Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Knitted Kids Hats

**Candy Cane Hat is SOLD**







If interested e-mail me at: sparkly929@gmail.com



Monday, November 22, 2010














And just like that Kolin, in honor of his big brother, gave up his golden hair to "Locks Of Love" in order to provide a very lucky cancer child a chance at normalcy with very sweet {and thick!} wig made of his own beautiful hair that he had grown for exactly two years.

Amazingly there is enough hair there for two wigs. :0)




And just like that, with the help of his very own personal hair cutter, Miss Mary Jane {who's been cutting his and Kody's hair since they were preschoolers} my baby grew up and became a very mature young man.


I want my baby back!!!!!

At least I still have Kody's. For another month, and then he's doing the exact same thing. :0( *sniff*

Take care everyone!!!!


Knitting=Low Stress Levels

I have a bunch of knit caps for babies and children for sale on a donation basis only.
It keeps me happy in yarn which keeps my stress level down way low.
That is always a good thing. :0)
E-mail me please: sparkly929@gmail.com if interested.

Blog update coming today sometime, you won't believe what my youngest {{love him}} hell raiser did on Friday. *wink*



Friday, November 19, 2010

Meet Marco...

My most favorite five month old on the planet.


Honestly, isn't he the most beautiful baby you've ever seen..I mean seriously, check out those lashes. Swoonin'....I love babies with long lashes.

Anyway, Marco is the grandson of a dear friend of mine and my oldest daughters. Her name is Maria.
Maria sent me this beautiful CD of a bunch of photos of Marco modeling the hats I've been sending him.
Gotta love the Gramma's of the world, don't we?

Here's more cuz just between you and I , I can't get enough of those perfect pouty lips and oh yea, did I mention those beautiful long lashes?
His Momma and Daddy are in serious trouble when he turns a teen. hehe







This weekend I'll show you what he's getting for Christmas. Cute, cute cute stuff I tell ya. :0)

On my way to drop Kolin at school here real soon and then Vinny and I have a date at the eye doctors. Talk about romance. lol

Have a great day everyone!!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Flashback To Halloween

Yes friends, I'm back!!

OK, no good excuse except a needed, really needed a small break from not only the computer but from stuff in general.

So, to get this party started, here's a flashback from Halloween 2010 where my hell raisers decided that gory evil was not to be had this year.

Instead we've got Shnookie from Jersey Shore, Jets Player and lol, yes everyone...Elvis does live on. :0)





Fist pumping champs, 2010...







So, Halloween this year was for sure great times.

Kolin's second playoff game...not so much. :0(
We lost to South Lake Orlando Bears, which I have to say, was an awesome and very good sportsmanlike team. Our Jackets played great, but the Bears played really great. Congratulation's to them. :0)

So, football is over until summer when conditioning practice stars again.
However, football season isn't over at all and we are all over it here in this house. Go Jets!!!

Kody's maintenance MRI was this past Sunday, as was a visit to his neurosurgeon for the results and a shunt reset and an appointment to his neurologist for his tics and seizures. It was a busy day out in Orlando but the great thing about back to back appointments is, they were all knocked out in the same day, which is wonderful news for my jeeps gas hogging tank. lol.

Oh, I bet your wondering about the results?

Well...I am beyond happy to let you all know that...


Yea baby, our Bear is in excellent health in the noggin!!!!

God is so good to us, we are so truly blessed, wouldn't you agree?

As for his eye/facial tics. Ummm, they are still there and getting worse so we are in the process of possibly trying a round of small amounts of botox to his eye muscles, which actually may or may not work. We have tried every possible medication and nothing has helped and honestly some had the worst side effects.
His tics are not tourettes, they are caused by the strep virus {yes, same strep that causes that nasty sore throat which is how years ago it started}.
More info on that can be found here....>>> PANDAS

Sorry again about the blog vacation, I will really try not to have that happen again. However, I have to say, sitting at the computer and actually having to look into the screen is getting sort of difficult, huge as this screen is. {My Vinny only provides the best, and biggest gotta love that man I swear hehe}
Unfortunately this past year or so I've been having super bad headaches, usually I can handle them I mean after all I have 6 kids, pain and me go hand in hand.
However, this past Tuesday I had one that was the absolute worst ever.
I tried all day to rid myself of it but by 7 pm it was obvious it wasn't happening plus bring on the head "pops" and super stiff neck, it was fixin' to be a disaster real fast.
So, Vinny and I spent most of the night at the ER.
Two pain drugs to the IV, a ton of blood work, one CAT Scan and one Spinal Tap {don't EVER believe docs when they say "it will be uncomfortable"...lie! lol} and we still have no answers.
So, I'll be probably getting my butt to a neurologist, which the advised be done like, yesterday lol, withing these next couple of weeks.

I just got to say, Vinny was freakin' awesome the entire night {even considering he had like pretty much no sleep the night before becuz of being called into work in the middle of the night for a broken down truck and then leaving early the next morning for his normal day}. Really scared, slightly more gray but the BEST HUSBAND EVER!! I love the heck outta that man, I really do.

Other then that mess, we are all just doing fine and I thank you all for the comments and for those who e-mailed me and especially for my bestie g-friend/sister in the whole world, Sheila, who's phone call was not only a beautiful surprise but a beautiful blessing as well.

OK peeps, times up and I got to get.

I will be blogging more frequent, just not sure about everyday at this point. :0(

Love you all..have a beautiful day!!!



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