Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Kats On The Block

Introducing, the two newest members of the "K" family..I'd like you to all meet...

Hi..I'm Tiki.
I like long cat naps, showing my Diva side, ear rubs, purring loudly, cashing my tail and Friskies tuna flavored cat food.
I like to sleep next to Kody at night, I'm an easy going, chilled out, nothing bothers me kind of kitten.
I love soft pink rugs and aluminium foil balls.
Very nice to meet you.

And now, I'd like you all to meet my evil twin.....

Hi..I'm Atreyu.
I don't like to sleep, I love to bounce from a chair to the wall, to the ceiling fan, back to the sofa, on the floor and back up to the wall.
I'm into knocking things over, chasing anything that moves, and waking Tiki up from naps.
I love to hang with Kolin, run after his hot wheel cars and jump in and out of cardboard boxes.
I'll eat just about anything including frogs and small lizards.
Very cool to meet you!!


Ahhh, yeppers..our home just got a little busier times two. :0)

Last night Kody and Kolin tested for their next highest rank in PWCST {Combat/weapon training}.
They both passed and are now wearing a green belt around their waists. After a couple more stripes they will become red and then after that black.
Kolin is leaving around dinner time with his instructor and other black belts for a town called Davenport, where there is another martial arts school that is teaching PWCST.
He'll help out with the PWCST testing tonight. Pretty cool, huh?
Anywho's..I do have photos from last night but won't have a chance to get them up till tonight sometime.

We're leaving to take Kody to camp at around noon today, then back quickly in order to pick up Kolin from math summer school.

In addition we've got grocery shopping to do, laundry to wrap up, and a vacuum cleaner to unclog.

It's going to be busy, busy, busy today, that's for sure.

Have a great day everyone..I'll be back on tonight sometime.

Love, Kim


Lisa said...

Awww they're so do you pronounce evil twins name and what does it mean? We may be on opposite sides of the atlantic but I think we could both charge an entry fee into our homes - we have Zoo's!!!

Jenner said...

Cute kitties! I love 'em! Congrats boys on earning the green belts. I'm so proud of you both! Jen from WI

Jaime T. said...

Awwwww... they are adorable! And they sound like they are well-loved too.

Good luck with your list of things to do today. :)

Jaime from CT.

dgethouas said...

How cute are they! What do their names mean or who are they named after? I love the names and your pictures I just got a Baby Yorkie and can not get him to sit still long enough to take a none blurry picture but then again. I am not a professional like you.... Loves to Kody and Kolin. What will you do with them both away?

Audra said...

I hope Kody has a great time at camp. I told Ty-michael to meet him and tell him we follow his moms blog ..well his mom does lol

I wish i could have gone with..i always need a BOGGY weekend!

Anonymous said...

Those new kitties are kinda kool...okay, really kool but I thought the "k" looked better. Especially since they are now part of the K-Klan. I can only imagine how you happened upon them (or vice versa)! I think the evil twin looks like our black kitty, Sambo, from my childhood. What a HISSER that girl was!!!

Hoping Kolin survived math week #1, and Kody's having a great time at Camp Boggy Creek. Congrats to both boys on their belts, and what an awesome honor for Kolin to be helping with the testing!

Hope you had a nice day today!


Anonymous said...

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