Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Tour Around Leesburg

"For with thee is the fountain of life; in thy light do we see light."
Psalms 36:9

I {heart} fountains.
It wasn't until I had kids and then moved to Florida that I really appreciated a good fountain.
This is why..
Hot summer day, ice cream trip, sticky, hot, cranky butt kids...hmmmmmm?
A fountain..oh heck yeah....let them play in that fountain and you have got a tried and true recipe for...
Clean hands and faces, happy kids and about 50 "butt shots" of young un's bending over that fountain pushing their siblings face in the cool, sparkly clean fountain water. {{{Boys}}}

Now that the kids are older...we don't fountain as much as we used to.
Still, I love me a good fountain and that one is right there in the heart of Downtown Leesburg...same place that clock, fire hydrant and Kaysha's purse were spotted the other day.

I realize I spoke quite a bit about Leesburg this week so today I'll take you one a quick tour for your Saturday morning entertainment.
Ready? Here goes..I made ya'all a map...please don't laugh. :0/

You can click on that photo if the writing is too small.
I need to click, put on strong glasses and borrow a magnifying glass.
Getting old really does.

Yesterday we found out that Kolin was accepted into a summer, two week long summer school for intensive math.
As much as he is not happy about it, it's the only way he'll be able to get into the 5th grade in August without struggling through math..which is his worst subject and the one he stresses over constantly.
So, it's from 8 AM till 3 PM this week and next.
He looks so sad whenever we mention it. He looks even sadder when he chants "I hate math..I hate math".
I keep telling him he'll thank me one day.
He keeps giving me the stink eye.

Kaysha, Kolin and I threw some really cool photo ideas around yesterday for Friday the 13th...but as we were fixin' to get them done...we got stormed upon.
Today's another day...we'll give it a go again.

But first, we have to get ourselves to a crazy, big, wild Hanna Montana kind of party.

Well, because it's...




Happy Birthday Alona!!!!!!!

OK my's time for me to bust a move...I mean, on outta here. Lot's to do around here before we can get to that party.

Have a great day today!!!!!!!

Love, Kim


Micky said...

Tell Kolin not to worry - most of the smartest mathematicians hated "school math." It really starts to get fun when you can use math ideas to do things that have nothing to do with math. (How about physics - you can use it to figure out that perfect skateboard angle or golf shot every time!) Maybe he needs to learn some "cool math" as well as some "school math" to make it more fun and less just about rearranging numbers.

Anonymous said...

I loved your map of Leesburg, Kim! Picturing your kiddos (when they were little, of course!) playing in a fountain was enjoyable.

Hopefully Kolin isn't too upset this week and next, practicing his math. You're right...he'll thank you some day! (Better than repeating a school year...!)

I do believe Kody is at Camp Boggy Creek this week (I know, I know...I'm behind in your posts!) and I sure hope he's having fun and not trying to impress TOO many young, female, camp counselors! I always enjoy the photos from the party Friday night (I think that's the day!).

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, ALONA!! I can't believe you're already 6 years old!! I hope Gramma shared some photos on here!!



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