Thursday, December 20, 2007

Baby Toes

Alot of you know how badly I have this thing for feet...Oh my gosh, I hate them.
It's pretty painful to sit 4 to 5 days a week and watch my boys at karate because, know...there's a heck of a lot of feet in there.

About the only feet I can stand to look at and actually touch are the tootsies of those too small to walk yet.
I love these feet....

And I really love the lil' Diva those ten tiny toes belong too. :0)

Getting back to Kody...I must have been pretty tired because I don't think I explained things well.
When they put that hose down his nose and into his throat..the Doc. looked carefully at his vocal cords and had him making certain sounds. What he saw was a normal looking cord...but he did see alot of juicey stuff behind it which lead him to believe that Kody possibly has reflux and post nasal drip.
So...they gave him "nasalnex" {I have a feeling I spelled that all wrong} and they want him on a reflux medication but they wouldn't write a script., instead they want his pediatricain to write one which she won't do without setting up another appointment.
So...I called yesterday and wouldn't you know it, they called while I was out for a little bit. I'll try again right now.

Today is the last day of school until 2008 for the kiddo's. They are pretty happy as you can all imagine.

Karyelle {our oldest daughter} flys in tonight so Karl will be picking her up from OIA {Orlando airport}.
Having the whole family together once again is our Christmas this year.
Since it's been one stink butt of a year...we won't be celebrating with gifts. The kids say they understand but that Kolin of mine..he cracks me up because he still is holding out by plastering the fridge with his wish list. He kind of reminds me of those Wal-Mart commercials. LOL!!
What we will be celebrating is being together one more time for another year because Karyelle most likely won't be able to get here again until next Christmastime.
This home of ours is going to be packed to the max come tonight.

Welp, that Diva girl of mine should be here any minute so I better scoot.

Wishing you all a beautiful day today!!

Love, Kim


MarlaCharles said...

Love, Love, Love the pictures! She is so stinking cute! I can totally understand why you can't stop taking pictures of her!

I hope you guys have a wonderful time with all of your children and grandchildren!


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your kids. You are right the family is the most precious gift of all.


Anonymous said...

LOVED the pics of Adriana!! Those chubby little chunky thighs make me smile every time!!!!!!!

So glad the whole gang will be together, and Kyle also reminded me of the not-so-blatant Wal*Mart ads!! :) I have often said we all put way too much into the GIFT GIVING part of this season. My head is swimming with all that is left to do. Tree up but no decorations, no wrapping done, no baking done, etc. etc. WHY do we add so much stress?! I imagine you all will be having a blast and making goodies, etc. THAT is more memorable than any gift, and is a gift in and of itself!

Well, I've got a 3-yr-old that is currently very upset with his 9-yr-old sibling so I better scoot!


~NY~, USA!!!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Does she have little baby leg warmers on? I love them!!


Jen from WI said...

Merry Merry Merry Merry Christmas to all the K's! Love you guys!


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