Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summertime Swingers ANd Other Lost Photos

I have a few minutes before I'm off and running again, so I thought I'd stop in again today.

Here's Adri's first time in a bucket swing {it's hanging on Kody's fort, it used to be Alona's when she was super tiny}.
Don't they just scream summertime is here? :0)

Swingin' Toes...

Another "Tutti" shot, she was playing with the dried up leaves but hey, it kept her still for a few...

I totally forgot I even had these...

"Sooooo not happy wi'cha Gramma"

OK..gotta run!
Thanks for stopping by!!

***Trivia Fact***

Did you know that this blog averages 1000 hits a day? HOLY CANNOLI'S that alot of peeks from around the world!!
Thank you...Thank you everyone, I'm flattered!!

Love, Kim


Cheyenne said...

A thousand hits a day?!! Wow, lucky you. I'm lucky if I get 20 and on a good day it might even be 22. Good for you.


Way to go 1000 hit gal! I get about 100 a day!

I'm sure if I had a real cutie on my blog like Adriana I'd get a 1000 too! LOL


Anonymous said...

I would love to see some baby pictures of Kody and Kolin...!


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