Saturday, November 24, 2007

Not Lookin' At'Cha...Nope..No Way

Holy Cannoli's...this girl was tough yesterday. She would not, could not, absolutely refused to smile or give me the satisfaction of looking my way.
Not until we got back inside and all was well again.
Gotta love those girls...they just do what they please, when they please and it never ends, does it? Not even when they're like 20 something. :0)

Looking at Kody who was spitting raspberries over my left shoulder...
{Thanks for the wet shoulder Bear}

These are a little different. I was trying for a more muted, toned down, vintage look. I'm not sure if I'm diggin' it though. Maybe it'll grow on me more today.
We all know I am notorious for those super bright colors.
It's a bad habit of mine, right up there with Starbucks and the Style channel. :0)

Have a great day today!

Karl is leaving early tomorrow morning for the truck driving life again.
It's not gonna be a good week around here. :0(

Kody is back to taking Klonapin for his tic's. He takes it, as of the moment, only at night to help his eyes relax enough to get to sleep.
He goes back to Neurology on Dec. 12th. So, perhaps sometime around Christmastime we'll know more as to whether he's facing his 4th brain surgery for intracranial pressure.
My poor baby. :0(

Love, Kim


Lauren said...

hi mrs k

i like the "toned down" pics alot! very pretty!
and of cource the bright ones too :)

check out my blog... i was in the newspaper this week :)

Anonymous said...

Dear K Family,
Here's hoping Mr. K's trip is an easy one and that he is home again soon. Those pictures are awesome as always. Mrs. K, did you make that outfit yourself? Either way, it's adorable. Love, blessings, and tons of hugs,
Tanya Nicole Servis

Karen said...

I like all the pics. As always the entire "K" family is in my thoughts.

Shiela said...

I really LOVE the first pic! All of them, actually, but I guess that's my favorite. :)

Sorry you're gonna have such a long week, with Karl's new job starting.

And...I'm keeping my fingers crossed, as always, about Kody's possible surgery.



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