Friday, November 30, 2007

Baby In A Basket


That's it for now. :0)



Just goofin' around yesterday..

Giving a kid with ADHD a red pop...yeah, not exactly one of my brighter moments, but it made for some great Christmasy-Red pic's.. :0)

News on the homefront...

Kody's eye/facial tic's and headaches are beginning to be unbearable. The Clonapin is hardly touching them, he is begging to take his Orap again. Unfortunetly, I can't give him a thing until his Dec. 12th appt. at Neurology..and even then it's still iffy.
It appears the med's are not giving him his latest set of problems and so, I am almost certain, a 4th surgery in his brain is in the near future. I am hoping that we can hold off until after his black belt testing on Jan. 11th. If it's safe we will..if not..SIGH...we have no choice.
Kody will absolutley go insane if he has to have surgery...he will completely lose it if he has to have it prior to testing.
My poor baby. :0(

Thank you so much for all the well wishes for Dad Bear and I.
Sadly, he came home on Wednesday night after two severe asthma attacks landed him in a medical situation that was pretty dangerous.
He's bummed....and after everything we went through to get him there...we all kind of bummed.
But...all things happen for a reason, right? Right.
The thing is though that the day before he was supposed to leave, he went to pick up his inhaler refill from CVS. For whatever reason we never found out, CVS decided to close it's pharmacy 4 1/2 hours early. When he went to pick it up..they couldn't open up pharmacy to give it to him.
Because we left at 7 AM the next morning, he couldn't get it then either because the pharmacy reopened at 10 AM.
With the craziness of the day or two in Atlanta...he wasn't able to find a CVS to have it transferred to, and that's when all hell broke loose.

Anywhos...that's all I have to say about that. End of story.
Just keep swimming...Just keep swimming...

OK my friends, it's time for me to jump on off here for now, Adriana will be here any minute and I am nowhere near being we've got migraines going on like crazy and it's just going to be a low key kind of day, I hope anyway. :0)

Take care everyone!!

Love, Kim

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Part of Kody and Kolin's black belt requirement for their black belt testing this January is to keep a book of everything...forms, notes, awards, certificates, testing sheets, etc..
That book has been two and a half years in the making abd by this week it is going to be complete and turned in for the once over by other black belts. It really does have to be as perfect as can be...I mean considering they were put toether by a 10 and a 12 year old.

Part of that book making is writing an esssay and creating your own form...which they then name. It's their's, created by them, named only for them.

The create-a-form is supposed to be at leat 30 moves..Kody's is something like 60. Overacheiver. LOL!!

Another part of that book is creating your own cover. Thank goodness parents can help..a bit..along the way.
Thank goodness for Photoshop. :0)

Kolin's create-a-form is called "Fearless"...that definetly describes him...he is our wild man, afraid of nothing much. He talks about "certain death" and "instant death" like some kids talk about Spongebob.

Kody's form is called "Perseverance". That is my Bear...he who Perseveres over everything life throws at him.

These are a sneak peek at the covers for those books.
The design and ideas were all their's. Pretty cool, huh? :0)

Gotta run them two to their two hour karate and sword class tonight!!
Have a good one all!!

Love, Kim

Monday, November 26, 2007

Joe Boxer

Only when they're still pretty small do they look so cute with the droppy pants and boxers showing.

This is Kolin, and this is what Kolin looks like on any given day..that boy has never had much of a butt to hold his jeans up.
But...he is pretty cute and before he gets too old I wanted to photograph his Joe Boxers peeping out of his shorts.

See the no shirt thing? Can you believe it's almost December and it was something like 84 degrees with a whole ton of humidity today?
The weather guys call it "unseasonable weather"....Kolin calls it just plain hot.
Oh wait...that's what he calls himself..LOL!!

Till tomorrow...have a good one everyone!!

Love, Kim

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Somethings Old, Somethings New...

I almost forgot about these pic's, Somethings Old....

We took these today, Somethings New...

Nothing Borrowed...

And One Thing Blue...

See ya'all over and the kids go back to school...YAY...I mean, Oh Darn!! :0)

Love, Kim

Don't You Cry No More, It'll Be Alright

I got home about 20 or so minutes ago, made more coffee, dried my eyes again and figured maybe I'll jump on here quick before...
#1 Kolin wakes up.
#2 I go back to bed. { morning person here}

Anywhos....for those of you who don't know or forgot..this morning is the morning that my man got on that darn Greyhound and headed out to Atlanta for the truck driving life again.
There's no telling when he'll be able to come home, but as soon as he completes his 4 {or is it 5?} day seminar, and passes his driving test, he gets his own truck and starts piling in the miles.
Life is a highway...
LOL..I can't get that song out of my mind since catching Karl, Kody and Kolin watching "Cars" two nights ago.

You know, being with someone almost 28's kind of hard to let go.
We've known about this day for a while, we've talked about it, planned for it {though mostly last minute planning}, we've spent time together he and I, he and the kids, all of us.
Last night wwe watched TV until he fell asleep and I got my 11 o'clock burst of energy.
This morning at 6:15 he woke me up like he does every single morning..yeah, it may sound corny but every morning he pushes the hair out of my eyes, rubs my face and says "Good Morning Beautiful". Seriously...every morning without fail.
Then he makes my first cup of coffee and has it ready when I stumble out into the living room.
On chilly mornings...he sets out a blanket on my favorite morning, coffee drinking, news watching chair.

He knows I'm not a morning person so he doesn't push the morning conversation until I've had at least 2 cups of coffee in me...sometimes three.
It's all good though because we're both in the same room, and even though I might be watching the news and contimplating going back to sleep and he's playing Spider Solitaire on the computer....we're both together..physically and spiritually.

This morning at 6:50 we headed out the door for the Greyhound bus station right here in Leesburg.
It's a tiny little place, and nobody ever looks happy there. After he checked in we just hung out leaning on our van, his arm around me, my thumb looped in his back beltloop and head on his big ole' shoulder.
Finally...after wishing it wouldn't, that bus showed up and one by one everyone got on.

I was parked next to the bus and I watched him take the front seat...he wanted to make sure I knew where he was and he turned around and waved. I knew where he eyes were locked on him the whole time. Besides..he was the only stud dude with the long hair that I loooooove. :0)

OK, so that's when the tears started. I tried sooo hard not to, I realy did try but I'm a freakin' softee ass marshmallow and I love him alot and I hate, really HATE being apart and I lost it.
OK, I admit, I had a flash of thoughts of having to wake my own self up, make my own coffee, turn on Good Morning America by myself and oh yeah..having to transport the kids back and forth to school myself now, OK, that just bites.
Most of all though, having my trusty sidekick, my lover, my best friend back on the road where danger and crazy demented strangers lurk everywhere..that just wait, that just plain out sucks.

I didn't leave until that Greyhound pulled out and I stepped on the gas pedal and was the first to follow it out and cool as can be is turned left onto South Street,I'm sure to get to I75. As luck would have it, I turned onto South Street too but when we got to our second traffic light, that bus got in the left turning lane and I stayed in the right.
I watched that bus turn and leave and as I was about to have a "lets just change our mind about this whole thing" meltdown...what do I hear when I finally remembered to turn on the radio but Axel Rose {Guns and Roses} singing "Don't You Cry No More, It'll Be Alright".
How perfect could that have been?

And that was exactly 1 minute I was pulling up back home again. I walked into a quiet house, made a cup of joe, picked up a few things off the coffee table, realized he forgot his hairbrush, put it up and away, and got on here.

And youngest of the litter, Kolin, is up and sooooooo ready to start his day.
I wonder if he wouldn't mind making me a cup of coffee?

Ummm..maybe not, he's telling me he's starving and if I wouldn't mind not clacking on the keyboard so loud.

Yeppers..that kid is going to be my best source of entertainment doay. :0)

Have a sweet Sunday today everyone!!

Love, Kim

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Not Lookin' At'Cha...Nope..No Way

Holy Cannoli's...this girl was tough yesterday. She would not, could not, absolutely refused to smile or give me the satisfaction of looking my way.
Not until we got back inside and all was well again.
Gotta love those girls...they just do what they please, when they please and it never ends, does it? Not even when they're like 20 something. :0)

Looking at Kody who was spitting raspberries over my left shoulder...
{Thanks for the wet shoulder Bear}

These are a little different. I was trying for a more muted, toned down, vintage look. I'm not sure if I'm diggin' it though. Maybe it'll grow on me more today.
We all know I am notorious for those super bright colors.
It's a bad habit of mine, right up there with Starbucks and the Style channel. :0)

Have a great day today!

Karl is leaving early tomorrow morning for the truck driving life again.
It's not gonna be a good week around here. :0(

Kody is back to taking Klonapin for his tic's. He takes it, as of the moment, only at night to help his eyes relax enough to get to sleep.
He goes back to Neurology on Dec. 12th. So, perhaps sometime around Christmastime we'll know more as to whether he's facing his 4th brain surgery for intracranial pressure.
My poor baby. :0(

Love, Kim

Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey Day 2007

Lots of fine, good old fashioned cookin' went on yesterday. It was delish!!
Lots of fine men started off helping in the kitchen yesterday too...

There's Kolin...

And Kody....

Kyle James was in and out all day, guess that's what happens when you have to go out and officially "meet the parents".

But, after a little while...our boys, whom we love dearly, bless their hearts, they do have ADD and the shortest attention spans on the planet, wondered out of the kitchen to jump on Playstation and left Dad to fend for himself.

It's all good though...cuz I was overseeing, umm...I mean watching/glaring/staring/googling the kitchen staff.
Ya know, there sure ain't nothin' like a hot guy in the kitchen...


And here is just a tiny bit of the final picture...5 minutes before it was devoured in like 25 minutes flat.

By some of these lil' hellians..

A full belly is a happy belly, that's what we always say....

And that concludes Turkey Day 2007. :0)


Angels Among Us Part Two

Sometimes I get these middle of the night visions for a photo.
This week it was the "Angel" ones.
You have to know what you want to do before you go slapping angel wings on a kid, because you only get about 5 minutes to shoot.
Then you have to pick the right kid for the job.
Then you have to let that kid have his version of angel pictures before you can safely take yours.

Introducing Ninja Angel...

And Super High Flyin' Angel...

Brought to you by my lil' wild man angel, Kolin. :0)

Later Gators!!


Angels Among Us

I believe, do you?

Thanksgiving Day was, food, but unfortunetly it no "K" family football this year.
I have a ton of pic's to get of the camera sometime hopefuly by tonight or tomorrow I'll have them up here.

Thanks to Dad, Kolin, Kody and Kyle James who put together a dinner that was TDF. :0)

I'm totally gonna miss ya when your gone Daddio..that is for real. Know why? Cuz you are "Snap" Fabulous Baby!!

I'm on babysitting duty today so I better get going..there's only so long that she will stay in her swing and right about now, she's finding the boys to be a little on teh boring side. I mean many times can you spit raspberries till it gets dull. LOL!!

Later everyone!!

Hope your turkey day was a great one!!

Love, Kim

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!!!!

Wishing you all a very blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving Day today.

When I think of all the reasons I have to be thankful for, the first thing that comes to mind is my Bear.
Another Thanksgiving...another year we have been blessed by God to have him here with us.
I also think of my whole family, near and far and thankful that we are family.
A roof over our head, food on the table, wonderful friends {that's all you!!} and most of all...

A husband and two sons who LOVE to cook!!
HAHAHA....I'll be burning up the keyboard while dinner and dessert is made entirely by Karl, Kyle James and Kolin! blessed can I be???!!!

Have a very beautiful Thanksgiving Day today.

Love, Kim

PS. Pictures later..I was up way to late last night creating hats again and never did get some new ones up. My bad. :0(

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Little Christmas Magic

And a little Christmas, silly hat, blue eyed, baby girl. :0)

Couldn't you just eat her up?

It was a pretty good day today, all's well as can be.

Sooooo.....I'll leave ya'all tonight on a bright note and wish you a very restful night.
I'm off to do some, the Gramma's of the world and lots of celeb's are doin' it ya know, it's a cool thing. :0)

Love, Kim

Go Elf Yourself

Proof that I have way too much time on my hands, late at night, when I should be sleeping. :0)

Go Elf Yourself

Have fun today and don't forget to take those turkeys out of the freezer!! :0)

Love, Kim

Monday, November 19, 2007

Faux Fabulous

Beautiful leaves up North in the fall..reds, orange, golds, so awesome, so colorful so bright.
That's Fabulous.

Faking it in the Sunshine State with plastic leaves bought from Wal-Mart.

Definetely Faux Fabulous. :0/

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Day With Alona

Yesterday the girls {Kayara, Alona and Adriana} spent the day here. Since Karl is leaving next Sunday for Atlanta for a truck driving session for 4 days, and then getting back into the drivers seat {finally after a year} for a few weeks they figured some time with Grampa was a good thing. was. :0)

Kayara and her ex-husband share Alona. SO, between the sharing, school, after school activities, playdates, birthday parties and everything else fun that 5 years olds do...I don't get to see Alona nearly as much as I'd like to either.
Well...we definetely made up for lost time yesterday...that girl has got non-stop energy.
Plus....she just started Kindergarten this year and is reading..I mean reading everything and forget spelling things around her cuz she can figure that out too in a heartbeat.'s some quick pic's we took yesterday, all within 8 minutes, so we can show you all how much the lil' princess is growing.

Gotta love a girl that loves to pose.
I've got at least 10 more...LOL...but I'll put them up another time. :0)

Have yourselves a very relaxing Sunday.
The weather is beautiful here today so looks like I'll be giving the kiddo's the boot outside, especially Kolin, who had a glazed Wal-Mart doughnut for breakfast and he is literally binging all over the dang place as I type this. :0)

Love ya'all...


PS. Tanya Nicole...We are all VERY impressed!!! You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!


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