Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Winter Hat Tuesday

I really, really wanted to write "Winter Hat Wednesday"...then I remembered..I'm a day early.
It's all good though, because I'm usually late for just about everything.

Yesterday was a great day...the weather was woooooooweeeee....gorgeous!
KK..I so wish you were here but the 20th is coming girl, hang in there!
Anywho's, so gorgeous that I decided with a lil' help from Kody and Grampa to take Adri outside for yet another supermodel photo shoot.
Truth be told...she is getting way too keen with me, a little bit fresh and not real smiley...until we take her back inside.
Little booger.

So...these are just a few of about 60 or so. Thank goodness for the power of deletable digital. :0)

This is what I get when she looks at her crazy Grammpa when he promises her he's taking her back inside to play...


Not to be outdone by his niece, two of Kolin who really didn't want to pose but for a Wendy's frostie...he gave in. :0)

He didn't complain much...well OK, he complained...but it didn't last long.

Tomorrow I have some "K" news that will knock your socks off.
While it nearly caused my socks to roll...it also caused me to reach into the fridge and pull out a....

Hmmmmm, I'll tell you all about that tomorrow, K?

Have a great one everyone!!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

baby's looking exceptionally chewy today. Get me the bbq sauce. That's all I have to say!!

Sheri in Wisconsin said...

That is not nice to leave us all hanging for some "knock you socks off news"! I can't believe how big she is getting and cuter by the minute. I will be checking tomorrow morning...

kk said...

mom dont post this till u give everyone the big news. but i thought you would like to know what kody but up on his bulliton for all his myspace fans to read. i cried my eyes out when i read this, if this isent love and what family is about then i dont know what is

my sister in law
Body: well hers the story me and my bruthr were outside and my dad calld us in and he sead unkl kody unk kolin and we sead yes he trnd to kyle jams botch he sead yall ar unkls agen and my sister in law sead that is right.me and kolin pasd for abuot one minite and kyle james botch wus smiylling the whol time and it is so cool

tomorrowsmemoriesphotography said...

found you through ilp & am lovin' this blog!
i wanted to warn you i'd be back...please don't think i'm stalking :).

MksMeSmil said...

ooo that sweet little baby is getting little rolls of fat. My favorite part of babies!I sure understand the comment above me concerning BBQ sauce! LOL

Leeann said...

They are both cuties! Gotta love those fat rolls on her legs. I love me some baby rolls!


rocketbear said...

What a cutie bug!! Love your pix of the kids. Now, you got me on the edge of my seat to find out your 'K' news. Mean, mean, mean to keep us hangin', woman! LOL Hope Karl is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess the good thing about me not stopping by for a few days is that I get caught up all at once AND today's the day you finish your story. I didn't need to wait overnight. Na-na-na-na-na-NAAHH!!!! :o) Now...ya just need to get your butt on this pc and do your daily blog!!! :D

Until later...

Amy said...

That is one bea-u-ti-ful baby!! I just want to give her a big squeeze. I love the hats too.


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