Friday, November 30, 2007

Baby In A Basket


That's it for now. :0)



Lottie said...


Anonymous said...

i just finally finished paying for all my vacation pics last night. im ready to have all the new ones of my 2 favorite girls sent to riht aide. we are gonna have to work on this sometime this weekend or next week. i bought all kinds of cute xmas frames. all adri's xmas pics deserve to me framed and im sure all of alonas will need to be. im gonna go broke doing all me

Amy said...

She is beautiful and looks so much like her Uncle Kody Bear!! I hope Daddy Bear is ok after his asthma drama. I know how scary it is to not have an inhaler.
I hope you have a awesome relaxing weekend.

jbaj said...

Gosh I love your pictures! One of these days.... I'm working on it but you have a gift.

Love your family - you are blessed - I know things aren't always easy but to look at your kids and grandkids - you are so blessed.

Have a great week!


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