Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cutie In A Tutti

I love petti's and I love custom tutu's...they are sooo cute.
I wish I could have every color petti and tutu that I've seen..because I really "Heart" them that much.
Adri and Alona would look so darn scrumptious in them, I just know they would.
But....all my $ goes into the "Green Machine's" gas tank, my kid's stomach's and Kody's petti's and tutu's are out of the question these days.

So...anywhos, anyone that knows me knows that when I have to have something..I have to have it and if it means making my own, then I'm up for the challenge.
One small little problem though..I don't sew {I am a die hard duct tape and stapler kind of gal} and sewing is a skill that one needs to make these fun skirts.
So, back to square one.

I can crochet with the best of them...hmmmmmm?

So...including 7496 interruptions..I made this set in about two days.
It's not quite a petti, not quite a tutu so I just call it a "Tutti".

And, because I tend to do everything to the extreme..I have had "Tutti's" on the brain for days.
Yesterday I made an orange and hot pink one, last night I started an aqua and lime green one and I have plans, plans, lots of plans to make them in every color scheme the mind can imagine.

Now..all I have to do is get Adri to cooperate and model them.'s goes a long way. :0)

Hope ya'all have a beautiful day today!!

The boys and I are off to the laundromat to get their karate uniforms sparkly clean and Karlio has got some yummo meat thing in the smoker and is in the process of making homemade bread.
He likes to take things to the extreme too. :0)

Later Gators!!

Love, Kim


christie said...

Kim .. you are a woman of amazing strength, creativity and you give to so many. I WOULD love to donate to you a tutu .. please send me your address and I will put it in the mail ~ Your girls would look darling and I know you could do something creative and funky with it :) If anyone deserves a tuttu its you !!


Anonymous said...

How cute!!

You can send some of that gorgeous weather up here any ole time. It's overcast, cloudy, and downright chilly here today. top it off...the hubby just punctured the pool liner while chopping down a tree. (Well, that's what we first thought, but it appears the liner was so dry rotted that the branch that hit the outside of the pool made the linder burst upon impact.) Here our "swimming season" is only a few weeks long and nowe we have this to deal with. Rather sad to see three kids crying their eyes out, knowing they won't have a pool for a LONG time... :(

Have a good night!


Anonymous said...

I don't know if a petti is the same thing as a pinafore or not, but I have a secret love of dresses with crisp white pinafores over them. Every time I see one on ebay I snatch it up! I don't even have a little girl, but I have a daycare so I sometimes dress the little ones up to take a pic. That outfit is very cute on Adriana!


Bethany said...

Holy moly - she's GORGEOUS!!!


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