Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Things Around The Yard & Other News

Out of boredom and a lack of willing subjects, this morning I snapped a few pic's of things around the front yard.

This "Beauty" rock is propped up on our palm tree, right outside the kitchen window.

Disturbing..I know. :0(

Gross..I found these next to the front steps. Guess they like to pop out in rain because we've been having our share these past few days.

Today was the day Kody was supposed to leave for Camp Boggy but I messed up the date he leaves and so he'll actually leave this Thursday for his first day of camp.
For the past 5 years he's always gone on North Florida Cancer Week One which always starts on a Tuesday.
This year they are booked {sad there are so many kids with cancer} for week one, so they put him in South Florida Cancer Week Two. So, he'll mingle with some new friends..mostly from Miami.
Week Two starts on a Thursday. It never occurred to me that after sending week one kids home yesterday, that those poor camp pals and staff would need a couple days break.
Yeppers..I am not too bright. :0)

Kolin is at summer math school, day two, and not lovin' it at all. :0(

Not much else going on today.
Welp, no...there are some new peep's to introduce, but I'll have to get some pic's at some point today of them to properly show ya'all.

Have an awesome day everyone!!!!!

Love, Kim


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I assume Kolin is not at math school BY CHOICE?

Summer school is NOT fun.

Connor isn't even out of school yet!!

Hallie :)

Tracy in Omaha said...

LMBO at the frogs!!! I wish I had one of those. : )

Anonymous said...

Sorry Kolin's not enjoying Math Week #1. Sure hope they add some FUN to the week, as you can learn math in so many fun ways too. (Of course, if ya hate the subject, ya just hate the subject!)

The pic of the frogs made me chuckle. {I may not have, though, if you hadn't labeled it the way you did!!)

Today's our nephew's 18th birthday. Hard to believe, as he came to our country (from Russia) when he was eighteen MONTHS old. His future-adoptive-mother (my future sis-in-law at the time) initially brought him over here on a visa to get medical help. Long story short, he was adopted by her and amazes me every day b/c of the dissaibilities he has overcome. Sorta like Kody...he has amazed me for years too!! :)

Have a good night!


Anonymous said...

Cute post!


Kim and Kolin,

When my son missed half of grade 5 when he was seriously ill (and a heck of a lot of grade 4 too for that matter) he had to make it up later to ensure he understood the math concepts. He went to tutoring 3 times a week for 10 months in order to do so during Grade 7.

(See not as bad as a couple of weeks Kolin!) :)

On his diploma Math exam last year he obtained 87%. Not a bad mark to graduate school with!

So Kolin please hang in there, you'll be so glad of it later! :)



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