Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Kaysha...Where You At??

Seems to me all she does is go to school, go to her PT job, go out with friends, go to the mall, go to the movies, go anywhere I am not.

Before she took off with her BFF last week I begged and pleaded with her..just one picture, OK..just one I swear. lil' darlin' said to me in all her 16 year old cuteness..

"Mom, your so lame"

Told you she was cute. :0(

This is the one photo I was able to take, no actually I took a few of the one I wanted..with the cool fur hooded jacket that she hates, hates alot.
But..I won't be showing you those because she honestly looks like she's about ready to hurl in those snaps.

"Hey Kaysha? Where you at girl??"

Now you see her....

Now you don't.
It may be a while till we see her again...sorry.

Kody's appt. at Shands ENT went pretty well today.
The ENT Doc' stuck this tube thing with a camera on it, attached to a computer, right up his nose down to his vocal cord and on that computer I saw awfully strange ,bubbly looking parts of him I hope never to see again.
So...looks like for the time being, we are going to treat him with medication for reflux. Hopefully that will be the answer we are looking for so that surgery wil not be in his future.

Welp that's about all the news I have for now.

Lauren...Good luck, positive thoughts and many prayers for a very speedy recovery with you surgery tomorrow.
We'll be thinking of you...update as soon as you can. :0)

Love, Kim


christie said...

What a beauty ... love the hat too!!!

Anonymous said...

Those brown eyes remind me of that little brother of hers!! :)

Owe - a tube down my nose??!! That sounds painful. I'll bet Kody was a champ, though. So, was all the stuff you saw normal looking to the docs? I sure hope reflux is the answer.

Have a good day!



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