Monday, June 30, 2008

A One On One, Exclusive Interview With The Girl Formally Known As Goth Girl

Every so once in a while..I get a break from trying to think of new blogging stories.
Sometimes...even I run out of things to say. those times I depend on my family to help out.

Today, I gift to you a one-on-one, {keeping it real} exclusive interview with Kaysha, the girl formally known as "Goth Girl".

Ready? Here goes...

M: Hey Kay Hey
K: Hey Girl Hey

M: So, this is your very first blog interview. How are you?
K: I could be better.

M: Why’s that?
K: You made me watch four hours of America’s Top Model yesterday so I could learn how to pose so I could have this interview. Other then that, I’m pretty good Mom.

M: Ummm…yeah, about that…did you learn anything?
K: Yeah, a few tricks. Your gonna have to wait and see!!

M: How’s summer vacation going?
K: OK. I’ve been having fun playing Scrabble with you.

M: Any plans for the next six weeks?
K: I plan on making some new friends. I want to be an inspiration to others, if you know what I mean.

M: Your kind of the private type and I happen to know there are a lot of peep’s wanting to know about the girl “formally known as Goth Girl”. Would you mind sharing some of your life with the Blogger world?
K: Yes Mom, I’ll share my life.

M: You no longer dress in all black, so is that “Goth” part of your life gone for good?
K: I’m G’d up from the feet up. I put a little “pop” in my wardrobe!

M: So, what would you describe your “style” as being now?
K: Mom, I just told you, see above answer and I’m not one of those mall rats’s that run around with labels.

M: So, you are just “you”.
K: Yes Mom

M: What are your favorite brand of clothing now?
K: My Jordan’s of course. South Pole, Baby Phat, Phat Farm and Apple Bottom.

M: Thank goodness for Ross, huh?
K: Thank goodness for Ross.

M: You have extremely beautiful eyes. What is your secret?
K: Eyeliner and mascara in black. Pink eyeshadow too. Oh, and I’m just naturally cute. :0)

M: Do your friends read this blog?
K: Yes, don’t remind me.

M: Wow
K: yeah

M: Do you have a favorite color?
K: Baby pink

M: Food?
K: Egg rolls

M: Restaurant?
K: The Hip-Hop Diner in Orlando.

M: Sibling?
K: Kyle James

M: Parent?
K: I love you both.

M: What’s your all time favorite movie?
K: Finding Nemo and Rent

M: Why do you call me lame?
K: {laughing} Because I love you.

M: Want to play some Scrabble later?
K: I’d love to play a ravishing game of Scrabble with you as long as you don’t use the word “veto”. It’s not a word and neither is “LOL”!! :0)

M: Kaysha…”Veto” is a word..look it up.
K: Whatever Mom.

M: If you were to spend two weeks anywhere in the world, where would you go?
K: New York City, of course!

M: Who would you take with you?
K: You, Mom.

M: What are your three most treasured possessions?
K: My eyeliner, my Valentine’s Day edition J’s and my gold heart necklace.

M: Well Kaysha, that about wraps up our interview. Now, let’s go see what you learned watching four hours of America’s top Model. What do you say to that?
K: There better be a Starbuck’s trip in the future.

M: Yeah…that’s what I’m talkin’ about.
K: Let’s go.

And, that concludes Kaysha's first, but not last interview ever.
I'm only putting up three, although I have about 30 of her mini-shoot.
Looks like ATM has really paid off. :0)

I'll work on some others later on. I mean, after can't have enough pic's of a teen with a flair for some color pop in her outfits. :0)

Right now..I've got to get ready to dodge some rain, thunder and lightening so I can get Bear out to get his "Mohawk" tightened up so he'll look rock star awesome on Wednesday when he goes back to Orlando for his EEG.

Have an awesome day everyone!!

Love, Kim

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gone Fishing....

Last Tuesday night Karl took the kids fishing...what kids we had left since Kody Bear was at camp doing alot of fishing of his own.
I really, really, REALLY wanted to stay home and make a cake because fishing and I...we are just not meant to mingle.
There are worms and fish involved in fishing..and sorry, but every ounce of my Starbuck lovin' self is repulsed by those two things.
I rank it right up there with frogs.

Anywho's...I was informed that I was only there to capture a photo of the fish being caught. After all, you never know when that big ole' giant size fish is going to be dumb enough to get stuck on the hook of a 10 year old.

Here's Kaysha helping Kolin, who has the same feelings for worms that I do, put a worm on his hook....

Here's a closer look at the girl who cannot possibly of come out of my womb....

Dear Lord, that is gross. :0(

And here's Kolin happily fishing again.

While the only thing they caught were some lillypads and the only things we saw swimming around were turtles and a cute baby gator, they had some good wholesome fun and in this crazy, fast paced world we live in...what more could you ask for?

I just love this smiley faced, blonde haired, green eyed, wild man....

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. Coming soon, a one on one, exclusive interview with the girl "Formally Known as Goth Girl".
Be there, or be square Dudes and Dudettes.
Did I just say that? Hmmm, yeah..I did. :0/

My Mom's Tattoo's....

Are Cooler Than Your Mom's.

That's what Adri's onesie cute!! :0)

I was going through some recent pic's tonight that I almost forgot about.
When I pulled this one up I just about fell off the chair. {soooooo not pretty}
That onesie is just too cute.

I don't get anything from this little advertisement but if you have cool tatt's and a baby, you can get this same onesie here...

Urban Baby Runway

They have, without a doubt, the coolest baby clothes you'll ever find.
If I could..I'd get her one of everything. LOL!!

Later Gators!!

Love, Kim

PS. Angela..Bless your heart, thank you. :0)


I don't know what it is about "locks", but I really love them.
Maybe because they are so mysterious...I mean, they are there because somebody, somewhere does not want you to see or enter the other side.

Driving Kody home from camp this past week, Karl spotted an old, really old cemetery sign and drove down this narrow old dirt road to get to it..knowing how much I love to photograph extremely old tombstones.

Welp, I didn't get to photograph the stones..because this kept us out..

I added some texture in photoshop. I think it looks pretty cool..but then again, I've been known to be wrong. :0)

I think I'm going to scour places looking for locks..I like em' that much.

Anywho's...I've had an entire pot of coffee {bad habit #1}, I'm on the computer being nosey in my favorite forum {bad habit #2}, I'm craving opening up photoshop and creating some funky style action to compliment lock photo's {bad habit #3}, and I've got my creative juices a flowin' and am looking for a willing volunteer to help me out {bad habit #4}., as I snap back into reality..

I have to...
Throw some chemicals in the pool.
Wash the breakfast dishes.
Vacuum the carpets.
Clean out from underneath Kody's bed.
Run another load of gross, sweaty, stainy clothes.
Check on all of my favorite bloggers.
Kick myself in the butt for being too late to ask Mrs. Halli'e {WWOW} husband a few questions for his blog interview, because I'm so nosey and all.
Finish up Kaysha's Q&A's for her blog interview..coming real soon.
Make homemade orangesicle pop's.

BTW....the Hulk movie was awesome. Kody and Kolin loved it although I totally didn't get the end and my 10 year old had to explain it to me, which was a little embarrassing.
Lou Ferigno, the original Hulk that I remember from back in the day...the waaayyyy day, plays a part in it.
My kid's thought I had lost my feeble old mind when I tried to explain to them that yes, darlins'...there was such a thing as "The Hulk" when I was a kid.
BTW...Mr. Lou ain't lookin' so bad for an older guy. :0)

I woke up Bear this morning to take his med's and his whole bod is just takin' a super dive today. Headaches, body aches, jaw aches, he's just feeling horrible so I'm hoping that some swimming/water therapy will help to take the body aches away.
Soooo..with that, I better boot scoot myself outside to make sure no {{GULP}} frogs are out there.

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. I'm still trying to come up with a blog layout that I'm totally please have patience with me, I'll get there one day. :0)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Good Night Friday

Yep...I didn't get back on today like I said I would.
But...since I didn't want to leave ya'all without anything purty to look at, I'll leave you with this...

And a promise to be back on tomorrow, when I'm more alert, caffeinated and awake. :0)

Good Night All!!!

Love, Kim

Hulk Time

I'm taking the kids to see "The Incredible Hulk" this, I'll be back on later to update.

No school for Kolin today..long story, mean teacher, I'll tell you all later.

Love, Kim

Thursday, June 26, 2008

From My Heart To Your Head

Has been updated..finally!! :0)

From My Heart To Your Head

Welcome Home Kody Bear!!

We showed up right on time to pick him up yesterday...but the little booger kept us waiting a good 15 minutes while he hugged on every last girl at Camp Boggy Creek.
He seriously did not want to leave that place. :0)

Here he is right before we left to go home. He's with his camp "pals/counselors" who took the very best care of him. One in particular that checked on him all throughout the night to make sure his head was propped up on his pillows so he wouldn't wake up with a headache.
How cool is that? :0)

You can see by this quick snap that he was pretty upset to have to go.
Leaving kids/friends that have medical issues similar to his own, who know what it's like to be teased and treated like outcasts by the "normal" kids, just wasn't something that he or hundreds of others just like him wanted to do. Six days of constant spoiling, playing, laughing and loving just isn't long enough.

For most of these kids, leaving camp yesterday meant being smacked back into reality.
Although it is summer vacation just about everywhere, reality to a cancer kid isn't all about sleeping late, swimming and hanging out with friends.
It's more like...
Waking up early to get to another Dr's appointment.
Popping prescription pills at set times, all day long.
Needles, tests and hospitals.
Teasing, stares and rude comments made by other kids.

Kody gets alot of that.
Honestly..his voice problems and his eye and face tics are so bad again that leaving the safety net of camp or home is something he'd rather not ever do anymore.
The medications are not working again. The new med's are doing virtually nothing and again, we are confused as to what is going on and how to help him.
Hopefully, next month when we see his neurologist again, he'll have researched enough to give us some answers.

Anywho's...back to some brighter news.

When we picked him up yesterday, from the second we went through the front soon as we mentioned we were Kody with a "K's" parents...absolutely everybody there knew him, hung out with him and partied Boggy style with him.
Absolutely everybody there loved him. :0)

Some of the comments we heard were..

He's incredibly polite.
Has sooo much energy.
Is the happiest kid they've ever seen.
Is a leader.
Has a personality and an ora about him that you never forget.
Makes friends so easily.
All the other campers loved him.
The younger ones wanted to be with him all the time.
The older ones thought he was just the coolest.
Is soooo funny.
He's definitely not shy.
He has TDF hair.
Is awesome, in fact so awesome that a camp counselor made him a wooden necklace that says "Kody is Awesome".
I'll have to snap a picture of it's so sweet.

And, this is my favorite..

Another camper who's name starts with "S" and who is Kody's same age fell head over heels in love with him.
Kody actually admitted to me that on "Dance Night" she came up to him, put her hands on his heart and said "Kody, I love you".

Ummmm...I now have a 12 year old boy who wants to travel south to be with his girl.

Oh...I can't leave out the two 20 something "hot" {Kody's words} camp counselors whom Kody has the ole' hots for.

And he's only 12....

I'll get some more pic's up a little later.
Right now, I've got to take care of a few things around here before teh morning turns into afternoon.

Kolin's last day of summer school is tomorrow and you can bet he is thrilled about that. :0)
Incase you can't get enough of's a quick snap from a couple days ago when Karl took him and Kaysha fishing.
I went to..but I don't "fish". Gross.

Have a great day everyone!!!

Love, Kim


The trees reflected in the river -- they are unconscious
of a spiritual world so near to them. So are we.
- Nathaniel Hawthorne

Just because. :0)


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Day That Got Away

I totally lost track of time today.

I'll post an update in the morning. :0)

The good news is...


And, he had the best time of his life. Truth be told, he didn't want to leave and not one person there wanted him to leave either.
I heard so many good things about Bear..I can't wait to tell ya'all!

OK...gotta get the Hellians to bed. I'll be back in the morning.

Leaving you with one of Kolin, taken last week right after a late afternoon storm.
That boy cannot walk anywhere on the street without picking up a stick. :0)

Love, Kim

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Leesburg's Fire

I have to get these up quick because I have to run and pick up Kolin.
These photos just really speak for themselves...

Love, Kim

One More Tutu For Now...

I couldn't help myself..I just thought it was too cute. :0)

I just took the pix from the fire off the camera just a few minutes ago, so I'll downsize some to get up here today.
The aftermath was unbelievable.
Fortunately, Karl is good friends with one of the firefighters and he allowed me to get up close and personal to the buildings. That was definitely incredible because I was allowed in where normal peep's weren't allowed to go anywhere near.
In order though, not to overstep those boundaries...I snapped a bunch and then left quickly.
One pic, in particular really spoke volumes, so I'm thinking I just may submit that one to the newspaper and see if they'll print it.

On a happier note..


And, for anyone losing sleep over this like I am the countdown till we get him back is.....

21 hours.
9 minutes.
46 seconds.

I can feel aready how the grocery bill is going to go up, wayyyyyyy up again. :0)

OK, let me go get to work on some more photos.

Later Gators!!!

Love, Kim

Monday, June 23, 2008

Tipsy Sunday...Blue Monday

Have you ever had one of those weeks?
This week shall go down in my history as one of those weeks.

First I had this great idea that starting off on day white flour product, anything with a cocoa bean or carbonated beverage of any kind shall enter it's way into my life.
Whole wheat pasta sucked.
My secret stash of Hershey's looked so lonely and neglected, that sucked too.
Dr. Pepper and Root Beer were replaced by water...G*R*O*S*S. the name of swim season..I was determined to make it a go, right?

Yeah right.

This was not a good week to start such foolishness.

First of all..I miss my Bear like mad.
Kyle James hurt my feelings, although he said he didn't mean to.
Kaysha still thinks I'm lame.
My husband has no problems telling anyone that will listen that I've been a super b***h for five consecutive days. {not true}
Kolin has more energy than I can keep up with.

On a recent rip to Wal-Mart yesterday, something that I kind of like to do alone, I had company.
Karl, Kaysha and Kolin.
Let me tell you..Karl won't be doing again that anytime soon and may even have a no found respect for all those days he causally said "Take them all with you".

Karl likes to take his time and walk down every isle, making a mention of this and that. He doesn't like to buy things..he just likes to talk about them alot.
Kolin got his beloved mini wrestlers. He tried a wrestling move or two on me right there in the toy action figure dept.
Then, he pretended to see hoses became snakes, frog statues became mutant zombies, etc.
That child did not stop talking for 5 joke.
Kaysha, yeah..Kaysha. She's 17 and we are old, feeble and lame, what's more to say.

Before we left Wally World with mini wrestlers, Mountain Dew, kabob skewers, yellow cheese and a half dozen other things I made one final trip down an isle I am now convinced I don't visit enough and picked this pretty blue baby up for myself.

I pictured myself hanging out at the pool, floating peacefully on a floaty thing, bottle by my side, Beach Boys playing in the background.

What I got was...

Rain, thunder and wind.
Scrabble games played with two kid {one who thinks texting Scrabble words is OK} outside in the gazebo.
Kolin's continuous non-stop talking.
The NASCAR race on TV.
A little on the tipsy side.
Which is exactly how I saw this after three...

It's all good though and it is a very pretty color blue..making my Monday not a sad blue..but a purty blue instead. :0)

OMG...know what else I saw yesterday?
On our way to Wally we saw some thick black nasty, because we had nothing but time on our hands, we followed it.
Turned out to be one of the biggest structure fires Leesburg has seen in a long while.
A whole complex of medical, charity {The United Way} and other office's, included Lake Cty's Probation Office {which I'm sure made some peep's out there pretty happy} burnt to the ground.
And..did I have my camera on me? No, of course not. The one time I don't bring that thing with me and don't you just know it.
Anywho's...we're going back this afternoon to take some after shots..which won't be as good as the during shots..but at least it's something.
It is sad though that alot of folks are out of jobs this morning, however, from what I hear on the news..The United Way is still going to find a way to continue on. That's cool. :0)

Welp, I better get going. My hillbilly neighbor {who prefers to be paid on Busch Lite} should be here soon to mow the jungle yard and I have to get the extension cord and hose out of the way.

Later Gators!!!!!!

Love, Kim

PS. Oh I almost forgot to mention..the diet.
The diet was a bust..I didn't lose a thing, except maybe my sanity this past week.
Getting old bites. :0/

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Girls Rule And Tutu's Do Too!!

First, I would like to send a BIG shout out and THANK YOU to Miss Christie, who sent Adriana and Alona this awesomely beautiful tutu.
I've had it for almost two weeks, but with the weather not cooperating and Adri's teething not cooperating...well, it took a while to snap a few, but we did it!

I'm going to get lots more..but these were taken just before naptime and it was hot and humid out.
So..she posed for about 20 snaps and then she was done..just like that. :0)

Here's Strawberry Shortcake, taken on the 20th which was her 10 month old birthday. :0)

At 10 months Adri is completely off the bottle and uses her sippy cup instead.
Can babble a whole bunch of new words.
Says "Pa-Pa" in place of Grammpa.
She can belly laugh with the best of them.
Has two teeth on the bottom.
Is walking about 8 to 10 steps before she lowers her butt right back down.
Hates wearing shoes of any kind {Florida girl!!}
Is still the sunshine in my life right along with her big sister, Alona.

I'll have more pic's up later, but for right now..I have to get Kolin to Wal-Mart for those mini wrestlers and Mountain Dew that I promised him this week.
Trust me, he hasn't let me forget. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. Thanks for the info. on Atreyu's name. I had no idea.
When I told Kolin what Atreyu meant.he thought that was "tight", which I'll translate for you..means "cool" back in my day. LOL!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Boggy Creekin'

This is so late...sorry!!!!

Kody left on Thursday afternoon for camp...I tried to convince him it wasn't too late to change his mind and come back home.
He said "See ya next week Mom & Dad", turned around and walked away without even looking back.
The brat.

Kolin and Kaysha seem a little lost without him around. Crazy, huh?
They complain when he's here...because he's so perky and they are soooo not.
When he's not here, they miss his goofiness.

Kolin made it through his first week of summer school.
He wouldn't mind at so much if for at least one day it wouldn't rain and storm at exactly 3 o'clock when he gets cut loose.
All that boy wants to do is swim after school..and mother nature is giving him the stink eye every afternoon.
So, today's Saturday..and guess what?
Yep....the storm clouds are bearing down upon us as we speak/type/chat/blog.

I'm hoping to do some "Blogger Facelifts" over the that explains why it may look a little wonky, unmatched and strange until I can decide what color this week I'm most into.

Not much else going on. The new kittens are K*R*A*Z*Y!!
But..we love em' anyway.
I was asked a few times about their names. So, I hope this can explain it.

Tiki..welp, it means nothing except that I am into Tiki's and I thought the name was cute.

Atreyu is a name the kids wanted.
It's pronounced like this..

Short "A". Tray, Long "U".

I have no idea what it means...I just know it's the name of a band that they like and they thought the name was kickin. :0)

Have a great Saturday everyone!!!

I seriously have to get some things done around here before the lightening starts.

Love, Kim

PS. I miss my Bear. :0(

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Kats On The Block

Introducing, the two newest members of the "K" family..I'd like you to all meet...

Hi..I'm Tiki.
I like long cat naps, showing my Diva side, ear rubs, purring loudly, cashing my tail and Friskies tuna flavored cat food.
I like to sleep next to Kody at night, I'm an easy going, chilled out, nothing bothers me kind of kitten.
I love soft pink rugs and aluminium foil balls.
Very nice to meet you.

And now, I'd like you all to meet my evil twin.....

Hi..I'm Atreyu.
I don't like to sleep, I love to bounce from a chair to the wall, to the ceiling fan, back to the sofa, on the floor and back up to the wall.
I'm into knocking things over, chasing anything that moves, and waking Tiki up from naps.
I love to hang with Kolin, run after his hot wheel cars and jump in and out of cardboard boxes.
I'll eat just about anything including frogs and small lizards.
Very cool to meet you!!


Ahhh, yeppers..our home just got a little busier times two. :0)

Last night Kody and Kolin tested for their next highest rank in PWCST {Combat/weapon training}.
They both passed and are now wearing a green belt around their waists. After a couple more stripes they will become red and then after that black.
Kolin is leaving around dinner time with his instructor and other black belts for a town called Davenport, where there is another martial arts school that is teaching PWCST.
He'll help out with the PWCST testing tonight. Pretty cool, huh?
Anywho's..I do have photos from last night but won't have a chance to get them up till tonight sometime.

We're leaving to take Kody to camp at around noon today, then back quickly in order to pick up Kolin from math summer school.

In addition we've got grocery shopping to do, laundry to wrap up, and a vacuum cleaner to unclog.

It's going to be busy, busy, busy today, that's for sure.

Have a great day everyone..I'll be back on tonight sometime.

Love, Kim

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Batrachophobia: Fear of amphibians, such as frogs, newts, salamanders, etc.

Batrachophobia: Kim will scream, bounce, twitch, wet herself, run, hide in her bedroom and cry for two days if one of these comes anywhere near her...

And, that is exactly what I'll go back to doing as soon as I update this blog..because that DISGUSTING, SCARY, I'M ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS, GREEN, BULGY EYE, STICKY FEET THING jumped into the pool three times yesterday and was tossed back out by Kody, only to jump back in and scare the life out of Kolin and myself until Kolin and I finally had enough, ran back inside and hid for the rest of the night.

And, because I love ya'all so much and I know that somewhere, someone out there loves these scary green things, I took a photo of Kody, in the pool, holding it, right before it tossed it back out the first time.

No...I wasn't close at all.
Yes...I used a super zoom.
No..I won't go back in the pool.
Yes..I am still twitching.

Have a great day everyone!!!

Love, Kim

PS. Nope, Kolin isn't going to summer school by choice, however, it isn't mandatory either.
Kolin's grades this year were kick butt awesome {A's and B's} in everything except math {which always held steady at a low C}. order to stand a chance at not falling behind this year in the 5th grade, Lake County schools were offering a two week summer math program for kids that qualify.
With the recommendation from his 4th grade teacher, we were able to get him a spot in this program called "Voyager Math".
Though he's not thrilled about getting up early and going to school on summer vacation, he is pretty happy about the candy bag he comes home with and the set of mini wrestlers I promised him for being so mature about getting up and going without a complaint...well, hardly a complaint. :0)

Gotta get going and start packing Kody's bags for camp tomorrow.

Later Gator's!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Things Around The Yard & Other News

Out of boredom and a lack of willing subjects, this morning I snapped a few pic's of things around the front yard.

This "Beauty" rock is propped up on our palm tree, right outside the kitchen window.

Disturbing..I know. :0(

Gross..I found these next to the front steps. Guess they like to pop out in rain because we've been having our share these past few days.

Today was the day Kody was supposed to leave for Camp Boggy but I messed up the date he leaves and so he'll actually leave this Thursday for his first day of camp.
For the past 5 years he's always gone on North Florida Cancer Week One which always starts on a Tuesday.
This year they are booked {sad there are so many kids with cancer} for week one, so they put him in South Florida Cancer Week Two. So, he'll mingle with some new friends..mostly from Miami.
Week Two starts on a Thursday. It never occurred to me that after sending week one kids home yesterday, that those poor camp pals and staff would need a couple days break.
Yeppers..I am not too bright. :0)

Kolin is at summer math school, day two, and not lovin' it at all. :0(

Not much else going on today.
Welp, no...there are some new peep's to introduce, but I'll have to get some pic's at some point today of them to properly show ya'all.

Have an awesome day everyone!!!!!

Love, Kim

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Hanna Montana Day

Alona's 6th birthday and party was this past Saturday and since she is H.M.'s biggest fan, what better then having a celeb. visit to make a little girls wishes come true? us older peep's knew that HM was Kaysha's friend, Brittany..but when your 6 years old and your partying with a bunch of other 6 year olds..that was the real HM and nobody else would ever tell them different. :0)

There were lots of balloons...

Plenty of cupcakes....

Everyone wore some Rock Star glasses....

And I do mean everyone....

We had some autograph signing...

Thank goodness HM had a great sense of humor when the boys asked for some ink..I mean, autographs..on their legs...

There was some pinata` popping...

And lastly..some singing with HM....

If that wasn't a six year old girls dream b-day..then I just don't know what is. :0)

Have a great day everyone.

As always, life is one big adventure with Kody and right now I think he's yelling to me because he's stuck under his bed.
Don't ask. :0/

Love, Kim


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