Monday, June 23, 2008

Tipsy Sunday...Blue Monday

Have you ever had one of those weeks?
This week shall go down in my history as one of those weeks.

First I had this great idea that starting off on day white flour product, anything with a cocoa bean or carbonated beverage of any kind shall enter it's way into my life.
Whole wheat pasta sucked.
My secret stash of Hershey's looked so lonely and neglected, that sucked too.
Dr. Pepper and Root Beer were replaced by water...G*R*O*S*S. the name of swim season..I was determined to make it a go, right?

Yeah right.

This was not a good week to start such foolishness.

First of all..I miss my Bear like mad.
Kyle James hurt my feelings, although he said he didn't mean to.
Kaysha still thinks I'm lame.
My husband has no problems telling anyone that will listen that I've been a super b***h for five consecutive days. {not true}
Kolin has more energy than I can keep up with.

On a recent rip to Wal-Mart yesterday, something that I kind of like to do alone, I had company.
Karl, Kaysha and Kolin.
Let me tell you..Karl won't be doing again that anytime soon and may even have a no found respect for all those days he causally said "Take them all with you".

Karl likes to take his time and walk down every isle, making a mention of this and that. He doesn't like to buy things..he just likes to talk about them alot.
Kolin got his beloved mini wrestlers. He tried a wrestling move or two on me right there in the toy action figure dept.
Then, he pretended to see hoses became snakes, frog statues became mutant zombies, etc.
That child did not stop talking for 5 joke.
Kaysha, yeah..Kaysha. She's 17 and we are old, feeble and lame, what's more to say.

Before we left Wally World with mini wrestlers, Mountain Dew, kabob skewers, yellow cheese and a half dozen other things I made one final trip down an isle I am now convinced I don't visit enough and picked this pretty blue baby up for myself.

I pictured myself hanging out at the pool, floating peacefully on a floaty thing, bottle by my side, Beach Boys playing in the background.

What I got was...

Rain, thunder and wind.
Scrabble games played with two kid {one who thinks texting Scrabble words is OK} outside in the gazebo.
Kolin's continuous non-stop talking.
The NASCAR race on TV.
A little on the tipsy side.
Which is exactly how I saw this after three...

It's all good though and it is a very pretty color blue..making my Monday not a sad blue..but a purty blue instead. :0)

OMG...know what else I saw yesterday?
On our way to Wally we saw some thick black nasty, because we had nothing but time on our hands, we followed it.
Turned out to be one of the biggest structure fires Leesburg has seen in a long while.
A whole complex of medical, charity {The United Way} and other office's, included Lake Cty's Probation Office {which I'm sure made some peep's out there pretty happy} burnt to the ground.
And..did I have my camera on me? No, of course not. The one time I don't bring that thing with me and don't you just know it.
Anywho's...we're going back this afternoon to take some after shots..which won't be as good as the during shots..but at least it's something.
It is sad though that alot of folks are out of jobs this morning, however, from what I hear on the news..The United Way is still going to find a way to continue on. That's cool. :0)

Welp, I better get going. My hillbilly neighbor {who prefers to be paid on Busch Lite} should be here soon to mow the jungle yard and I have to get the extension cord and hose out of the way.

Later Gators!!!!!!

Love, Kim

PS. Oh I almost forgot to mention..the diet.
The diet was a bust..I didn't lose a thing, except maybe my sanity this past week.
Getting old bites. :0/


Jenner said...

Kim, try the Seagram's "Jamaican Me Happy". It's great! Bahama Mama isn't bad either! Jen from WI

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Alos try the Shmirnoff's (sp) Ice Pomegranate Fusion!


Hallie ;)


Oh yes getting old does bite...


Jaime T. said...

MMMMMMMMM, I would love some of those for myself right about now! Pinapple and coconut = happy! Plus, my husband will not touch either coconut or pineapple with a 10' pole so there would be more for me! :)
-Jaime in CT


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