Thursday, December 27, 2007

We Have Two Winners!! I know I said this contest would end Friday morning but for some brain fart reason I really thought yesterday was Thursday making today Friday when actually, DUH...yesterday was Wednesday making today Thursday and in anycase...
We have two winners...becuase they were both right, I couldn't decide and welp, what the heck, I love everyone...

Debcmom and Tanya Nicole Servis...
Please e-mail me at: to claim your very own "Mountain Hat".

Christmas morning Karl slipped this lucky ticket into my stocking...

We don't ever play lottery but Karl, wanting to give me something, anything, found a small convienance store open Christmas morning.
After cruising up and down the isles of this particular mini mart which sells mostly slim jims, cigars and fake hair he wandered up to the cash register and found the scratch off lottery ticket display which had more colorful ticket choices then Santa's got elves.

When he came home all proud of himself and all..I keep thinking "We so could have bought bread with that $2.00" and since I told him I have never won anything on those would be such a waste of $$.

Anywhos...I stuck it back in my stocking for later when the house got quiet...which, BTW, never happened.

A little later then that, Karl was busy making dinner, Kayara was taking Alona to her Dad's, Adriana had just gone down for a nap, the kids were busy doing what kids do when I sat down in the kitchen and scratched that ticket off.

Then I saw those $50.00's start showing by one and like that..BAM..there were three!!
So that's when I was like "Ohhh....Ohhh...Ohhhh" and Karl was like "What? What? What?" and I yelled "I won..I won..I won $50.00!!!!!"
And that is exactly when for some crazy reason, Karl thought I said "Fifty Thousand" and the poor guy dropped his tongs in the ham glaze and damn near had a stroke right there on the kitchen floor.

For something like a whole 5 minutes I was thinking of all the frappachino's $50.00 would buy then I remembered that Kolin needs new shoes before school starts again cuz he went and had another growth spurt and just like that Kody tells me his Playstation 2 controller thing is broken.
Easy come, easy go.

But you know, it was waaaayyyy fun while it lasted.

**Sorry about the heart tremors Karlio**

Thank you so much for participating in this surprise guessing game...don't fret though, because there is going to be more contests..I'll just spring them as ideas pop into this brain fart of a head. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim


christie said...

Yeah Kim .. I am so happy for you ... $ 50.00 ...what a nice Christmas bonus !! You definately deserve it !!


Lauren said...

congrats to the winners!!

i have an idea for a contest on my blog i just cant think of a prize and i dont think i have enough readers to get enough entries lol

if i think of a prize maybe i'll do it.

Anonymous said...

OMG -- I'm sitting here, chuckling over and over and over again!

First, was the great reminder of the cammode pic from last year. Then, it took me a few seconds to figure out the clues but I thought of a gift card. Didn't really think of "Starbucks", but they were pretty good guesses! (BTW, secretly I was mad at myself for not visiting sooner and getting to go in on that cute hat Alona was wearing!!)

ANYWAY......I'm sorry, Karl, but the thing I was chuckling about the most was your own brain-fart moment. The dang card says "Win up to $10,000" NOT fifty thousand!!! :P I'm sorry, but I'm still sitting here, LOL!!!! Poor Karl, that would have been my luck too, hearing the wrong amount. (And, of course, Kim your description of the tongs being dropped made it all the more funny!)

I'm so glad you won on your card! My mom, rest her soul, loved giving out scratch off tickets during the holidays too. Isn't it weird how we miss the "little things"...

Well, I'm off to catch up on the other blog entries. I didn't dare reply to all of the, but just for the record I loved Kaysha's "In the Hood" pic with her kitty. :)



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