Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hi From Camp Boggy Creek!!

Day One:

Kolin woke up way before the sun came up. I put his happy butt back to bed.
Kolin gets up again and starts opening all the curtains.
I start jonesing for coffee.
I get the boys up and adam, make them look semi-presentable, brush their teeth and send their happy butts off with their camp "pal" Lynh, who is very cool and seems to have endless energy. Good thing...he's gonna need it.

I get my own self ready and wake up Kaysha, again and again until finally she mumbles something I think in another language as she heads towards the bathroom.

I, on the other hand need coffee really bad so I head out looking for some, remembering.."Darn, I left my hazelnut creamer at home."
OK, so I like get my coffee and blissfully sit all by myself for about 10 minutes till my very wet, just fresh out of a canoe riding boys find me,

We get ourselves in the dining hall for breakfast and Kaysha comes shining through the door..Go Kaysha!!

Not long after breakfast, I heard it, the song, the song that makes me want to get up and P*A*R*T*Y!!
None other then the good old "YMCA", man that song never gets old, does it?

So...Kody and I start to "YMCA" and Kolin joins in and what do you know, Kody LEAPS up onto the stage and starts bustin' a move that has everyone going crazy...silly kid of mine, not a shy bone in that party boys body. :0)

So then morning aerobics starts which is equally if not even more funny when Kody, Kolin and two counselors are up there on that stage doing, the lawnmower, the fishing, the roller coaster and about 50 other busta moves, moves, leading over 100 people and making them laugh their happy aerobic moving butts right off.

It was great,,I was snapping pictures away and then I heard it, loud and clear..couldn't miss it if I tried, no way.
Those kids of mine, all 3 of them, got together and made sure it was announced that today is my b-day and not only did the whole entire place sing but they also put me in a big ole' colorful chair on wheels, slapped a "Happy birthday" hat on my head and threw a boa around my neck. Yep...then they wheeled me around, it was great, it was funny, and lil' mini me, made sure he worked my camera and snapped his happy butt away.
Remind me to thank him when we get home. LOL!!

So...OK..happy 29th b-day to me again.

A few other things that happened. Yesterday Kaysha and I saw a herd of about 12 deer run right in front of us. Beautiful as it was, my non-nature lovin', high maitenance daughter freaked out. So, now we and everyone else around here calls her "Paris".

On the drive here it rained a little. No problems though...but the rainbow that came out and stayed out the entire drive well into being here was incredible. It arched right over Boggy Creek and we were able to see the whole thing, start to finish. Amazing, it really was. Tempted as I was to pull over and snap a pic., I didn't. Sorry.

Anywhos...let me get back to having some fun.
The theme of the weekend is Hawaii/Aloha and everybody is getting laid.
LOL...alright, get your lil' dirty minds out of the gutter.

Till tomorrow, or later, or whenever I can break away for a few minutes..have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. ya Baby! Miss you like mad!! Please feed the cats. :0)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like camp is a great place to be. Is it for kids that have been/are dealing with cancer? I know you have mentioned it before in Kody's page. How are kids chosen who can attend?


Lauren said...


Anonymous said...

Hope ya get a great lay...lmao Happy Birthday...Can picture you looking like that dog before your coffee.

Connie F-G said...

Happy Birthday! Just remember, you are older than me!! Okay, by less than 3 months.

I sent a note, are you reading personal email? I think you are over-lapping with the Finestones at Boggy Creek and they've had a bullying problem that maybe you guys could help each other with.

Have a great time!!


Anonymous said...

HEY, KIM...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Thanks for updating -- I always love hearing about what ya'll are up to at Camp Boggy Creek!! :)

Have a great time, everyone!


Cheyenne said...

Happy Birthday kiddo!

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