Thursday, December 13, 2007

Outake Thursday

I was sifting through and weeding out some old pic's and found this one.
I took it last month and forgot all about it.

This is what happens when you stuff a baby in a teacup.....

What you don't see in this picture was Paris, our cat looking at her from the side, like we all went plum crazy. :0)
I have no idea why I cropped her out.
LOL..anywhos..I may try that teacup again tomorrow sometime.

Have a great night everyone...hope ya'all got a lil' chuckle.

Love, Kim

Kody's headache has finally left the building.

Kolin's ear infection is horrible and he's on a stronger antibiotic {Bactrim I think?}. Plus, he's having pain in the bone surrounding her ear which is worrying his Dr. who wants to see him back tomorrow if it still hurts or Monday at the latest if we can't make it tomorrow. Since he has a class trip to see "Arabian Knights" in Orlando...I doubt we'll be back there tomorrow.

Adri's tooth has not broken through and I swear I still have gum prints where she gnawed on my hand all day. BTW...the teething rings I sooooooo lovingly chilled for her remained untouched.

Karl's tooth infection is waaaaaayyyyy worse. He's taking Amoxicillin...hoping it will knock out the infection.

And that my friends...concludes our day.
Thank Goodness tomorrow's Friday!!!! :0)


Anonymous said...

Well I don't know about anyone else but that picture cracked me the heck up. You need to have a name that photo like Ree does :) Funny, Funny
Well if you don't have enough to worry about Karl had to add to it - what is he thinking??? No seriously hope he gets that tooth under control, ther nothing worse than a toothache in my opinion.
So glad that Kody's headache is gone gone with the wind. May be say away for a long, long time!!!
Kolin, hope that darn ear is feeling better this evening and that you enjoy your field trip tomorrow.
Kim it was so nice of you to offer a prayer for us folks out here in the midwest. The ice actually melted quite abit today, we had to watch for falling ice chunks. Not a good day for a walk!! Thanks again for thinkin of us
Hope you all have a great weekend in nice warm sunny Florida as they are predicting a nice little snow storm for the weekend :(
Hugs from Missouri,

Anonymous said...

'morning K-Klan. I'm glad Kody's headache is gone. Poor Kolin, Karl & Adri, though.

Love, love, LOVED the tea cup pic!!



Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Really, ANY day in the K house boring? You certainly have your plate full!!

I think I might ship my wieners down to you and see if you can get a pic of them in that tea cup - I LOVE IT!!!



Btw, CJ got a lot of nice comments from your blog entry. THANK YOU SO MUCH - if you ever need anything from Maine, I'm your gal! (how about some snow?)

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!! That is the funniest thing ever......but, how in the world do you have a cup that size????

Olympia, WA


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