Friday, November 2, 2007

Post Halloween Madness

Yeppers, it continues..the "Post Halloween Madness", which is why I never did get on here yesterday. :0(

Halloween was great....the kids and I went to see a movie instead of the regular trick-or-treating that we normally would do on any other Halloween.
Between my busted out knees and Kody's balance problems..trotting down dark streets just wasn't happening this year.

Because of the day and all...not any funny movie would work, heck had to be scarey, gorey, nerve shattering, seat jumping.
So, what'd we see?
A lil' something called "30 Days Of Night".
Was it cool? Scarey? Gorey? Nerve shattering? Seat jumping?
Ohhhhhhhh yeah!

The kids loved it and as gross as some parts were, they never once lost their appetite for popcorn and candy. LOL!!

As we left the movies we saw that they were passing out candy...then we saw that every single store in the mall was passing out candy and soooooo, as it goes...they got their trick-or-treating in anyway. Just in a air conditioned, controlled, lit up, fun envirionment.
And, what made it even better for my dawg boys..were all the 16+ girls who were passing out candy in their little..and I mean little costumes.
I have never seen my boys eyes light up like they did on Halloween night.

Anywhos...we left the mall at 7:00 just s the sun was starting to go down, rolled up to Wendy's drive thru at 7:05 and were back home by 7:30. How cool is that?

Now had I have known all these years that the mall is a cool place to trick-or-treat, I would have been taking them a long time ago. Go figure.

I'll leave you all with just a few pictures from Halloween day before I jump off for now..

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

Hey, I like your idea of Trick or Treating!!

Um...I couldn't help but notice that finger Kody's ring is on. Good thing he has good control!! :)

Glad you had a good Halloween!


Connie F-G said...

Our 11 year old has never been trick or treating. In AK it was dark and cold with moose wandering the neighborhood. We always did a family movie night and ate ourselves silly on her specially picked out treat. We've offered it up each year but she always declines. This year she got to double night on Sunday then the two of us out to eat on Halloween since Dad had school.

She's never felt she missed out. Glad you guys enjoyed your different Halloween as well.



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