Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mr. are our Hero

This was left in our comment page and it has gone straight to my heart.
I really wanted to share this with you all and ask for prayers for our troops and for the negativity of some people to end.

I've been reading about Kody and your family for so long - I have gained such strength watching your family cope with Kody's struggles. Thank you for sharing. (we have fallen in love with everyone in your crazy family!)

Now, I want to ask you a favor. I know you have an amazing group of followers that believe in the power of positive thoughts.

My 18 year old son is a newly enlisted member of the Air FOrce. He will be stationed in FL (near Pensacola) soon and then will be deployed as early as June 08. He has done so well in the military - Everyday he makes me proud to be his mom.

Recently, he and some of his fellow Airmen were walking in downtown San Antonio and they were spit on. By people yelling negative statements about War.

CJ is having a hard time understanding why people do things like this. As his mother, I want to kick those people in the butt. Since I can't do that, I thought I would ask perfect strangers (those that are obviously caring as they prove by following Kody's story) to stop by my blog and leave him a positive comment. To let CJ and the other servicemen that read the blog, that the "spitters" do not represent our country.

If you would take a minute to stop on over, I would be forever
grateful. And if you would ask your friends/family/ anyone else you can think of to do so as well, just think how wonderful CJ will
feel. If each of you asks just one other person, think how powerful
a message we can send to our servicemen and women.

Thank you for even considering this. My heart breaks for my son - I thought this type of behavior ended decades ago…

Hallie, Maine
Proud Air Force Mom of CJ
http://wonderfulworldofweiners. blogspot. com/
(we have 2 dachshund dogs hence the name of the blog!)

You can also find the blog link to your right under "My Favorite Blogs"

Miss Hallie...
Anytime you need anything, if I can help..I will be there for you. You and your beeautiful family have given us so much strength and so many prayers...we love you all.

Love, Kim

PS. That video game is still one of the boys' all time favorites. :0)


Anonymous said...

Kim, "Leave it to you"...your own son, our beloved Kody, went to Shands yesterday for some pretty major tests/answers/plans. Even though there are hundreds of us wondering how he did, your post last night was not even about Kody or your family. Instead, you turned your heart to others and posted about CJ from the military. YOU are also a good role model for our country!!!!

Sure hope Kody's tests went okay.


Candy said...

Kim, I have followed the "K's" for quite a few years and I am just amazed by you and your big heart!
I have a son in-law in Iraq, his wife, our daughter leaving in Jan. for Iraq, and our son leaving in March for Afganistan! All are in the Army. We are proud of not only our kids, but every person that wear their uniforms proud. Thank you CJ for doing what you do.

And thank you Kody, for being the wonderful young man, that has encouraged us all to live life to its fullest!



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