Sunday, December 23, 2007

Skater Claus

I took these today of Kody...You all know I always love when he's feeling great enough to be on that board of his. :0)

Have a great night everyone...I'm off to get some sleep. :0)

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

It's awesome to see pics of you on your board, Kody! :) I am WAYYYYY jealous, though, that you are in shorts and a sleeveless shirt. UGH!!!!!! Although it rained up here yesterday, and we barely have any snow left on the ground, :( it sure isn't nice enough to wear shorts.

Hope you're all having way too much fun down there!!

Merry Christmas Eve!!

~NY~, USA!!!

Anonymous said...

Kody you are looking good - as always you handsome little devil you -
I am a bit jealous as you are in shorts and we have 6" of snow on the ground!!
Just wanted to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!!!!
Hugs from Missouri,


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