Saturday, November 10, 2007

Golfing With The K's

Last Sunday, before Karyelle left to fly back to New York...we decided that an afternoon on a gorgeous Florida day golfing range would be a very relaxing way to spend the day.

Was I ever wrong.

We drove out to a retirement/country club type place that has it's golf range open to the public. It was nice, open airy, and surrounded by fields of cows.
Typical Central Florida for ya, we have cows on every corner..for real.

KK {Karyelle} and the boys walked on over to the "Pro Shop" and picked up baskets of balls, bags of tees and a bunch of golf clubs..or as my very non-atheletic daughter asked for, "golf sticks"
Good going KK, show everyone your professional golfing lingo.

Everyone in our family pulls their weight..some more then others.
Kolin, being the smallest...well, we except him to carry the most. :0)

Here he is carrying our golfing needs...something that weighed about as much as he does. Doesn't he look thrilled?

"I'm 80 pounds and these sticks are 75 me someone"

"Hey..Yo...People, wait up!!"

Kody spend most of his day of golfing pounding sand...

"Whatever..I still look hot in my plaid shorts"

Kolin did OK, if you happen to like one certain golf movie, with one certain actor named Adam Sandler starring in it.

"Hey, I like Happy Gilmore...wanna make something of it?"

After what seemed like 3 trillion years and 5769 swings later, that ball remained perched right on top of that tee.
Finally, her miracle came when she whacked it about 3 feet. Then she ran out on the field and picked that ball right back up and used it again.

"Well first off, I paid for that dang ball and I want to get my use out of it and second..I am sooo sticking to shopping as a sport. Will someone please point me in the direction of the closest nail salon?"

Kyle James did great. He could hit that ball far...real far, I mean all the way out to the furthest flag.
Unfortunetly his golf ball would hook, in the air, every time and he ended up taking out a cow,
innoccently grazing in a field..
far, far away......
Poor cow.

"Waa-Hoo..I hit something, oh wait..what do you mean this sport isn't about hitting things? Sorry, my bad."

This brings us to Kaysha.
Kaysha, the last girl of three.
Born to be spoiled.
Hates sports of any kind.
Very much a Diva.
Thinks golfing is for old people.

Kaysh had a theory,..
Turn her Ipod on loud, play heavy metal.
Get into that heavy metal mood.
Pretend she was not part of this strange family.


And hit that ball perfectly every single darn time.

"Oh yeah, I'm the best, go me!!!!"

As we were heading out to return our equipment to the "Pro Shop", Kody spotted the ball collector guy and not wanting to miss a second of the fun this guy was obviously about to have, Kody invited himself along for the ride.

"Hey Kod!!!!"

And that pretty much sums up our day on the golfing range.
It was fun...but I'm not sure we'll be allowed back.

We were not quiet, we were not relaxed, we sure weren't professional..that's fur sure.

But..we did have fun, and ya the grand scheme of life, if you can't have fun then just stay home.
Everyone that knows us knows it's all about the P*A*R*T*Y baby!! :0)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Love, Kim


Jill from Missouri said...

All that matters is that you had fun and it looks like you had alot of it. Kody love the shorts very golfish (is that a word??) Putt putt is all the golfing our family does. Nic my oldest likes to go with his Grandpa when he golfs because he gets to drive the golf cart

lacinwpg said...

WHOOOOO HOOOOO I was right!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't signed your guestbook before but I am a faithful reader! I just love you family how you guys always seem to have F*U*N! My son is in Tae Kwon Do so he thought Kody and Kolin's karate pictures were pretty cool :)
I wish I lived near you and I would have you take photos of my son. You do such a great job at pictures. I loved the ones with Kolin's green eyes! I hope little Adrianna is doing better.
I also love the family photo. Your family is just awesome! :)
Oh and the golfing pictures are a hoot.
Kristine from Minnesota :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, K-Klan!!! At first I guessed Karl, but then as I was reading I suddenly thought maybe Alona. Guess I was wrong! Way to go, Kaysha!!! The first pic didn't quite show "good form", but that swing sure did. I can't believe how high up in the air you and Kyle James can get. Well, yes I can...I'm more than twice your age!! :P So glad you had such a great time on the range!! (And KK asking for golf STICKS was so funny!!!) Hope you had a nice weekend!



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