Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas On Main Street

Last night was Leesburg's annual Christmas parade. This is like, I don't know...the 4th year we've gone.
One thing I do know is that every year it gets more crowded, more bigger and more better.
This year was no exception...the parade was 2 hours the before parade entertainment...very cool..very, very cool.

However....these two guys were pretty entertaining too...

They were almost as entertaining as the big tall "Toy Soldier" dude stilt guy...

In this town, folks take "Move your feet...Lose your seat" to heart and in the two minutes it took to shoot those pictures at the red wall...our seats got taken over.

So....we moved about 6 feet to the left and got some much, much better seating anyway...
Cuz, that's how we roll, ya know. :0)

The main reason really why we go to the parade is of course the wonderful floats, meeting people, and the choirs.

Nahhhhh......are you all know us, my main reason is funnel cake, Kody's is the cheerleaders/baton twirlers/gymnists/dancers and all teenaged Miss Leesburgs.
Kolin's is to throw a kick, anywhere at any time..he is not picky as long as he is kicking.
We also take him because he is a porfessional candy catcher..and that's darn important.

This is the curb where we ended up sitting. We also ended up with kettle corn...because, can you believe it..

FYI...I do not roll well with popcorn.
So now I have to like, wait for Marti Gras on Main Street in Febuary. Bummer. you can see how beautiful downtown Leesburg started filling up quick with more people then I could have imagined.
They were sitting and standing 5 deep.
We were in front..I do know a little about arriving early.

After, like I mentioned, a full two hours of marching bands, peppermints tossed at our heads, elbows bashing, cute lil' elementary school sized elves turning cartwheels, semi's dragging floats, firetrucks blasting sirens, monster trucks with wheels bigger then my mini van, and 1000's of santa hats boppin' by...we finally caught glimpse of old St. Nick himself, which of course, always signifies the end of the parade....

And I'll tell ya...not a minute too soon because I being the super genius I am, decided to chug a mega sized sweet tea before the parade and trust wanted OUT!

Thanks for stopping by all!!

Till tomorrow..



Jaime from CT said...

Hi Kim, Kody and the "K" Family!
Sorry I have been such a comment-slacker lately. Downtown Leesberg sure does look beautiful! I which we had a Christmas parade in my town, but we'd all be sliding around on the inch of ice that is covering every surface (roads, sidewalks, front porches) this morning!
Kody and Kolin, you guys rock! Best of luck on your black belt tests. I know from experience the level of hard work and dedication it takes to earn a black belt. I studied Kempo karate for several years and was a brown belt (two levels below black). Unfortunatly little things like college, two jobs and marriage took up too much of my time and I was not able to continue my studies. I'd love to go back some day and earn that black belt. Anyway, I am sure that you guys will sail through!
Hugs and prayers to all!

Jaime from CT

(p.s. Sorry to hear about Karl's asthma problems at work. I hope he is feeling better now.)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Great pics - Main street looked amazing!


Anonymous said...

Great post, Kim! That parade looks awesome!! It reminds me of C'mas 2000, when we were at Disney and ya KNOW how great those parades are!! Makes me wanna come visit. It's bone chilling cold here -- down to zero tonight with the wind chills. :(

Take care!


Jackie said...

I've never seen Christmas lights on palm trees before! How cool is THAT!?!
I'm fr-fr-freezing my toes off and you were in short sleeves at a Christmas parade! Thanks for sharing! Maybe we can trade some cold and snow for some of that sunshine? We have relatives living in Leesburg now, so hmmmmmmm. Ya never know!
Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Christmas and palm trees......I must say, that can only be in Florida! Coming from Washington state, I would be happy to see a ray of blue sky! :0)


Anonymous said...

mama ur a mess, this is your 6th year, ive been gone for 3 as was in the parade 3 years. silly!


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