGH....I want a heartagram tattoo someday too.
That way...I could be one of the "I love you with all my heartagram" club members...because that is exactly what Kayara and Kyle James say to each other when they see/talk to each other.
How stinkin' butt sweet is that?

Anywhos..purple and black, purple and black...I guess that's why I fell in love with this almost forgotten about picture from a few days ago.

Yeppers...that Kody Bear of mine...he's looking mighty fine in that purple shirt. Now how many pre teen boys can pull off purple? Hmmmm...I haven't come across very many that was even willing to give it a try. LOL!!

I'm getting that picture enlarged, real big...
I love it that much. :0)

Welp, I'm off to do some more "yarning" {that's what Kolin calls it}. More hats and some with matching scarfs coming this weekend.
"Yarning", oh much for "rebel bad ass".

Have a great day everyone..thanks for stopping by.

Love, Kim


Lauren said...

i <3 the heartagram... i remember you saying somethihng a while ago about kody having sneakers with the heartagram on them... i saw those at hot topic last week :)

at the store at westfarms mall, they have a whole heartagram display right now (or at least they did last week... they change it so often) beacuse of the release of the new HIM cd.

katy said...

That purple makes Kody look so much older.
I have never seen a heartagram, or I probably have and just didn't know what it was.
If you get a chance hop over to my blog and look at my pictures of my dear daughter before her dance tonight, they grow up so fast.

maryc said...

Everytime Leigha wears her HIM shirt everyone looks at her like they expect her head to spin around any minute. She has been looking hard for the heartagram shoes online, but so far everyone is out of stock or only has size 5. Kim, you should get your tattoo!!

ClarkFamily said...

Hi Kim and The K FAMILY! Love the picture of your handsome Kody in that purple shirt ... I was looking at your blog while my 5 year old daughter was in the room and she said Kody is so cute! Oh boy - glad we live 1200 miles away or you'd have a tiny stalker ... Oh and I totally agree on the heartagram ... that is a pretty hot graphic for a tattoo ... not to mention purple ... being that I live in the land of the MN Vikings- people bleed purple here ... too bad I am not a MN fan ... see you soon!

'Olive Juice!'

Anonymous said...

pink is the new purple.


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