Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tallulah's New Home

Yesterday I told you all about my new BFFL, Tallulah..whom I rescued on our street from being roadkill.
Tallulah and I bonded that day...we'll be BFFL's for like..ever, you know?

As I watched her in our yard yesterday, hanging out in a makeshift swimming pool we made her and strutting her stuff all over the yard I realized this wasn't her real home.
Tallulah had the call of the wild in her, and back into the wild was where she needed to be.

So, after dinner, Karlio gathered Tallulah and the young un's up, told me to "get the camera" and off we went in the "Green Machine", down the street, to a small park a few blocks away from Kolin's elementary school in Fruitland Park.

She'll be missed dearly, that ole' Tallulah..but we had to do what we knew was right.
Tallulah craved fishy smelling ponds full of lillypads and all we could provide for her was a couple of stinky boys, some lettuce and a small tugboat sandbox that we turned into a swimming hole.

Here's the three "K" guys lovingly carrying Tallulah to her new home...

And here's my fave "K" guy wishing her well and placing her next to the pond shore..

He gives her one last pat on the shell...

And she's off...

Just like that, instinct kicked in and in seconds she gave us one last head bob and she was gone..

It was so cool and so sad but a turtles gotta do what a turtles gotta do.
Here's the "K" Krew watching off the deck, looking for any sign at all that our Tallulah was OK..

No sign of Tallulah. This is what they saw, the place where Tallulah will spend the rest of her sweet little turtle life....

Living amongst the lillypads...

And just when you think we'd leave with no sign at all...up pops this cute little baby painter turtle head...

And then another...

Before you could say "COWABUNGA", about 30 to 40 more baby painters with their Mom's and Dad's popped up and looked at us as if to say..


We knew right then and there that Tallulah was welcome and that she'd be just fine.

Let's have one more look at that face again, shall we"

SIGH..if she isn't just the cutest thing ever. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim


Fiona Case said...

looks like she came back to say thankyou and is grateful for being taken to where she can live with others and be happy,, beautiful pictures,,,

Anonymous said...

Ohh...that makes my heart smile!!!! I'm so glad Tallulah is in a pond like that. LOVED how the painted turtles kept popping up out of the water!!

I'll be back later for a Kody update.


Jaime T. said...

Cute - and I give you props for rescuing her!
Jaime from CT :)


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