Saturday, December 29, 2007

Two Wonderful Hat Winners=Two Donated Mountain Hats

A couple days back I posted a suprise contest and picked two winners to win two "Mountain Hats" of their choice.

I am so happy to tell you all that both of my beautiful winners, Miss Deb from Texas and Miss Tanya from Delaware, have offered back their hats to donate to two cancer families. :0)
How awesome if that?

So...this is the deal.

The first two families to type out a quick message in the "comments" section of this post will be picked. Then please, throw me an email at: so that I can meet you and get working on those hats for you. You pick your favorite color and size/age.

Also, you must be a cancer child's family as the hats were asked to be sent to the child, any age up to teen.

That's it. :0)

More puppy news coming up later...this Mama is being called to make some breakfast.

Oh...before I forget..I was getting bored with the blog so I tried something new. Is it a keeper? I'll be changing the header every so once in a while too..just to keep things intersting.

Lisa...that puppy poem is too cute, especailly the "stepping around poo" part which was the whole main reason I swore I wasn't going to get a dog....especially one that will be huge and has the potential to drop cannonballs. LOL!!

Be back later!!

Love, Kim


Cheri said...

Kim you and your readers rock!
It has been wonderful watching you all grow and thrive over the years.
Sending our prayers always~
Cheri, Katie and Felica

Lanette from PA said...

Hello! I am the first to comment..woohoo...What a sweet thing for your two winners to do. I promise I have a very deserving cancer family I could send a cute hat to..or does it have to be in my own family? Anyways...hope all is well with the K family! Love the puppy. Did I miss his/her name?

justbeingamommy said...

Here's my comment!! ;)

justbeingamommy said...

Here's my comment!! ;)

justbeingamommy said...

Oh.... and I'm not a cancer family, so I don't qualify...just wanted to post a comment to let you know I'm checking on that Krazy "K" guys are a hoot - been following for years!

Jennifer said...

Hi Kim - what a wonderful thing those two ladies have done! Like Lanette before me, I know a wonderful little boy fighting neuroblastoma that would love a hat - although he's not in my family. (he's close though! My mom & his grandma have been best friends since they were in jr. high - and now they're 60! plus my mom is his dad's godmother!) I totally understand if you want it to go to someone who's child is fighting - but thought I'd throw my name in just in case. The little sweetie's name is Logan and here is his blog if you're interested:
Have a great weekend! :)

nater and meg said...

Nate & Meghan thinks that idea rocks!

meganherr said...

Hello, this is very sweet of the two winners!! I have been following Kodys stroy for quite some time now and I love to read up on your family!! My 9 year old son has ALL. Here is his site. and here is my e-mail
Thanks so much!!! Megan H

Anonymous said...

Hello, My son has ALL. I have been following your story for quite a while and love to read your updates!! Here is my sons caring bridge page. and my e-mail is thanks so mcuh Megan H

meganherr said...

My son has ALL here is his info . I love to read your updates!!! Thanks to the other two winners!!! Megan H

Sandhya said...

Hi Kim,
My daughter Manaswini is a Kidney tumor survivor. We moved up to Michigan from Florida after her treatments were all done. She would love the hat.
She is 6 now.
I found this site from Jalen Kings site. Jalen and Manaswini were at St Mary's around the same time.

Wishing the K Family Happy Holidays and an even Happy New Year!!!

Take Care,

Lauren said...

that's awsome :)

may i nominate someone?

my friend elliott is battling a relapse of leukemia and recovering from a bone marrow transplant. and i think he would just look so cool in a mountain hat :)
his site is

Anonymous said...

Wow, Kim! What a wonderful idea for the winners to donate their hats!! (Again...I'm behind on reading your blog, but I'm gonna take a guess that you took all the names and put them in a drawing. You got quite a few replies -- how could you pick just two, or the first two??!!!



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