Sunday, December 16, 2007

AndThe Winner Is....


Congraulations Kim from Texas, you are our first official winner from our first official "Name That Picture" contest!!!!!!

Please e-mail me at: so we can get together for sizes and colors and this week you or someone you love alot will be sporting an original "Kooky" hat, all silly, adorable and oh sooooo warm.

All the entries were hysterical and soooooo cute but Kim's stuck about as good as Adri's backside is stuck in that cup.

It wasn't easy, Kody and Kolin, at the very last minute, narrowed it down to two and they did the "close your eyes and pick one" thing, the "Eeny Meeny Minny Moe" thing and the "I'll give you the last candy cane in the house if you pick mine" thing.
But, together, over Pillsbury Grand Cinnabon rolls {Thank you Dad} and blue Gatorade they picked a winner.
That's brotherhood for ya. :0)

This was so much fun...we all had the best time yesterday reading the entries as they came in. This really was our best entertainment yesterday and so, with that said...we will be doing this again and again.
Besides...between Kolin's puppy dog eyes telling me "But I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings" and Kody's darn bumble bee pouty lips telling me "Can't everyone be a winner?" you know they aren't going to let me stop now. :0)

Oh...before I leave..just so you know, round two with the giant teacup {which is actually a flower pot I picked up from Wal-Mart last Spring} went much, much better. :0)

" ain't right"

Have a beautiful day everyone!!!!!

Love, Kim, Kody and Kolin


Jackie said...

Happy Sunday, K family!

She is just too cute!

Doing my guestbook rounds now since we have snow and ice in western PA today! Your weather looks more pleasing!

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Loved the choice you made! Can't wait for the next contest, 'cause I personally don't think someone from TEXAS needs a warm, fuzzy, cozy hat as much as we do in NEW YORK! :o)


acutescrubnurse said...

Awesome picture!! Hope you're all feeling better and ready for a new week. Kim, I was thinking about you today......we were at the local candy shop and they had Chippers, chocolate covered potato chips!! OMG, they are the BEST!! I bought some with the intentions of giving them as a Christmas gift....however, they did not make it out of the parking lot!! (oink, oink!!)
Have a great week K-family!!


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