Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Batrachophobia: Fear of amphibians, such as frogs, newts, salamanders, etc.

Batrachophobia: Kim will scream, bounce, twitch, wet herself, run, hide in her bedroom and cry for two days if one of these comes anywhere near her...

And, that is exactly what I'll go back to doing as soon as I update this blog..because that DISGUSTING, SCARY, I'M ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS, GREEN, BULGY EYE, STICKY FEET THING jumped into the pool three times yesterday and was tossed back out by Kody, only to jump back in and scare the life out of Kolin and myself until Kolin and I finally had enough, ran back inside and hid for the rest of the night.

And, because I love ya'all so much and I know that somewhere, someone out there loves these scary green things, I took a photo of Kody, in the pool, holding it, right before it tossed it back out the first time.

No...I wasn't close at all.
Yes...I used a super zoom.
No..I won't go back in the pool.
Yes..I am still twitching.

Have a great day everyone!!!

Love, Kim

PS. Nope, Kolin isn't going to summer school by choice, however, it isn't mandatory either.
Kolin's grades this year were kick butt awesome {A's and B's} in everything except math {which always held steady at a low C}. order to stand a chance at not falling behind this year in the 5th grade, Lake County schools were offering a two week summer math program for kids that qualify.
With the recommendation from his 4th grade teacher, we were able to get him a spot in this program called "Voyager Math".
Though he's not thrilled about getting up early and going to school on summer vacation, he is pretty happy about the candy bag he comes home with and the set of mini wrestlers I promised him for being so mature about getting up and going without a complaint...well, hardly a complaint. :0)

Gotta get going and start packing Kody's bags for camp tomorrow.

Later Gator's!!!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...


And yeah for Kolin only having to do 2 weeks. That doesn't seem so bad.

Hallie :)

Jenner said...

Sending a big "attaboy" to Kolin for taking the summer math class without too much complaint. I'm sure it's not fun having to get up & go to school on summer vacation, but it's so well worth it. Way to go kiddo! Kody, I hope you have a great time at camp. And that frog... he's so cute! Maybe that little green guy was just visiting to remind you to FullyRelyOnGod. Have a great day K's! Love, hugs & prayers from WI, Jen

Anonymous said...

I think that frog is cute, Kim!! And to think Houdini would have liked him for breakfast, lunch, or supper! Assuming Houdini escaped from your house, and isn't curled up somewhere dark and cool, he'll be thrilled those little guys are hopping all over the place.

HAVE FUN AT CAMP BOGGY CREEK, KODY!!!! Can't wait to see pics!



When I was a kid we spent the whole summer at the cottage. The lake we were on (up in the Muskokas', north of Toronto, Ontario) was more of a fishing lake and chockfull of frogs! I used to fill my entire wading pool with frogs with me in it.

However, just don't put a snake within 50 miles of me... ever.


Jackie said...

LOL..You don't mind snakes but you run from frogs?!! I'm confused! I run from snakes! lol..

Aw Kolin, two weeks is going to speed right by and then it will be all over. My daughter did summer school when she was in 8th grade, for math..and it didn't kill her like she thought it would...she will graduate college in December. So it was worth it!

Oh Kody bear, have a GREAT time at camp!

katy said...

I stunk at math....still do. Maybe him getting extra help now will save him from being like me when he grows up(-;
Every time we get in the pool there are frog eggs in it. I hate frog eggs.

Lisa said...

The frog is beautiful, kiss it next time it comes by it might turn into a Prince.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kim. You made me remember something I saw once on America's Favorite Videos (our kids love that show). Have you ever seen the clip where the toddler STUFFED her diaper with several {HUGE} frogs? She kept pulling more and more of them out of her diaper. It was rather funny, but I can imagine if you were the mother how freaked out you would have been!! :)

Hoping Kody has a blast at Boggy...{hmmm....sounds like Froggy...!}


Erin said...

I can totally see why you have Batrachophobia..especially in Florida. There are some nasty toads & frogs that reside where my cousin lives. When I visited her you had to walk under a bunch of frogs to get into the door--- I was never so happy to leave a place because of the lovely frogs!


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